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A Detailed Insight on A-iPower SUA2000iV

A-iPower is an American company based in Ontario, California that manufactures and sells portable generators along with pressure washers, mobile power stations, water pumps, and gasoline engines. 

A-iPower SUA2000iV is one of the best portable gas-powered portable inverter generators offered by the company, which is RV ready and holds enough power to run smoothly for up to 7 hours before refueling.


A-iPower SUA2000iV Review


  • Powerful 80cc OHV High Performance 4 Cycle Engine;
  • Inverter Technology;
  • EPA & CARB certified;
  • <3% THD of clean power output;
  • Extended run time of up to 10 hours @ 25% load;
  • As low as 52 dB noise;
  • Gasoline Powered;
  • 2,000 Starting Watts / 1,600 Running Watts;
  • Parallel Equipped Ports;50 AMP Outlet;
  • Lightweight and Compact Design; 

Design & Build Quality:

A-iPower SUA2000iV is a very modern-looking and sleek portable generator, weighing a mere 48 lbs, meaning you can easily carry it anywhere you like.

It has a molded plastic cover built to insulate sound and is in line with the trend for such generators in the market.

It also has a single molded carrying handle at the top, making it a very handy portable generator ideal for events such as concerts, camping, tailgating, and RVs, and also has many other applications as well.

Overall, the A-iPower SUA2000iV is an impressive compact generator packed with power.

 Outlets & Essentials:

A-iPower SUA 2000iV comes with a single 50-20R 20 Ampere 120 Volt household outlet, an L5-30R 30 Ampere 120 Volt outlet (with an RV plug adapter), and a 12 Volt DC outlet with an additional USB adapter.

This is an impressively good setup, with a single 20 Ampere circuit breaker protecting both 120 Volt outlets and the standard flashers for overloading, high/low run, and low oil. 

This generator also features an amazing parallel capability meaning two generators can be combined to give nearly double the power eliminating the need for an expensive parallel kit.

A-iPower SUA 2000iV manages 2,000 watts of starting power and 1,600 Watts of running power which is sufficient to control all the essential electrical appliances in a household.

Fuel Tank, Fuel Options, Runtime:

A-iPower SUA2000iV has a built-in gas tank with a capacity of around 1.1 Gallons giving a backup of around 9 – 10 hours at 50% load capacity and 4 – 5 hours at 100% load capacity.

It runs on regular unleaded gasoline and has a fuel gauge built-in which will let you know when it’s time to refuel so that you can enjoy uninterrupted power when you really need it.

Due to its inverter technology, A-iPower SUA2000iV has one of the best fuel economies in the market, which is quite reassuring considering the price of fuel soaring today.

It also shows that the company uses modern technology for the engine, indicating a higher standard being incorporated despite the price.

Load Capacity For Different Appliances:

A-iPower SUA2000iV has a built-in inverter technology meaning that it is able to generate power based on pure sine wave rendering it to be harmless for devices like Laptops, Personal Computers, TVs, Tablets, and other sensitive equipment.

It also can run fridges and freezers that come under the wattage requirement of this generator.

This generator is also the perfect backup power source for any work environment as long as the equipment being used falls under the required wattage capacity of 2000W.

Household devices such as Tablet computers (15W), 32” LED TVs (60W), Freezer (60W), refrigerators (300W), Light Bulbs (60W), and Fan (60W) can easily run on this generator without any hassle as well as some work equipment like Electric Drill (1400W) and Law Mover (1500W) can also work depending on the amount of load put on the generator. 


A-iPower SUA2000iV is a very sleek and easy-to-carry portable generator set. It weighs only 48 lbs making it very easy to handle and move.

It also has a sturdy handle molded on top of it so one can easily carry it around. It is also one of the quietest generators in the market, with only 58 dB of sound. 

Maintenance & Warranty:

A-iPower SUA 2000iV needs to be maintained continuously for smooth operations. Regular oil changes and filter cleaning will ensure that the generator does not cause any unnecessary problems and lasts for a long time.

As for the warranty, the company provides its customers with 2-Year parts and technical service warranties all over the country.

Impact On Environment:

As mentioned before, A-iPower SUA 2000iV uses inverter-based technology, which produces pure sine wave power and is also EPA & CARB certified, meaning that this generator is environmentally friendly and adheres to all the standards set by the authorities.

It releases less harmful toxins and fumes into the environment due to its inverter-based engine and uses less oil, making it one of the most fuel-efficient generators on the market.

This generator also has a feature called “Spark Arrestor” which makes it usable in forested areas as there are fewer risks of sparks causing fires.

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Reason To Buy
  • Impressive Fuel Consumption;
  • Sleek and Portable Design;
  • High power rating that will easily run a fridge;
  • Low Oil Shut-off feature;
  • Parallel Capability to combine two generators for extra power;
  • Spark Arrestor Technology;
  • EPA + CARB Approved;
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • No USB socket;
  • Expensive After Sales Service after the warranty runs out;
  • Manual Start Operation;


A-iPower SUA2000iV is an impressive inverter-based portable gasoline generator that is quite affordable and has the features and specifications to match any top-rated inverter generator in the same category. It is a pocket-friendly generator set with one of the best fuel economies in the market and easily gives a backup of around 7 hours with a load capacity of 50% with its pure sine wave power. It is an easy-to-carry generator set and can be your ideal companion for camping trips, tailgating, or concerts.

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