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Anthony Miller

Anthony Miller

Hello Guys! I am Anthony Miller, a high dynamo, communicative author, and editor of the Renewable Cop, always providing amazing, engaging, informative, unique, highly researched, and verified content based on all sorts of generators. What keeps me motivated is my true passion for my work and helping out the common people get informed about all the modern-day innovative power backup devices to benefit them.

Let’s get to know me more and my work!

Educational Background

  • Graduated as Engineer
  • MPhil in Mechanical Engineering
  • Vocational Certificate in Generator Technology
  • Certified Technician from the EGSA
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Expert Certification
  • Certified Writer and Freelancer

Being passionate since my teenage to being an Engineer, and my die-hard efforts, made me successfully clear my bachelor’s degree and choose mechanical engineering for post-graduation.

My interest in the field and especially in modern-day high-tech generators, was not getting an end as it made me invest some effort in gaining certification in Generator Technology and EGSA.

It was a step more by focusing on modern-day needs, to gain computer-based knowledge and hence got my MOC with side wise enhancing my knowledge and skills in the freelancing field keeping my self-build content writing skills reaching a new high level.

How I Gain Expertise in the Field

  • Day night hard work
  • Part-time mechanical work
  • Dealing with household units
  • Never compromising on my studies
  • Always ready to achieve a new milestone

From the school level, my interest was towards mathematical and physics side, which made me choose the field besides bookish knowledge, I always get attracted towards the mechanical side with the curiosity of the mechanism, working, and operation of various devices and over time the interest that started by working with based generator made my keen towards that unit and decided to be more active in the field.

Getting inspired by one of my dearest friends, I invested some time gaining computer-based skills that helped boost my writing and formatting skills providing better content to my initial customers.

Once I studied hit and trial theory, which indirectly motivated me even more. Through continuous efforts and hard work, I achieved this place and started creating myself in front of the world by sharing my expertise and knowledge to benefit the commoners.

Professional Experience

  • Working as Generator Specialist in a reputable firm
  • Working as an Engineer Author with Renewable Cop
  • A part of Freelance Community

Being very lucky to be a part of the renewable cop has made me recognize my self-worth and face the audience by providing the high-tech knowledge I gained through my skills, positive nature, and hard efforts.

Before being a part of Renewable Cop, It wasn’t walking in the garden completing my education, and all it pays off by serving as a Generator Specialist in the most reputable firm testing all sorts of generators, repairing, dismantling, checking, and fulfilling all relevant criteria’s in the field.

The best part was truly focused on fulfilling a high professional background which wasn’t easy at the start. Still, over time several opportunities made me who I am without compromising my academic knowledge but rather helped me achieve a higher level than expected.

Currently also working as a Freelancer dealing personally with international and local clients for providing amiable and unique content in generators niche. Being a multi-talented and multi-tasking professional made e achieve such a reputable position in all sites I once wished to be part of.

What Made Me Work with Renewable Cop

What made me work with Renewable Energy is their Vision and Mission in renewable energy sources and operating devices. I was more personally interested in providing knowledge of the generators in that respective field.

Having excellent writing, interpersonal skills, and expertise in the relevant field made Renewable Energy hire me to be their author providing relevant, detailed, and authentic knowledge, solutions, tips, and tricks to their users, helping them get the desired information under the one relevant site.

The other reason was to enhance my skills and work with Renewable Cop as the best way to give a boost with understanding current day needs and demands of the users from all over the world exploring the site I was writing for.

A Message to All!

It isn’t that easy to achieve whatever we dreamed of, but not impossible. Sometimes even our hard work seems to get down for the time being, but our consistency towards our passion and never-tiring efforts can one day bring out the version anyone ever wished for themselves.

No one is going to lift you. It’s your belief and all you alone there to cheer you in your hard times, and once you get up, it’s the people that would cheer you up. Work hard but remember to work smart first, as smart people always get the spotlight.

Lastly, I would suggest being true and serious to your passion and profession by doing little, but what you do should be different and unique than others. The day you become true to yourself is when you achieve a high milestone in your life, and that would be the day your working energy will achieve a new level.