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Briggs and Stratton 30W Engine Oil (Review)

Briggs and Stratton 30W engine oil, SA-based company that designed engine oil for 4- cycle engines used for outdoor purposes,  including; tractors, lawnmower, and many others.

Air-cooled engines are the main target of this oil as it helps to keep such engines running if oil is used once or twice a year.

Briggs and Stratton 30W Engine Oil

Briggs and Stratton manufacture this engine, oil which comes in small or large packaging. 18oz, 24oz, and even more big bottles are available in the market with safe and secure packaging so that users can have a bottle size for their desired needs.

Specifications Of Briggs And Stratton 30W Engine Oil

  • Designed for four-cycle engines
  • Suitable for outdoor power engines
  • 30SAE is the viscosity of motor oil
  • Different size bottles are available for customers’ ease
  • Helps the engine work efficiently if used at least once or twice a year
  • Warranty is not applicable 


Design And Build Quality: 

Briggs and Stratton engine oil is a high-quality oil specifically designed for 4-cycle engines operating in outdoor power and has air cooling systems. 

Engine oil is formulated to be used at 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as it is mainly produced for outdoor engines.

If we compare 30W engine oil with 5w30, it can be seen that the engine oil Briggs and Stratton is offering is designed for summers only; it works well in hot and high temperatures, whereas in low and cold temperatures, 5w30 works more effectively.

Size And Packaging:

Briggs and Stratton engine oil bottles come in many different sizes, mainly a small bottle of 18 oz, a medium bottle of 24 oz, and a large bottle of 48 oz, to assist customers in choosing according to their desired needs. 

The 18 oz bottle weighs 1.15 lbs and has dimensions of 2.25 × 4.25 × 7.12 inches. Moreover, the 48 oz bottle weighs 2.63 kg and measures 3.5 × 4.5 × 8.5 inches. 

A 66 oz bottle package is available at Amazon, which comes up with two bottles, one of 18 oz and the other of 48 oz, along with 2 oz of fuel treatment. This package is perfect for large engines.

Hot Temperature Vs. Cold Temperature:

Engine oil of SAE 30W is good for engines like tractors and lawn mowers which work mostly in summers at high temperatures rather than in winters at low temperatures.

Briggs and Stratton engine oil of 30W is better when working in high and hot temperatures for vehicles that cut grass or level the land.

However, this engine oil seems to work less competitively in winter, especially in snow blowers used in the snow season. They are preferable to be used in tractors and lawnmowers rather than snow blowers.


This engine oil is certified; engineers at Briggs and Stratton have tested and approved it. This engine oil is suitable to use in outdoor power vehicles. 

Warranty is available inside all the Briggs and Stratton products manual. Warranty claims are only for those who used Briggs and Stratton 30W Engine Oil in lawnmowers, tractors, or outdoor power engines that are to be worked in summers at high temperatures.

If this oil is used in snow blowers, its effectiveness reduces, and the company does not entertain warranty claims in such circumstances.

Impact On Environment:

Briggs and Stratton engine oil complies with the regulations regarding the use of lubricants. If used once or twice a year for many years, it increases the engine’s life and helps maintain the engine’s quality.

Engine oil is a vital feature that contributes to the engine’s life. It is very important to use an oil that is according to the engine’s requirement and, environmentally friendly.

30W engine oil has the velocity to work well in hot temperatures; however, it is mostly not recommended in cold temperatures.

This feature categorizes Briggs and Stratton engine oil as single-graded rather than multi-graded oil.

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Reason To Buy
  • Designed for 4-cycle vehicles.
  • Comes in different size bottles.
  • Good to be used in hot and high temperatures.
  • Suitable for tractors and lawnmowers.
  • Has thin 30W consistency.
  • A warranty is available.
  • Environmental- Friendly.
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Expensive when compared with other brands in the market.
  • Not suitable for low and cold temperatures.
  • Not suitable for snow blowers.
  • Single graded.

Buying Guide:

Numerous engine oils are available in the market with many features. Briggs and Stratton engine oil is one of the best engine oil available in that market at this time.

The above article has reviewed all the features, specifications, pros, and cons of this engine oil to make buying decisions easy for the readers and users.

Moreover, 30W engine oil has been compared to 5w30 engine oil to give readers a clearer picture, so they can know which weather requires which sort of viscosity in oils. 


Briggs and Stratton engine oil is a renowned branded oil in the market. Its availability in different-sized bottles and its main feature of working in engines operated in hot and extremely high weather attracts buyers the most.

This oil is customized for 4-cycle vehicles, which work in a powerful outdoor environment and has an air cooling system. It is environmentally friendly but seems to be expensive when compared to other top-market engine oils. Warranty is also available for engine oil, and its use once or twice a year can increase the engine’s life, which is why it is mostly recommended.

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