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Everything You Need To Know About Dual Fuel Generators Running On Natural Gas

A portable natural gas generator is convenient to use and provides backup power but what if your generator’s gasoline finished up or natural disasters like hurricanes cause power outages?

In that case, you would need an alternative fuel supply to run your dual-fuel natural gas generator. 

can a dual fuel generator run on natural gas

No need to hustle now because we bring to you the ultimate guide to converting your dual gas generator to run it on natural gas smoothly and efficiently.

Continue reading to learn two ways you can professionally modify your generator without the daunting thought of leakages and accidents. 

Can A Dual Fuel Generator Run On Natural Gas?

Yes, surely a dual fuel generator natural gas runs on 2 different kinds of fuels, separately or mixed because this kind of generator holds the power to reserve two different fuels or can take two contrary kinds of fuel at the same time.

These two fuels are typically gasoline and propane. But you can make natural gas one of the two fuels in your dual-fuel generator.

Therefore, almost all dual-fuel generators can be converted to natural gas by certain modifications. 

To run dual fuel generators on natural gas, you need some tools to follow the step-by-step instructions given in this detailed guide.

You will have to follow all safety precautions to avoid any accidents. To convert your generator to take the natural gas route, you have two options.

You can either use a conversion kit or do the job without one. Manufacturers have recognized the need for the conversion of generators to use natural gas.

They have developed natural gas conversion kits as these are relatively easy to use, require minimum labor, and are inexpensive. 

Can a propane generator run on natural gas?

Most of the dual-fuel generators available run-on propane or gasoline and run smoothly unless a shortage of either fuel occurs.

Typically when the gasoline or propane fuel becomes close to being finished, the optimum way is to refill the fuel tank but what will happen when you don’t have access to any spare fuel? The easier way is to shift to a more readily available fuel type such as natural gas.

Natural gas is a cheaper and readily available fuel type and is therefore a better option to run your backup power source. But what hinders the use of natural gas in generators is that it requires proper pre-installation which cost heavily therefore, most users prefer dual fuel generators that are very simple to install. But all those users who want to cut short the running cost of their generator can switch to natural gas fuel.

There are many scenarios in which you can use a generator as the tri-fuel unit with natural gas, gasoline, and propane fuel types.

But the general dual-fuel generators will not simply convert to a natural gas generator and you would have to make certain modifications in your generator for making it fit for natural gas supply.

Why Should We Convert A Propane Generator To A Natural Gas One?

As we have stated earlier that natural gas is a cheaper and readily available fuel and when other fuel types are not easily available one can use a safer and more reliable option, such as natural gas. Natural gas is a better option than other fuel types due to the following reasons.

In such a scenario, one can use a safer and more reliable option, such as natural gas.

It is good for storage for long periods and in large amounts since these generators never have to be refilled.

This conversion is cost-effective in the long run, as the use of two-fuel systems makes them in-expensive.

Natural gas units are also less expensive to buy, and it is a cheaper fuel.

Natural gas makes the generators more efficient and is an eco-friendly alternative since it results in fewer carbon dioxide emissions and lesser noise pollution.

Natural gas dual fuel generators are also well-suited to wet conditions and not permeable to the risk of wet stacking. 

How To Run A Dual Fuel Generator On Natural Gas? (Step-By-Step Process)

You can convert the dual-fuel generator into natural gas using a conversion kit or you can proceed without it.

Given below is the detailed process of converting a dual-fuel generator into a natural gas one using the conversion kit.

With Conversion Kit:

The conversion kit makes use of an adapter, so it can help administer the natural gas cylinder.

Mainly the kit is composed of a carburetor adapter, mounting bolts, a governor regulator, a hose, stud extensions, and tightening of the adapter.

A kit is a helpful tool regardless of the fact that it is not like this always since the adapter blends natural gas into the air steam about the carburetor.

Below are the basic steps you should follow if you are using a conversion kit: 

Step 1: Remove the cover box and the filter of air 

On the opposite side of a fuel generator, there is an air filter box similar in appearance to a black box.

Remove this and the filters of air inside by detaching the screws inside it.

Step 2: Join an extender for stud 

After removing the cover box and the air filter, get access to the carburetor.

Link the carburetor with the stud extending and install it by using some pliers, so they won’t loosen. 

Step 3: Attach the adapter for the carburetor:

Use the necessary screws to attach the adapter for the carburetor over it once you have attached the stud extender. 

Step 4: Reinstall the cover box and air filter:

First install the cover box, following the placement of the air filters, after you have attached the main carburetor adapter. Make sure you use a sealer or a tap to remove any space. 

Step 5: Connect the line of the natural gas:

Attach one side of the wire to the regulator which is the source and the contrary end of the wire by fitting it with the help of the carburetor. 

Step 6: On the natural gas pipeline and start the generator.

Step 7: On a dual-fuel generator and keep providing it with natural gas cylinders according to your necessity.

Without Conversion Kit

There is also a way for you to run a dual generator basically on natural gas without utilizing expenditure on any tools and kit.

For this, you would need the following tools:

  • Compressing valve ball – 0.5 inch
  • Copper tubing – 2 ft.
  • Clamp and hose
  • A regulator for natural gas 
  • Pipe benders
  • Pliers for cutting
  • Drill driver

Here is the step-by-step guide to using these tools to run your generator on natural gas:

Step 1: Remove the filter from the box containing the air filter.

Step 2: Now start cutting the tubes and bend them to route them properly.

Step 3: Drill a small, less than-inch space in the cover of the air box and cross the tubes between them.

Step 4: Install the valve attached to the hose.

Step 5: Link the hose and the regulating point of the fuel gas cylinder.

Step 6: Finally attach the fuel gas cylinder and then fix the hose.


With that, you now know everything about dual-fuel generators working on natural gas and the modes of converting them. The processes detailed above are sufficient for beginners to convert their generators to avail all the pros of running them on natural gas as opposed to other fuels. If the instructions are followed, then rest assured that you would not face a power shortage anytime soon.

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