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Champion Power Equipment 100554 Review – Helpful Guide

You might be thinking about how to tackle power outages.

It’s simple!

For your house, outdoor camping sites, RV, and work locations, you need a high-quality best Champion Power Equipment 100554 as a power backup source to keep your gadgets running and restart your job and unfinished duties wherever you choose. 

Champion Power Equipment 100554 Review

Champion 3500 is a well-reputed brand that always comes up with new modern and sophisticated units that fit various users’ demands with the required wattage for running the necessary devices without fearing any harm to them.

Thanks to its portable nature and better wattage, that quickly powers up the machines.

Champion Power Equipment 100554 Review


  • Weight: 120.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.9 x 22.9x 22.4 inches
  • Peak Watts: 4375 watts
  • Running Watts: 3500 watts
  • Type Of Fuel: Gasoline
  • Engine CC: 4-stroke engine (208cc OHV)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.7 Gallon
  • Runtime: 12 hours 
  • Noise: 68 dB 
  • Accessories: Remote key fob, oil funnel, wheel kit

Design And Build Quality: 

Champion power equipment 100554 is among the best power backup generators with a sophisticated design body and portable functionality of easing your life to better deal with emergency power outages anywhere without compromising on your daily routine.

Its black and yellow color combination remains in the spotlight, and its wheel functionality and remote key make them a worthy option to purchase.

On the side front, you will observe multiple functionality settings and outlets that allow you to operate your generator with easy start functionality.

In terms of the unit’s built-in quality, you may find it made of heavy metal surrounded by a metal frame holding your generator. 

Outlets And Essentials:

The high-performance generator provides high power wattage and ensures multiple outlets so that you can easily connect devices as per requirements.

You will find an ignition switch, battery switch, and dual circuit breakers on the unit’s main face with various built outlets, including dual 120V outlets of 30A locking, 30A RV, and dual 120V outlets of 20V.

Despite these, this unit brings in Volt Guard protection technology that improves voltage supply to keep your devices in safe hands.

Last but not least, its 04 mode intelligence digital screen offers you to check the unit run time, voltage, and other settings at a glance. 

The addition of unique features makes the champion generators ultimate powerful units that not only help you in power outage situations, but cold start technology makes the generator run easily despite any weather conditions.

So if you kept your generator all night long in winter, no need to worry; the built-in technology would quickly start the device without wearing you out as conventional generators do.

Another feature to count on includes a remote key fob that can quickly start and off the unit from a distance of 80 feet.

With such versatility, you can start up the device from any point within 80 feet, eliminating the need for your presence during unit start-up and off. 

Fuel Tank, Fuel Options, Runtime:

Champion power generator comes with a 4.7 gasoline fuel tank capacity capable of running your unit for almost 12 hours without a break while keeping your electronics and devices running.

You can charge, use or opt for any electrical equipment at the work site you desire to use without any issue. 

The unit demands gasoline as a source of fuel to keep your generator running. Make the tank full in long-term power outages to use your devices without interruption.

As you increase the power load on your generator, the run duration will reduce and vice versa; keep in mind that 12 hours refers to the generator operating when the load is 50%.

Load Capacity For Different Appliances:

What makes this unit efficient is its high power wattage that keeps your devices and appliances in a running state. Therefore, choose the champion power generator with 4375 beginning watts and a running watts capacity of 3500 in case of a power outage if you want to run your RV devices or home appliances.

Remember that you can only run those devices whose wattage is compatible with the generator’s wattage. Appliances with more wattage than the champion 4375 generators cannot run with these units.

You can easily run on champion power generators

  1. Coffee maker (900-1200 watts)
  2. Clothes washer (350-500 watts)
  3. Clock radio (10 watts)
  4. Ceiling fans (65-175 watts)
  5. Window fans (55-250 watts)
  6. Microwave oven (750-1100 watts)
  7. CPU (120 watts / 30 watts)
  8. Monitor (150 watts / 30 watts)
  9. Laptop (50 watts)
  10. Radio (70-400 watts)
  11. Frost-free refrigerator (725 watts)
  12. 19″ television (65-110 watts)

(Make sure you balance power requirements compatible with 3,500 watts).


If you are going to a campsite in your RV, the power issue will be all set by the Champion Power Equipment 100554. Champion offers portable units that are easy to carry anywhere you desire to power up your devices.

With a single operational handle and dual back tires, you can easily carry it along to power your RV and campsites. After unboxing, you will get a wheel kit and the main unit for your generator tires.

Maintenance & Warranty:

Champion is not just a brand but a nationwide supportive team of experts that offer lifetime support to their customers and ensure that the users are always satisfied with their service.

To prove the durable nature of its products, it provides a warranty of 03 years and excellent customer support to help solve your query at any time. That’s amazing!

Impact On Environment:

You may find brands that have no concern for what their generator impacts on the environment. Unlike the champion, it not only sophisticates its users but also considers the environment when developing a new model.

The Champion Power Equipment 100554 is a CARB complaint that satisfies the standards set by CARB, which only certifies those brands whose units release less harmful emissions and toxins. The lesser the toxic emissions, the more eco-friendly the device. 

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  • Built-in cold start technology for easy start-up
  • Remote-controlled start-up and off
  • Battery-powered
  • CARB compliant
  • Not able to power up your whole house at once
  • Only suitable for devices with high wattage requirements


There’s nothing more frustrating than being a victim of a power outage, whether residing indoors, being on a worksite, or camping to enjoy the vacation. Due to any possible reason, you can be in this mess with no current options other than waiting. Opting for a champion power generator makes it easy to keep your devices and home appliances running without rotted food in your fridge or power-less gadgets. 

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Video Help:

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