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Edward Carl

Edward Carl

Hey Guys! It’s me, Edward Carl, writer and editor of Renewable Cop with the specialty of command over solar panels, highly experienced in the field. My positive attitude and excellent skills made me a competitive yet patient, hardworking, decent, and amiable content writer to keep promoting a safe and efficient energy source like solar energy to be implemented in modern-day devices for power generation. My true motivation is my loving parents, who supported me and made me capable of reaching and achieving my goals and more already to come.

Educational Background

  • Graduated as Mechanical Engineer
  • Diploma in Solar technology
  • Completed B-Tech and qualified for the GATE test
  • Certified Tech Writer

My interest in technology made me choose to be a highly qualified engineer, for which my day and night struggles to matter a lot, and all those hectic routines I had to suffer but being related to technology Feld made me satisfied and more motivated to grow in the field.

I decided to invest in some real innovational work by choosing solar energy. It wasn’t that far that I also completed my diploma in solar technology and started to work in a solar energy firm but not so easy.

To be a qualified solar expert, I completed B-Tech side-wise and passed the Gate test. Finally, I joined the industry to learn more about solar energy, especially solar panel technology. When I was focusing on my education, I started working as a freelancer to share my skills. I provided my services to clients by writing content on solar panels and other tech-related guides.

Gaining Expertise in the Field

  • By having patience over failure and continuous Hard working
  • Enhancing my Technical skills
  • By Research and boosting analytical skills

Being an expert counts on multiple sacrifices and hard work, and I am glad to achieve it through my patience and competitive skills. I was an average student from my teenage years but was attracted to the technological world from the beginning.

I kept working on my skills, boosting them, and focusing on my content writing skills, ultimately leading me to become an expert in my field. My selection in the industry made me learn new stuff. Finally, I am here sharing my experiences and content with a Renewable Cop that is truly dedicated to making you aware and promoting real-time work.

Professional Experience

  • Working as Solar Expert in a reputable industry
  • Editor and writer at Renewable Cop
  • Freelance content writer on international platforms

I had already started working on various International platforms providing my freelance content writing service during my university level. Still gaining more knowledge, I decided to work in a reputable industry; after certain hard work and clarifying the test, I was taken as a Solar Expert and started dealing with all sorts of solar panels, installation with mechanisms, and all relevant information.

Becoming a Solar Expert was one of the highest milestones achieved, and that made my way more clear toward Renewable Cop, for which I was selected as an author providing my knowledge and experience to commoners and experts in the form of tips, solutions, procedures, and guides for promoting the use of renewable sources and devices operating by it.

Why Renewable Cop?

Why Renewable Cop? First of all, we have a common objective and aim to remote the use of renewable energy for which I selected solar power to be one of the plentiful sources of energy that needs innovation and advancement for which it’s important to make the users informed and Renewable Cop provided that platform.

It is an honor working and providing them with my expertise in the Solar Panel field by sharing knowledge and authentic details that are the need of the modern era. The more Renewable Cop made me self-motivated and helped me reach an audience of thousands and soon millions to get befitted through our content with solutions, easy fixes, and informative guides.

My Message

Make self-belief and conscientious your weapons to see success your slave

success isn’t final failure isn’t fatal; there would be days you would achieve what you desire, and some days where all left would be failures; in both cases, you don’t need to be either too confident or too disappointed.

Work hard in silence, and never overreact over your achievement; in the end, your success will be self-explainable to the world. The time to come you dreamed of requires some time to make that happen, and all possible by patience and hard work.

I would end this by suggesting that being honest, dedicated, and respecting your profession and work would make you a better and trusted human being and make you respected in the eyes of your surrounding people. Keep working hard and never lose hope as miracles start to happen, which we haven’t imagined yet.