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Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg Air Purifier Review 

Do you want to get rid of smells and odors in your surroundings? Thanks to Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg, purifying the air around you is easier than ever.

Featuring an O-777 circuit board, this generator is ideal for decontaminating the air around your car, dumpsters, kitchen, basements, bathrooms, and other affected areas.

Enerzen Limited is a private-owned company based in Berkshire, England. Renowned for manufacturing high-quality ozone generators, Enerzen is a well-reputed name in the commercial and electric ozone generator segment.

Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg Air Purifier

Its advanced and sophisticated ozone generators fit consumers’ demands with easy operation, destroying odors and musty smells in their surroundings.

Specifications Of Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg:

  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Length: 6.75 inches
  • Width: 8 inches
  • Height: 5.75 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Color: Black
  • Circuit Board Power: 11,000 mg/h
  • Maximum Timer Length: 3 hours
  • Ozone Coverage Area: 2,000 square feet

Design And Build Quality:

Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg is among the top ozone generators in the market, featuring a lightweight and eco-friendly design.

The generator contains a pre-installed ceramic ozone plate for purifying function and a washable stainless filter for easy cleaning. With a compact and small size, this air purifier is easy to carry around. 

Weighing only 5 pounds, this lightweight O-777 generator has a strong handle for easy mobility.

Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg comes in black and encloses an industrial-grade aluminum alloy case, which gives it added protection from corrosion and makes the generator light and portable.

Outlets And Essentials:

Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg is a heavy-duty ozone-producing generator with a fan speed of 11,000 mg/h.

This commercial ozone generator features more than 6,000 mg of ozone production and has a commercial-grade fan that sterilizes larger areas better than other ozone generators.

The 110V Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg model contains an eco-friendly and lightweight design, weighing only 5 pounds for easy mobility.

The circuit board power of 11,000 mg means its fan speed is surprisingly fast for uninterrupted ozone production. In addition, the handy timer of the generator allows for an easy timer setting for air purification. 

Enerzen Ozone Generator can eliminate all “musty” and lingering smells in your surroundings.

Whether the cigarette smell in your room or the musty odor in your basement, this powerful ozone generator can purify the air efficiently and quickly without any hassle.

Even if the scent has penetrated your furniture and fabrics in your kitchen, cars, bathroom, or basement, the 110V model can purify a coverage area of 2000 sq. ft. 

Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 delivers better and faster results than its other generator counterparts, owing to its pulsating feature.

The O-777 circuit board with a power of 11,000 mg/h adjusts the fan speed and ozone output to generate a “pulsating effect.” This pulsating effect is ideal for destroying lingering odors and leads to long-lasting odor elimination.

Apart from fighting musty smells, the Enerzen Ozone Generator can eliminate viruses, molds, bacteria, and mildew.

This is why it is an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics, and other spaces where mold may be thriving.


Weighing only a minimum of 5 pounds, Enerzen Ozone Generator is a powerful air purifier and deodorizer that is easy to carry around.

An embedded aluminum alloy case protects the generator from corrosion, wear and damage. In addition, it comes with a strong handle that aids in easy portability for maximum functionality.

Power Source And Functionality:

The Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg O-777 generator has a corded electric power source for an easy and quick start.

The 110V power generator can deliver an ozone coverage area of 2000 square feet. In addition, the handy and compact timer can be set at a maximum of 3 hours for optimal air purification.

Enerzen Ozone generators can destroy odors efficiently by reacting and destroying contaminants in the air, fabric, water, and walls.

Contrary to other air purifiers, this model does not need air passing through the machine to eliminate odors.

To eliminate all odors effectively, all you need to do is to turn the timer knob. Once the ozone generation ends, leave the vicinity of the purified area for 30-45 minutes for any residual ozone to mix with breathable air.

Maintenance And Warranty:

Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 11,000 mg can run for 20,000 hours without repair.

An average household would need to only turn on the generator for a few hours twice or thrice a week to eliminate odors. This means your generator has the capability of lasting a lifetime. 

This commercial ozone generator is CE, RoHS certified and is intended for household use.

Additionally, the generator meets EU consumer safety, environmental, and health requirements. Enerzen gives a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well as a 3-year limited warranty.

Impact On Environment:

Being an ozone-producing generator, the Enerzen Ozone Generator complies with all environmental standards and is eco-friendly and safe to use. 

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Reason To Buy
  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple maintenance
  • Three-year warranty
  • CE and RoHS certified
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Ozone replacement plates are expensive to replace
  • Ozone can be harmful to breathing


The Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000 mg is a powerful yet compact ozone generator and purifier for deodorizing your surroundings. With an appreciable fan speed and electric cord power source, this air deodorizer ensures all musty smell from your basement, kitchen, attics, and rooms is eliminated efficiently.

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