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Generac 5735 GP17500E – A Detailed Guide

Generac embarked on its journey in 1959. After decades of services, innovative designs, relentless technical advancements, and customer satisfaction, it has become a brand name in the market.

It offers an extensive range of generators for residential and commercial purposes. Generac 5735 GP17500E.

Generac proudly claims that their generators are the most powerful ones that will work wherever and whenever you want.

The Generac 5735 GP17500E is one of the most powerful in the range of portable generators that will take you in awe with its spectacular features.

Generac 5735 GP17500E

With its striking and striking color combination and attractive design, it boasts the highest starting watts, and the figure is just unbeatable.

Generac 5735 GP17500E Review

 Let’s have a quick look at the unmatchable specs that this great generator has to offer:

Quick Specs:

  • Running Watts 17500Watts
  • Starting Watts 26250Watts
  • 992cc OHVI engine
  • Longer runtime
  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Idle Control
  • Hardened Steel cradle
  • Easily Portable
  • Low-Oil shut down
  • Full-pressure lubrication

Detailed Features:

The Generac 5735 GP17500E is a benchmark in the line of portable, home-backup generators that can be incorporated in many power-demanding jobs. Its high-tech features and practical design will never fail to impress you.

The generator is simply a testimony of efficient performance. The flabbergasting parts of this amazing generator are covered in full detail. The generator is merely a testimony of efficient performance.

 Design And Build Quality: 

The Generac 5735 GP17500E exhibits a fascinating design with a combination of orange and black. The whole unit is encapsulated in sturdy and robust 1 1/4″ high-quality steel that gives the generator reliable strength.

The steel structure has two wheels on one side and a stand on the other to make the generator stand without moving back and forth, with a firm hold.

The same hard steel turns into a loop to act as the generator’s handle. The strong wheels are reliable for movement in hard areas with ease.

Power Generation Capacity:

The Generac 5735 GP17500 is one of the most powerful portable generators that boasts a running watts of 17500 watts, and the starting watts are even more impressive as it goes up to 26250 watts.

These power counts are astoundingly great and can run a 5Ton AC easily in your house. The power generation is steady with little or no distortion so that you can carry on your life without any bees in the bonnet. 

Purpose-Built Engine:

The engine of this amazing generator is 992 CC OHVI, an over-head valve industrial engine. These are specially designed for extra efficiency levels by Generac Power System Inc.

The engine provides the maximum output and high-quality distortion-free power for your utilization. 

These OHVI engines incorporate the same technique of high-level lubrication as employed in the automobile industry; this is where comes the difference between having a Generac generator and the high-tech, purpose-built engines powering them. 

Outlets And Essentials:

The generator control panel provides many outlets to satisfy the various demands of its customers. There are two 120V outputs at 30Amp and yet another two at 20 Amp.

There are yet another two duplex outlets for 120V at 20Amp, specifically GFCI. 

There is one twist-lock output for both 120/240V at an amperage of 30A; that’s an assurance to cover the needs of different customers. Another 12V DC output at 10A is the most useful in charging your batteries and other devices. 

Digital Hour Meter:

The control panel of Generac 5735 has a digital hour screen that tells the generator’s running time for the customers’ convenience.

The generator is a one-push electric button start that ignites the engine with the battery. The battery comes with the generator and its charging device, and the charging stays longer. 

Fuel Tank, Fuel Options: 

The Fuel tank filling option comes at the top of this Generac GP17500 with a capacity of 16 Gallons, which gives you an ample quantity to sustain long work hours.

This gas-run generator is specifically designed while keeping safety in mind; the fuel gauge indicates the amount of fuel, alerting you about the refills. 

This great generator offers an extended runtime of around 10 hours at one stretch with continuous and distortion-free power for your home and heavy onsite machinery.

This runtime, however, is achieved at a load of 50%; with a higher load, the runtime will decimate.

Load Capacity For Different Appliances:

The Generac 5735 has a startling load capacity that goes as higher as 26250 watts starting power for your super-powerful tools.

After this starting capacity, the generator easily runs at 17500 watts to power your 5Ton air conditioner, television, and other kitchen appliances for longer periods.

The heavy onsite machinery is also easily sustained with this high wattage figure; like the power-demanding cutting-saw or any other grilling, this generator will never fail to impress you and provide you with the most reliable power source.


The rugged structure with those never-go-flat tires of Generac 5735 is evidence of its mobility. The strong and sturdy handle and the wheels make mobility like a walk in the park.

The pattern on the wheels is specially designed for easy rolling in muddy and difficult terrain. 

Impact On Environment:

There is a special Idle button on the control panel of Generac 5735. Pressing it on will set the engine on an eco-mode, where according to the load on the generator, the fuel supply will be curtailed, saving your fuel and lowering the noise for an environment-friendly functioning. 

Maintenance & Warranty:

The Generac 5735 has the privilege of having an engine bestowed with high-level automobile lubrication that keeps the engine in shape for a longer period and also requires little maintenance nuisance.

However, the manual elaborately guides the times when the maintenance should be done. The generator can shut itself if the oil indication is lower than required to keep the engine safe and also for the safety and life of the generator. 

Check Latest Price

Reason To Buy
  • Battery start
  • Digital Hour Display
  • 16 Gallon capacity
  • 10 Hr. runtime at 50% load
  • Runs a 5Ton AC
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • No light indicators
  • Does not show time left
  • No weather-protection cover on outlets


The Generac 5735 GP17500E portable generator is one of the best options with high power wattage to fulfill your soaring power demands. Its features are stunning in terms of wattage as it can run a 5-ton air conditioner and provide you with a power supply for 10 hours on end. The review extensively covers an unbiased opinion about this portable generator that offers many to its customers with shortcomings.

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