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How Does The Generator Parallel Kit Work: All-Inclusive Information

Having a renowned brand inverter generator is a great idea, and each generator is designed to meet limited requirements.

If you are going to run heavy-load appliances on generators that cannot bear this much load, you are on the wrong track. Both the generator and appliance will be damaged, and the investment will get wasted. 

What if the wattage produced by the inverter generator does not fully meet your house’s needs, and you wish to increase the supply of power?

How Does The Generator Parallel Kit Work

There are some solutions, either replacing the generator and spending money on a bigger one, or you can also increase the power wattage through a paralleling method. 

The first one is not acceptable for everyone, as no one has enough money to spend on new generators every day. The second way sounds good. 

Here comes a question: How Does The Generator Parallel Kit Work? This is not so difficult to use; the process is simple and useful.

You need to connect two same-wattage generators and increase the power.

The generators should be of the same capacity, size, and wattage rating should also be the same.

After using the parallel kit, your generator will all be set to cater to more energy demands. 

To know what it is, how this kit works, and some perks. Read this article from top to bottom. 

Let’s get started!

Do You Have Any Idea About What Generator Parallel Kit Is?

Always get a generator with an already present capability to make parallel connections.

A parallel kit is a great idea to increase the power of one inverter generator by connecting it to another same-capacity inverter generator. Happily, many portable generators come with this facility. 

Parallel connections allow you to pair one inverter generator to another, so the power will increase and meet all your house energy needs. Hence, you don’t have to buy a larger generator. 

Using a parallel kit will be able to run two inverters in parallel, and their joint power is equal to one. It means you now enjoy double the power in one inverter. 

This exceptional kit has circuit breakers, locking certain voltages, and enough power to run two generators simultaneously.

Another part named generator parallel cable is used to make connections of multiple inverter generators that are placed close to each other.

The great news is that parallel kits are convenient to install, and this process is not time-consuming. 

Before using this kit, always ensure that the generator is engineered to make parallel connections. The model of both your generators should be the same, and they both have to be compatible.

Many manufacturers designed a parallel kit and supplied it with the inverter generator, but only those have this capability. 

All generators are designed differently, although the mechanism is the same. They are of different sizes; some of the parts may be different, which makes them unique from others.

Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to connect different size generators using a parallel kit.

Another point to remember is that don’t try to use the parallel kit of different manufacturers. It should be the same as the generator manufacturer. 

How Does Generator Parallel Kit Work? Let’s Find Out The Way

The parallel kit and generator always belong to the same brand because if you buy a parallel kit from any other brand, this is a waste of money. 

  • At first, the two portable inverter generators connect to each using a parallel cable. Then the two generators’ output makes synchronization to get the power jointly. 
  • You can get the synchronization after the output voltage waveform of one inverter generator matches fully with the other. When you have a three-phase supply of power, both generator’s patterns must be matched, 
  • Another thing to ensure is that the angle difference has to be zero. The next thing which has to be matched by two inverter generators is the sine peak voltage. 
  • One of the parts of the parallel kit is the parallel switchgear. This is used to obtain maximum output when the house needs more power but gets less output when the demand is low. 
  • People used parallel kits to distribute the loads and fulfill all households’ power needs. Generators running in parallel work great by sharing the appliance’s load equally and keeping your house running even when there is no electricity. This is a load-sharing process. 
  • As long as the generator’s load increased, it is a fact that they used more fuel. 
  • Different models of inverter generators have different methods of load sharing. You can monitor this via an onboard system of processing. 

Perks Of Using Parallel Kit For Inverter Generators:

Here you go! We hope your query about How The Generator Parallel Kit works have been resolved. Let’s check out some of the perks in detail.

Parallel Kit Makes It Easy To Maintain Generators:

Generators need to be maintained from time to time if you want to use them for years.

All of them have to be maintained fully. Please don’t keep them idle for a long time as the fuel may get gel, and its oil may clog the engine. 

It is recommended to run two generators in parallel and maintain two portable generators to avoid the maintenance of large units.

Maintenance of two small generators is easier than maintaining a larger unit. If one generator is damaged and its performance drops, only one for replacement instead of both. 

Increase The Power:

You add more appliances to your home and need to run them once when a power outage occurs. But the current inverter generator cannot hold a load of all appliances. Here, you can take help from a parallel kit. 

It will be used by two or more generators of the same size and brand and increase the power capacity. Similarly, cut the connection and run the house on one generator if you need less load. 

Fuel-Efficient Solution:

When using parallel kits, you will benefit from getting more power, and it also saves fuel by running only the desired number of units. 

These are some noticeable advantages that you can enjoy using a parallel kit, but it has more benefits. So running two generators simultaneously sounds great for fulfilling more power needs. 

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