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How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously? Find Out

If your generator is in tip-top condition and has enough oil, it will run continuously for hours.

Typically generators run using natural gas or propane as a fuel, and different size generators consume different amounts of fuel.

Small houses fulfill their needs using portable generators, while large buildings need standby generators. 

What about Generac generators? Do they perform in the same way? How long will a 16kw Generac generator run Continuously? How long will a 22kw Generac generator run Continuously? 

How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously?

Generac is a company that started making generators about thirty years ago.

The two main types of Generac generators they manufacture include portable and standby. But How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously? Well, it depends on various factors.

The size of the generator fuel tank, the load you put on, and how efficient the fuel is. All play a part in the running time of the generator. 

Normally a generator using propane as a fuel in its 500-gallon tank will stay up to 24 hours without interruptions. 

How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Non-Stop?

The question asked by people mostly is how long can a Generac generator run non-stop? It depends on the size of your generator fuel tank, how maintained your generator is, and, most importantly, how much load you are running on it.  

Generally, this company makes two types of generators used by users in different places, including portable and standby generators.

As the name suggests, portable generators are small and used by small house and business places owners.

A standby generator is a backup option installed by large commercial buildings and homeowners. They need a continuous power supply at the time of an uncertain power outage. 

Specialist of Generac suggests picking the right generator for you based on your home size.

The generator size also depends on how many appliances you want to run on it, whether to power up the whole house or install it for some appliances that need continuous power.

Normally, Generac generators come in 10 kW to approximately 24 kW power supply ratings. 

Let’s check out the main types of Generac generators and how long they can run!

1. What About Standby Generators:

Large hospitals and commercial buildings are the places that love installing standby generators to fulfill the need for electricity in an emergency.

They are highly beneficial as they are manufactured with an automatic switch that transfers the power from the grid to the generator within seconds. 

Generac also engineered various models of standby generators that are perfect to use in many places as backup options.

All these Generac standby generators specified for home are the most affordable ones. Some of the bigger models cost between $2000 to more, making them more expensive.

By paying this much amount, you want more power and efficiency. They also run using natural gas, propane, or diesel as a fuel and their runtime varies as the fuel changes.

The diesel-powered generators can run continuously for about 90 hours or nearly three days. 

The diesel generator comes in 24, 48, and even 72-hour fuel tanks, so choose as per your energy requirements and stay happy even when there is no power from the grid. 

2. How Long Do Generac Portable Generators Run?

This is the specialty of Generac and they offer you tons of variety in generators. Their portable generators are also available in different sizes and ranges.

So, you will not get confused, and straightaway, pick one that fits your home needs best. Their experts recommend buying the generator as per the square footage of your home or business place.

Portable generators are small and easy to take from location to location. They are mostly affordable and not a burden on the pocket.

You can also get the expensive one in portable form. The cost options are built with advanced specifications and are known as powerful picks. 

They run using either natural gas or propane, and runtime varies due to many factors. So, if you are buying a propane portable generator, always check the fuel tank size first.

Normally the tank size is 20 lbs, 33 lbs, 100 lbs, 100 lbs, and even 500 gallons tank. 

The generator runtime also depends on how much load you put on, either running it on 50 % load or 100%.

The Generac generator uses five gallons of propane per hour; it may run for at least 100 hours or roughly four days before the tank needs refilling. 

It is a fact that the more power a generator produces, the more fuel it will consume. Remember, don’t try to run an excess load than a generator bears. Otherwise, both generators’ and appliances’ life will be in danger. 

How Long Will A 16KW Generac Generator Run Continuously? Let’s Find Out!

A normal house having all necessary appliances requires at least a 20 kW generator. But still, a 16 kW generator suits those who need to run some basic equipment when the power goes off.

The runtime of a 16kw generator mostly depends on how much load it holds. A 1kw generator holds up to 55—Amps of current. 

A 17kw or 16kw standby generator is needed for running many large air conditioners, water pumps, and electric heaters. Large homes need more power, such as 20 to 24kw.

If your generator has a 500-gallon propane tank and runs at full capacity, it may last longer than 24 hours for a whole week.

This is not the accurate runtime; it may vary due to load capacity, fuel type, and other factors. So, there is no exact amount available. 

How Long Will A 22KW Generac Generator Run Continuously?

They run using either natural gas or propane. A 22 KW generator used nearly 9.7 cubic meters of fuel when running at full capacity. If it gets a natural gas supply, it will easily run for an unlimited period. 

Generator running time greatly depends on the load capacity. Typically, a 20 kW propane generator uses almost 2 to 3 gallons in an hour.

If your generator is built with a tank size of 500 gallons and runs on full load, it will run for six to seven days. 

If you own a 2500-square-foot house or less, a recommended standby generator is 20 kW. This is best, especially if you have a heating and air conditioning system for different weather seasons.

A 20 kW generator is capable enough to operate most household equipment such as lights, bulbs, and at least a 5-tons air conditioner, providing cooling to the full house. 

The main question is how long can a Generac 22kw generator run continuously.

The answer is simple: your generator will run continuously as long as you provide a continuous fuel supply, no matter natural gas or propane.

If it runs using propane fuel of at least a 500-gallon tank, it may run for a whole day for seven days a week.

For those who require an entry-level generator, a 22 kW is the best option as it provides the advantages of running the whole house and is different from a regular standby home generator. 

How Long Will A 24 KW Generac Generator Run Continuously?

Like 16 kW and 22 kW Generac generators, a full capacity of 24 kW is run using various fuels.

Normally, if you asked about the gas usage of a 24 kW Generac generator, the answer would be 203 cubic feet of natural gas in an hour. A 22 kW generator consumes about 228 cubic feet of gas per hour. 

Generac, a world-famous company, rates 24 kW at 21 kW while running on natural gas and 24 kW when using propane for operating.

In the old days, appliances that required more than 20kw of power needed costly liquid-cooled options and extra installation costs. 

The 24kw generator runs heavy-load appliances, and there is no specific time for how long they can run. The generator normally takes about 3 lbs of propane to run continuously for one hour.

Hence, it will run for five hours on a 20 pounds tank. The running time will be more or less depending on the load and fuel type. 

Generac generators are known for class, style, and efficiency. A 24 kW generator can run for hours without any issues by keeping these points in mind. The 24 kW generators are 50 percent small and need less space.

They offer better fuel economy when using natural gas. No one beat Genearch’s 24 kW generator in fuel efficiency.

At full load, this generator is used more efficient fuel, no matter natural gas or propane, than the other models of 20 and 22kw. 

There is no specified time for how long the Generac 24kw generator runs, the time may change as you put more or less load.

But still, they are best to provide backup power for hours if maintained fully and the oil level is full. 

Maintenance Issues

Generac generators are most commonly used as whole-house generators and like all other electrical or motor-driven units, these whole-house generators face some maintenance issues that determine their longevity and performance of these generators. If you want to keep these whole house generators in a good shape and maintain their optimum performance, it is crucial to follow their maintenance schedules and keep them monitored for optimum performance.

The most common maintenance issue you will see in any machinery is its wear and tear which is due to the friction of moving parts. The ideal way to prevent wear and tear is to keep the generators properly lubricated. Lubricating the generators will significantly reduce the friction between the moving parts of the generator and the wear and tear evidence will be removed as if never happened. According to Generac user manual recommendations, it is advised to replace the oil in your Generac generators once every 50 hours of successive use. If you are continuously using the Generac generator for a couple of days, replacing oil every week will be the best bet to resolve maintenance issues.

Fuel Type and Run Time

The common fuel type in a Generac generator is natural gas or propane. The runtime of each generator differs not only depending on the model but also on the fuel type and specific supply method. For instance, if you are using the natural gas Generac generator and have hooked it up to your natural gas grid supply line then you can run your generator indefinitely. The actual runtime for continuous use, in this case, depends upon other variables of which the following three factors are significant role players:

  1. Fuel Consumption Rate
  2. Fuel Tank Capacity
  3. Generator Load

For portable propane Generac generators, the runtime will be synonymous with fuel tank size. For home standby power backup the propane fuel tank of the following sizes with their average fuel in gallons is given below:

  • 20lb propane tank (5-gallon fuel capacity)
  • 33 lb. tank (8 gallons capacity)
  • 100 lb. tank (25 gallons capacity)
  • 420 lb. tank (100-gallon capacity)

Now let’s see the average runtime of propane Generac generators at 100 percent load

If a Generac generator is running at its maximum load, you will see the fuel consumption average at 5 gallons per hour. This means that a 500-gallon propane tank will last you for 100 hours and alternately a 100-gallon propane tank will be sufficient for 20 hours of use.  On the contrary, a Generac propane generator will be using only 3 gallons of fuel per hour, if running on 25% of the load. In that case, the 500-gallon propane tank will be good for a week and you can enjoy continuous power backup without minding the blackout.

Generac Life Cycle and Run-Time Issues

Although the Generac generator’s runtime is determined by the fuel in its tank this doesn’t translate into the continuous use of the engine for unlimited days. You can refill the propane tank, again and again, to have an unlimited supply of fuel and have continuous power but this will not keep your Generac generator engine going without any break. According to industry experts and various trials and tests, it is seen that the Generac generator will last for 3000 hours of continuous use after which any extra minute will cause it to weather away. This means that you can only run your Generac generator for 125 full days without minding the break.

But since the generator use is only during power outages and you will have to daily use the generator for only a few hours which means these 3000 hours can be spread over 25 to 30 years.


1.   What Does A Generac Generator Run On?

Generac generators run on gas or liquid fuel. The typical liquid fuel is propane and among the gas variant generators are the natural gas or LPG units. These generators are used equally well in residential and commercial outlets and have no downsides or any specific requirements of gas or liquid fuel type generators.

2.   How Long Can A Generac Whole House Generator Run Continuously?

The exact runtime of a generator will depend upon its power output, wattage, and the load you have added to the generator. Typically a 500-gallon propane generator will last you for 24 hours and will be good enough to be used for a whole week. The Generac generators have variants such as 24 hours, 48 hours, and even 72 hours fuel tanks that will determine the runtime of your specific unit.

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