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How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh-A Complete Solution

Solar energy systems are becoming more widespread on rooftops across the United States, but unless you step up onto a roof, determining the size and weight of solar panels can be difficult.

That is the exact question we’ll be tackling today as many solar energy users wonder, “how much do solar panels weigh?” so we’ll finally put it to rest today.

how much do solar panels weigh

In this post, we’ll explain solar panel dimensions, solar panel mass, and if your roof can sustain a solar energy system that generates enough watts to fulfill your household’s daily energy demands.

This way, you’ll be able to pick out the exact requirements that match the demands of your home energy, so you’ll find the best-fitting solar panels for your home.

How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh?

Because solar panels are installed outside, they must be engineered to endure all sorts of weather.

When it comes to the specific weight of solar panels, it varies depending on the manufacturer and type, as well as whether you choose monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or slim solar panels.

A typical domestic solar panel weighs roughly 40 pounds.

They are typically five and a half feet long and about three and a half feet broad, weighing around 3 lbs. per square foot. Each module usually has 60 solar cells.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Energy Systems?

Monocrystalline Solar Panel System:

While they are more popular in business, they may also be found in certain residential settings.

Although they are bulkier than solar panels, weighing around 50 pounds, they produce incredibly efficient and strong electricity.

They have a lengthy history of invention and are hence the most sophisticated in inefficiency because they were one of the first photovoltaic arrays to be produced.

Makers of these solar cells have continuously reduced the weight of every square ft while providing higher energy output over the years.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel System:

A photovoltaic panel’s typical weight is 40 pounds; however, it can vary between 30 to 50 pounds.

This number may be more useful in determining if your rooftop can hold the load of solar cells.

The normal weight distribution for residential solar panels is four pounds per square foot, which is workable for most rooftop systems.

These are also among the most common types of solar energy systems globally.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel System:

They are the most recent form of solar panels to join the market, and they gain the most from modern technology, beginning with the most recent designs.

They were, however, fashioned after monocrystalline panels to match their enormous power while being significantly less expensive to build.

Still, the least expensive form of the solar panel is made today, making them more accessible.

Furthermore, its normal weight is around 40 lbs., bringing it closer to the price range of solar panels while being significantly cheaper.

How Big Is A Solar Panel?

The normal specifications for domestic solar panels are 66-by-40 inches for the cell, 1.251.6 inches for the structure, and 42 pounds for each panel.

While this varies by brand, it is usually the same across all home solar panels. Because of their compact size, they are perfect for residential roof installations.

Read on to find out how many solar cells you’ll need to light up your house.

What Is The Surface Area Of A Solar Panel?

Commercial solar systems often generate more energy than residential ones.

How much do solar panels weigh? As with domestic solar panels, size can vary depending on the brand and how the solar cell is produced.

While household solar panels are approximately 6 feet long and slightly more than 3 feet broad for a surface area of around 15 feet, commercial panels are often 7 feet long and weigh 50 lbs. or more.

Can Your Roof Support A Solar Panel System?

With the information on solar panel size and weight, we can calculate how much a full solar panel system weighs, which will help you understand if the roof can support a new solar panel or not.

The modules alone will weigh around 800 pounds in a 6-kilowatt photovoltaic system composed of 20 solar panels.

Our calculations show that this similar system measures 352 square feet and weighs 3 lbs. per square ft.

When you factor in the wall mounting and other panel-related equipment, the overall weight would be nearer to 4 lbs. per square ft.

A simple roof assessment can assist you in determining whether the extra bulk of solar panels is a suitable choice for your property.

Most contemporary homes’ roofs can withstand over 3 lbs. per square ft of weight.

However, if you have an aging roof or are unsure if it can withstand the added mass of solar cells, contact a roofing professional.

Installing The Solar Panels:

Photovoltaic systems come in a variety of sizes, as well as the size you want will be determined by the quantity of energy you intend to create.

Solar panels are an excellent method to reduce energy costs while also helping the environment.

However, it is crucial to know the solar panel size before installing solar panels.

Begin by estimating your normal daily energy use to calculate the size of your required photovoltaic modules.

Once you’ve determined your energy use, you may work with a solar energy system to determine the best size for your requirements.

With a little forethought, you can easily discover your home’s correct solar panel quantity.


If you’re thinking about adding solar electricity to your house, be sure that most of these elements are in sync before concluding so that assembly goes easily and without further complications. These factors will also help you purchase the best one for your requirements.
Putting everything in this article, we now hope that this has answered the question many users had, “how much do Solar Panels weigh?” and clears out any other doubts or confusion you’ve had in your mind regarding these energy systems.

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