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How To Clean Solar Panels-A Detailed Guide

Before addressing how to clean solar panels, let’s discuss what solar panels are.

Solar panels, also called PV panels (photovoltaic), are joined by individual solar cells to make panels that turn light from the sun’s rays into electricity and heat energy, which is further beneficial in many ways.

How to Clean Solar Panels

Solar panels can supply electricity to remote and rural areas or your houses and businesses. They are also environment-friendly.

Can solar panel systems be easily cleaned at home without calling a professional? Yes! Cleaning solar panels is very, very easy.

Even though they are very easy to clean, you should not overdo them.

You must keep a few things in mind before beginning the cleaning process and how many times they should be cleaned over the months.

How To Clean Solar Panels?

Cleaning solar panels seems difficult at first, but they aren’t.

They are expensive to install in the first place but could be very beneficial in the longer run, and for the panels to last a long time, cleaning them is also a must.

A soft cloth and water with a mild liquid soap are all you need to clean up solar panels, but soap is unnecessary and should only be used if needed.

You should also clean once every 6 to 12 months, depending on the type and model of the solar panel system you have installed.

Should You Turn Your Solar Panels Off Before Cleaning?

An important thing to consider before cleaning your solar panels is whether you should turn them off your solar panels or not. This plays a major role in your solar panel cleaning schedule.

You must completely turn off your solar panel’s system by following the manual mentioned below as per the DC complete system power off and the AC one, which requires the main switch to be turned off.

Does Not Clean Your Solar Panels Cause Them Any Damage?

Cleaning your solar panels does not cause any damage, but it is recommended that you clean them up within a six months gap or maybe up to a year.

However, every brand and model type has different recommendations, so you should check which one suits your solar panel system best.

The accumulation of dust decreases the overall effectiveness of your solar panel’s system, which might result in less output production than it would be at the beginning.

So to ensure the effectiveness of your solar panel’s system, you should clean them up once or twice a year as recommended.

How To Keep Your Solar Panel Free From Dust Particles?

Do you want to keep your solar panels clean from dust particles? Then spray a hefty amount of distilled water onto your PV panels.

Not ensuring the cleanliness of your solar panels could result in some efficiency loss in the system.

Thus, it is suggested to keep the solar panels clean once every 6 to 12 months, per your model type’s recommendation.

Some automatic options are available, like vipers or other products that automatically keep your solar panels clean.

You could also hire some professionals to clean up the solar panels for you since they are usually situated on the rooftops when used for houses, which can be dangerous.

Should You Use Any Product To Clean Your Solar Panels?

When it comes to using a soap or detergent to clean your solar panels and which one to choose, it is suggested not to use any of them unless it is extremely necessary and your solar panels are not getting clean with just water alone.

Your solar panels don’t need anything other than pure water for the dirt to be washed away.

Water is your solar panel’s best friend, but if you still need to wipe it clean with a detergent or soap, then use the mildest and soft soap, not chemically at all, because repairing solar panel damages can be very expensive on the pocket.

What To Do When Birds Harm Your Solar Panels?

When purchasing the solar panel system, it is necessary to keep in mind that birds could probably damage the PV panels, which could be a problem since repairing damages to solar panels can be expensive.

As the output and surfaces of your solar panels are shiny and reflective, that could attract the birds’ attention, and their claws might add scratches to the solar panel’s glass surface, which, in turn, could damage your solar system.

If you suspect that birds are living under your solar panel’s system, consulting a professional to evacuate them from there would be good since they could damage the PV panels.

However, you should also ensure that no harm is done to the birds and that they are moved safely by a professional.

If bird feces are on your solar panels, use some water and a gentle, less chemical soap to clean the surfaces.

How Much Money Does A Solar Panel System Repair Cost?

Repairing solar panels can be costly, and they can also be hard to maintain.

Roughly, if you have the solar panels installed in your house, the repair would cost you around 700 dollars, and for the professional doing the repairs, that would be 100 dollars estimated for them.

The final bill for your repairs would depend on your solar panels’ damage and if any further technical repair was required.

And while you are at it, you can also get your solar panels serviced if they have been uninstalled from your house, since they take about 1 to 5 days to be installed.

Should You Hire Professional Labor To Clean Your Solar Panels?

If you think your solar panels need a clean-up, or it has been a long time since they were last cleaned, doing it yourself or hiring a professional depends on your circumstances.

If you can do it yourself, and there is dust on the solar panels, then using clean water with a hose would be pretty effective.

Consider your situation, and then you can decide how to get your solar panels cleaned.

Make sure not to use any harsh or rough cloth or material to clean them, since that could damage your solar panels.

However, if it is difficult and dangerous for you to reach the surface where the solar panels are located, then contacting a professional would be a better idea.

If you worry about cleaning yourself, you can contact a professional. In case of any damage to your solar panels, while you are cleaning them, you should immediately contact a professional person.

A Few Pointers:

To summarize all the information mentioned in the article, here are a few important points to consider keeping your solar panels clean.

  • Don’t use any harsh material to clean the solar panels
  • Don’t use soaps and detergents that have chemical contents in them
  • If you are unsure how to clean them, you can contact a professional or read the manual and check the way
  • they have been mentioned in the guide according to the model type and brand.
  • In most cases, soap and detergent are not necessary to clean solar panels.

Should You Solar Panels?

So should you invest in solar panels and all the work they do?

Solar panels can be pricey at the beginning when you have to purchase them and get them installed in your house or business or wherever it is that they have to be installed.

They don’t require much maintenance, except that you should keep cleaning the dirt and debris off the panels and remove any twigs or pieces that could damage your PV panels.

If birds are living under them, you should contact a professional and get them located somewhere else without any harm being caused to the birds.


How to clean solar panels? Solar panels have been used tremendously now, and maintaining their quality is also important. Cleaning them is important because they collect dust over time, which could decrease the overall effectiveness of your solar panel’s system, and repairing damages to them is also extremely expensive sometimes, depending on the amount of damage done. For a basic clean-up, just pure water is good, and it will ensure that the panels are clean, but in the case of hard and solid debris, contacting a professional might be necessary.
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