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How To Drain Gas from Generator (The Only Guide)

Despite the type and size of generators, each has specific capabilities that keep your devices and house powered up in power outage issues, but what about them?

Have you thought of maintaining them?

If not, you should opt for timely maintenance, but some of you might not know how to drain gas from the generator. 

To solve the issue, we came up with considering some best brand portable units that are the top choice of most users to keep powering their sites.

How to Drain Gas from Generator

To know how the draining system works and how to drain gas from the generator, go through the handy guide for getting the task most easily.

How To Drain Gas From Generator?

You might be wrong if you think draining gas from a generator is tricky.

To drain gas from the generator, you require timely maintenance, starting by siphoning out the gas, draining it from the fuel line or out of the carburetor, and replacing it with fresh fuel to keep the generator in working condition for longer terms. 

How To Drain Gas From Honda Generator?

Honda has various top generators that are highly rated and efficient in performance.

If you own one, you must maintain it to keep it in working condition.

Let’s see how you can drain gas from the generator. 


Honda generators, especially the small ones, require strong support to keep them above ground level for easy fuel draining.

For removing the old gas from the portable Honda generator, unscrew the side part using a screwdriver.

After that, you will get access to the internal site.

Unscrew the small part underneath the carburetor to cause drainage from the fuel tank.

Once you unscrew, the fuel will start coming out through the tubing end, where you have already kept a tank for collecting the old gas.

Wait until all the gas is drained out and clean the parts in case of spillage.

Once you are done, screw back the cover and let the unit get some fresh gas supply for getting in to run.

How To Drain Gas From Firman Generator?

Firman generators are among the best in power output conditions, and their maintenance is necessary.

To know how to drain gas from a generator, follow the stepwise procedure that will help you remove the old oil or gas, incorporating the fresh one to keep it running longer.


Locate the generator gas tank and open its lid to make air flow through it.

You will observe the pipelines from the gas tank toward the carburetor.

Once you find it, slowly remove the cover from the pipe connecting to the small metal hole for the fuel supply. In between, you have to turn the fuel valve off.

Remove the piping from the connection and place it in a large bowl or gas storage bucket where it has to drain.

Turn on the valve, so all the old fuel is drained out in the bowl.

Wait until all the old gas is removed, and clean the piping.

Once the fuel tank is emptied, place the piping back, secure it and let the valve off again.

Finally, prepare the tank with fresh gas for the next session.

How To Drain Gas From Champion Generator?

Champion works by utilizing gasoline as a source of fuel.

Their portable nature makes it a better option to keep them in working condition, but you have to change the gas occasionally.

This procedure doesn’t take much time but will keep your device or unit durable.

Do you know how to drain gasoline from the champion generator? If not, follow the method. 


For draining gas from the champion generator, you don’t need to open the lid at the start of draining.

It would help if you unscrewed the fuel tubing connected at the bottom to the opening that connects the tank and tubing.

After removing, you can add a small hose compatible with the size of the space and switch on the fuel valve.

Once you turn it on, the fuel from the tank will start to flow through the hose.

Remember to keep the hose in a can or bucket to collect the old gas, draining continuously until the tank empties.

When the tank is empty, remove the hose and secure the piping. Don’t forget to turn off the valve after securing the pipe.

You can now remove the tank lid to let the leftover gas traces evaporate.

How To Drain Gas From Generac Generator?

For those who want a portable generator, the Generac suits best for dealing with power outage issues, but have you thought about the generator maintenance as it works continuously?

You have to change the old gas and oil that gets left after a certain usage period. Your generator needs timely care to keep it working efficiently and retain its durable nature and long-term performance. 


The fuel tank lid lies above the top of a generator, so open that and let the airflow into it.

Once you open it, you may find tubing that comes down and enter the carburetor being secured with a metal opening that ensures fuel flow from the tank into the generator.

To drain the gas, take the tubing and place it into a bucket; once you put it in a bucket, all the fuel will start to drain out, and in between, you have to turn the valve on so that all the gas will drain into the bucket.

Wait for a few minutes till the gas drains off. Secure back the tubing and turn off the valve.

In the end, add fresh gas to the tank to keep it working efficiently.

How To Drain Gas From Westinghouse Generator?

Your Westinghouse portable generator requires timely maintenance to keep it working efficiently; for that, you need to change the fuel and the gas from time to time to maintain the engine free from getting worn out.

Westinghouse’s generators must change the oil after the first month or after 20 hours of usage.

Follow the simple procedure to easily get rid of old gas and fill the unit with new to keep it working in a better state.


For changing the gas, you need to look at the fuel opening that drains all the old fuel from the tank.

The gas is drained from the carburetor in the case of the Westinghouse generator.

You need to unscrew the carbonate drain screw in an anticlockwise direction.

Switch on the fuel valve and let the old fuel drain into the storage can placed beneath the carbonate drain screw.

Wait until all the gas is drained off properly and clean any spillage if present.

Once all the gas is drained, secure back the opening and switch off the valve.

Once done, add fresh gas to keep the unit back in the running position.

How To Drain Gas From Predator Generator?

Predator generators are portable but smaller than the other brands.

They require additional steps to drain off the old gas, making the unit efficient for the next session or perfect for storage. 


First, you need to unscrew the side part secured with screws from four sides to drain the gas.

Once you have unscrewed it, you will find inside multiple functional parts, including the tubing that will help drain the old fuel, so insecure the carburetor tubing, and on the other side, switch on the fuel valve to let the drain flow start to come out.

Keep draining tanks to collect the drained fuel. As it can handle a gallon capacity, so may require more time to drain the old gas.

Wait for about 30 min to completely drain off the tank. After that, screw back the parts and go for fresh fuel.

How To Drain Gas From Craftsman Generator?

Craftsman generators are among the small portable units that can be easily carried along and used for dealing with emergency and power outage conditions.

You can easily fit it in your RV or vehicle to carry it along with any place, but over time you must maintain it to keep its working efficiency on the go.

You must follow the stepwise procedure to drain old gas from a craftsman’s portable generator.


Start by unscrewing the side part and removing the cover.

Once you unscrew, you will observe a carburetor and a narrow white hose for draining.

For active draining, you must unscrew the carburetor drain screw and keep the hose in a tank.

Once you turn on the fuel valve, the gas will start flowing through the hose in the fuel tank.

Wait till all the drain is emptied in the tank.

Take the cap off of the fuel tank to make things speed up. Once the drain is completed, screw up the items and secure the side part.

Add fresh fuel to keep it running efficiently.


Each method considering how to drain gas from the generator depends on the desired brand to drain the gas effectively. For any generator, all you need is to find the draining piping and the screw point to let the tank empty through the draining hose and get rid of old nasty fuel that isn’t effective for your unit engine. Keep in mind to keep the screws safe as you will require to screw back some parts at the end of the drain and maintain them each month to make it long-lasting and efficient.

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