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How To Install Solar Panels- A Complete Guideline

Power outage is a major problem in most countries as governments do not have limited resources to provide for people according to their requirements.

how to install solar panels

Moreover, most sources of power generation are not suitable for the environment as they generate pollution. Furthermore, they are costly to produce.

But the most effective way of generating electricity is from the sun, as it is cost-effective and pollution free.

Solar energy is made with the help of solar panels. So, the question is, How do you install solar panels?

The best way is that hire a professional to do the job, but if you want to do it yourself, then do not worry. Here in this article, we will tell how to install solar panels.

How To Install Solar Panels?

Solar panels are made of small solar cells that combine to form a large panel. How to install solar panels?

First, place the solar panels on mounts at an inclined level with maximum exposure to sunlight.

Connects the solar inverter to convert the direct current to the alternating current and attaches the battery to use power on cloudy days.

Wire the solar panel with electrical wires to transfer the power. Then connect the solar panel to the consumer unit using an inverter.

After completing all the procedures, connect the meter, which shows all the power input and output.

Steps To Take Before The Installation:

Calculate The Cost:

First, calculate the cost of installing the solar panel and compare it with the cost of the electricity bill.

If installing a solar panel will help save money, opt for this project.

Check For Compatibility:

Install a solar panel required space as it has larger plates. So, check whether the house is compatible or large enough to hold the solar plates.

Solar plates can be installed on the ground or roof. Install solar plates on the ground, cut all the trees, and remove other distractions.

Check the roof’s quality if you want to install solar panels on the top.

Select The Size Of The System:

After determining the house’s capability, select the size of the solar panel according to the requirement of the house.

To measure this, add up all the appliances used on the solar panel and select the solar panel according to that.

Get Permits:

In some areas of the world, getting a permit from the authorities to install a solar panel is essential.

This procedure takes time; apply for a license to avoid time wastage.

Installation Of Solar Panels Steps By Step:

How to install solar panels? Different methods need to be done in the installation process. Here in this article, we will try to cover all the factors.

Install Solar Panel Mounts:

These hold the plates of solar panels and should be made of hard materials like steel.

It would help if you made sure that these mounts should be tilted and have an angle of about 18 to 36 degrees so that maximum light falls on the plates.

Install The Solar Panels:

After that, install the solar panels on the mounts. Make sure that plates are gently placed over the mounts and should be tightened.


The third step is the electrical wiring of solar panels is done. The efficient way is to use connectors to efficiently work for solar panels.

The most commonly used connector is MC4. To avoid accidents, do not forget to turn off the electricity before the installation.

Install The Solar Inverter:

The solar panel produces electricity in the form of direct current(DC), but this form of currency is not usable in homes, as most appliances operate on alternating current.

So, to use the electricity from solar panels, insert a solar inverter that will convert the DC into AC.

Keep the inverter in a cooler place, as they are more efficient in working when kept in a cool place.

Connect The Inverter With The Battery:

So, what to do during cloudy days if solar panels are installed? How is power generated for the house?

These are the most common questions people usually ask when they are selecting solar panels.

To avoid this problem, batteries are connected to the solar panel to provide power.

But solar panels produce direct current, and the battery cannot be charged with this current, so to avoid this problem, solar inverters are attached to the battery.

Connect The Inverter To The Consumer Unit:

To use the power from solar panels, the inverter should be connected to the consumer unit.

You can also use the generation meter to keep track of all the power generated and power consumption.

This will help to keep control of all our activities, and we can manage which type of appliance should be used according to the power generation.

Check The Working:

After the installation is complete, check the working of the solar panel properly, and if there are issues, resolve them.

Maintenance Of The Solar Panel:

The best thing about solar panels is that they do not require maintenance regularly.

All you need to do is to clean the solar plates after a month to remove the dust.

While cleaning the solar panels, avoid cold water and do not clean the solar panel harshly.

The batteries should be replaced after two to three years. After 3 to 4 years, consult with the installer for a check-up.


So, these are the steps you need to follow if you want to learn How to install solar panels? People with basic knowledge about solar panels can easily install them by following the instructions. But for inexperienced people who do not know how to connect solar panels to the main power system, it is better to hire a professional to do the job as it can be dangerous. An inverter is necessary for the working of a generator; otherwise, the power will be useless as it will not be compatible with the home appliances.

Video Help:

If you want to know more, then watch this video.

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