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How To Make A 30 Amp Generator Extension Cord: Easy To Follow Steps 

Extension cords are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Which one to buy and which to not depends on your generator requirements.

In the presence of many options, if you wonder how to make a 30 amp generator extension cord by yourself, be happy. This is not a difficult task. You need some necessary material and start making one yourself. 

How to make a 30 AMP Generator Extension Cord

Selecting And Using An Extension Cord: Tips To Remember Must: 

Extension cords are important for outdoor and indoor use. They are used to connect various appliances to the power outlet. The market is flooded with different extension cords.

It would help if you got familiarized with major differences. We have developed a list of tips for your generator and other appliances to make your job easier.

Let’s throw a light on them!

  • First and foremost, check the thickness of the cord, its length, and most importantly, the amp rating.  
  • Make sure that the connection you are using is in proper condition. 
  • Don’t ever try to use an outdoor cord for indoor uses and indoor for outdoor uses. 
  • Only connect it to the generator when needed.
  • Don’t try to use an extension cord with lower amperage and wattage
  • Before connecting, check for any damage; cut it and look for inside wires if you have seen any. If you think you are genius enough, use electric tape for repair. 
  • Always try to pick the one made with durable materials, as it will be safe to use and save your healthy investment.
  • Before plugging them into the power socket, firstly, check and ensure that all connections are secure and tight enough.
  • After finishing using it, don’t try to pull the cord itself; always pull the plug for separation.
  • Some cords are made with handles that make it comfortable to unplug them. So try to spend money on this type of cord.
  • Always keep all connections away from water or mixture contact
  • Limit the number of adapters you are using
  • If you have noticed that connectors or cords are getting hotter, it would be better to disconnect them because most of the adapters, when they get hot, melt, and you will face issues with short circuits. 
  • Unroll your extension cord properly to prevent coils when using 
  • Remember to check the voltage rating, plug type, and gauge measurement 

These are some of the tips that need your attention while using an extension cord or trying to buy a new one for generators and other tools. Following them will help you keep yourself and your generator safe for a long time. 

How To Make A 30 Amp Rv Extension Cord?

The extension cord used for the generator is heavy-duty and used for other outdoor uses and connecting various appliances.

You can buy the best one from an online store or a local store. You can easily pick one per your needs, but if you want to make one yourself. 

Before buying an extension cord for making 30 amps yourself, check the thickness, length, and quality.

After collecting all necessary materials, follow some easy steps to start making a 30 amp extension cord for your generator.

Be careful and wear safety equipment such as gloves. Below-mentioned things are necessary to make an excellent cord.

  1. Two 30 AMP receptacles
  2. Male Plug 
  3. Screwdrivers
  4. Scissors
  5. Electrical Tape
  6. CGB or Strain relief cord connector
  7. Square box with a cover of size 4 x 4 
  8. 10 AWG extension cord
  9. Gloves for safety purposes
  10. Knife and Pliers  

Step 1: Take A Square Box 

Make a Hole in your square box by using pliers. 

Step 2: Strip The Cord

Now take a cord in your hands. From the end, mark it at 2.5 inches and strip it with a knife or scissors. Be very careful as you don’t have to cut the wires. 

Step 3: Cut Some Of The Wires

After removing the striped cord, remove the useless wire from the extension cord. Only leave the ground, neutral and hot wires.

Use a pair of scissors to cut extra wires. These are normally red, white, and green colors in most cords. 

Step 5: Insert The Wires On The CGB

In this step, insert the wires into the Strain relief cord connector. After inserting carefully, lock the CGB.

Step 6: Strip The Wire

During the stripping of the wire, use pliers. Always make sure not to over-strip the wire. 

Step 7: Make 2 Grounds

Cut the wire for making the grounds. One for each receptacle, and connect the other one to the box. You can also use the wire nuts in this step.

Now carefully tighten the wire nuts with the help of strippers or fingers. Now, just check the tightness of the cable, and you are good to go. 

Step 8: Connect The Wires To The Receptacles

Before connecting wires, it is great to twist them a bit. After that, tighten them with a screwdriver.

Ensure that you make the connection at the right place. It is suggested to use electrical tape for making secure connections.  

Step 9: Attach The Receptacles To The Cover Of The Square Box

Before attaching the receptacles, make sure the screws are removed. Now cover the square box and use the previously removed screws to join the cover with the box. 

Step 10: Connect The Other End Of The Wire To The Male Plug

Again strip a little bit of wire. Remove the screws from the male plug and look for connections before joining them back. 

That is it; we hope you get to know how to make 30-amp generator extension cords. Pick your designed cord and use it with a generator. 

How To Determine Extension Cord Capacity?

Before choosing the extension cord, it would be great to check the quality of the wire rating in AWG.

Thicker wire means low AWG and thinner wire means higher AWG rating. So, you would go with a higher AWT rating.

When you buy an extension cord, various labels are not easy to understand for beginners. For your convenience, let’s have a look at an example.

When there is 14/3 on the cord, 14 means the thickness of the wire or gauge rating, and 3 is the total number of wires inside the cord. 

How Many Watts Can A 30-AMP Generator Cord Handle?

A 30 AMP power cord can handle a maximum of 7000 watts. To check the AMP rating, look at the round outlet of your generator.

There it is mentioned whether it is 30 amp or 50 amp. Using a 100 feet cord is not a  great idea, as it will cause the voltage to drop and affect the electrical equipment

How Should Long Be 30 AMP Generators Cord?

The 30 AMP generator cord is about 10 to 30 feet long and can be great to use with 7500 watts. They will remain flexible even when used in chilly and freezing temperatures. 

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