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A Detail Guide On How To Make Generator Quiet As Cricket?

A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, which is then transmitted over power lines for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Generators work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In an emergency, generators are no less than a life savior.

How To Make Generator Quiet As Cricket?

As everything has pros and cons, the same is the case here. Generators produce a lot of noise, which is a very annoying sound.

But don’t worry, you are at the right place to find out the noise causes and how to make your generator as quiet as a cricket.

How To Make Generator Quiet As Cricket?

So, as we know, we need some extra things, tools, and methods to make our generator noiseless.

The remedy depends upon the cause. We can place the generator in a soundproof box, so if it creates sound remains soundproof due to the chest.

Also, using sound deflectors is the basic and most commonly used technique to make it quiet and have a peaceful environment at home.

So if we know why our generator is making so much noise, we can easily get to know how to make the generator as quiet as a cricket.

Causes Of Generator Noise:

We will discuss the causes of the sound that generators produce.

1. Types Of Generators:

Different generators produce different sounds like portable generators produce exhaust and engine sounds.

The worn-out parts of these generators have a more annoying sound when you turn them on.

2. High Power:

High-power generators are the noisiest.

Because of the power consumption, the generators get overheated due to overheating the parts of the generators. An unbearable sound is produced, which can easily be discriminated from other noises.

3. Placement Of Generator:

Hard surfaces are not recommended to make your generator quite like cricket. Place it on flat soil for noise reduction. However, if you don’t have this option, keep reading this article to learn how to make generators quiet as cricket.

Ways How To Make Generator Quieter As Cricket:

The loud noise can make you reconsider your decision to buy a generator. The question raises in mind how to quiet a portable generator. But there are some methods and tips to make your generator as quiet as cricket.

  1. Position It On A Sound Absorbing Mat
  2. Select Robust Legs And Rubber Feet
  3. Installing Sound Deflectors
  4. Set the Exhaust’s Angle Away
  5. Use Larger Mufflers
  6. Store It in a Soundproof Generator Box
  7. Vertically Place The Exhaust Pipes
  8. Build A Baffle Box
  9. Putting The Exhaust Pipes in The Water bucket
  10. Keep a Record of Electricity Consumption

Now let’s discuss these methods in detail;

 Position It On A Sound Absorbing Mat:

The soundproofing pad is useful to minimize the generator noise immediately. The sound-absorbing mat decreases the irritating pitch caused by high vibration.

The porous surface of the mate absorbs all the unwanted noise and makes the generator quieter. 

Using Rubber Feet:

Most of the generator noise is produced when it is not firmly installed. One can reduce the noise by placing the generator on a stabilized surface.

Using rubber feet can minimize the noise as it will prevent it from spinning around.

 Installing Sound Deflectors:

 You can use inexpensive things to make your generator quiet, as cricket is a sound deflector.

These are easy to use and more durable. You can use it with other solutions to increase efficiency. 

Set The Exhaust’s Angle Away:

You can also try to move your power generator away from your house to reduce the challenging sound levels.

You can set your generator away from your abode in a soundproof box.

The good news is that this can make a phenomenal difference.

 Use Larger Mufflers:

Mufflers are already a part of the generator. The main function of the generator’s muffler is to reduce sound and suppress vibrations to a great extent.

You should know that inexpensive generators usually do not have an adequate muffler.

However, if this muffler does not cut, it’s time to buy a more oversized muffler for your generator.

The damper may not make your generator completely noiseless. It will do a great job bringing down the decibels by a few points.

Store It In A Soundproof Generator Box:

A soundproof box for a generator is like a baffle box.

The generator box is quite challenging to tackle, and it’s heavy too. You’ll require an MLV, foam mats, acoustic caulk, vent duct, and MDF.

Vertically, Place The Exhaust Pipes:

For the reduction of noise, you can employ this method. Bending the line away from your house can reduce the noise. You need an adapter to make the generator noiseless.

 Build A Baffle Box:

A Baffle Box is a thing one can make at home. Before making, ensure you have all instruments and measurements.

This would be a great solution for sound deadening.

 Putting The Exhaust Pipes In The Bucket Of Water:

 Noise reduction with water can be made with water. You need a bucket half-filled with water and put vents in the bucket.

Water has the ability the reduction of noise and pollution emitted by the generator working. It is also an inexpensive method.

Keep A Record Of Electricity Consumption:

More electricity influences the noise. But it can be made lower by less power consumption.

Consequently, the generator will get less energy and produce less noise. You would not be able to choose a device or use all other items.


Generators are useful in places with a power shortage but come with buzzing sounds. Among all the methods, adding an enclosure is the best thing you can do to make your generator quieter. With some cheap construction materials and a few soundproofing products, you are now fully equipped to know how to make a generator as quiet as cricket.

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