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Methods Of How To Protect Outdoor Extension Cord From Rain

Extension cords have become the part and parcel of electrical devices and circuits and their applications become manifold during the holiday seasons.  This is because during holidays the use of outdoor gadgets and electrical devices increases of which generators, patio gadgets, etc. make up a bigger portion.

To use an extension cord with proper care and safety it is recommended to follow certain standards otherwise it could be very risky and will potentially lead to accidental fires. Sparks and eventually threaten life and property.  In order to avoid that, the very basic safety standard is to use the outdoor-rated extension cord and don’t use it otherwise. After ensuring this first standard, it is time for you to take some additional measures such as covering the cord to protect it from climatic factors such as rain/ snow, in short, wet and humid weather.

If you don’t know the ways to protect your extension cord from rain then you are at the right spot. This is because here we are going to brief you about the ways to do so.


Outdoor extension cords are exposed to the elements and are subject to damage from weather and moisture.

If you do not know how to protect the extension cord from rain, you cannot use it properly, and it will get damaged quickly.

If you want to know about how to waterproof extension cords, stay connected with us

How To Protect Outdoor Extension Cord From Rain

Using a weatherproof extension cord cover is a simple way to protect the extension cord from rain and prolong its life.

You have to read the article till the end to know all methods to protect the extension cord from rain and different solutions for this purpose that everyone will employ easily.

Given below are the top 3 methods of securing the extension cord from climatic factors like rain.

1.   The Bucket Method

The very first preventive measure you can take to ensure the safety of the extension cord in rainy weather is to use the bucket for covering the connection point. This method is the last-minute solution anyone can take to protect the connection and keep using it despite the harsh weather outside.

To follow this method, go through the given steps:

  • Place a small bucket in an upside-down or inverted position.
  • Put the electrical connection or the sensitive part of the extension cord above the bucket you have placed in 1st
  • Now take another bigger bucket and put it on top of the first one.

Note: In windy weather, the bucket may not be stagnant in its position and may trip over again and again. Therefore, use bricks or some other solid object to hold them in the proper place.

2.   The Bottle Method

The bucket method is quick and easy but it is not a reliable solution, particularly in heavy rain and wind. Therefore, to replace it with an easier yet reliable method, you can use the Bottle method. In this method, all you have to do is to use the plastic bottle to cover the extension cord from getting drenched in the water.

To make a plastic bottle fit for covering your electrical connection you would have to follow the given instructions;

  • Take out a pair of scissors and a plastic bottle.
  • Starting cutting the bottle right in its center and cut it lengthwise equal to a quarter of diameter.
  • Now using the scissors, make a hole on each end of the split end of the bottle you have just cut. These holes will be used later for pulling the cord through them.
  • Now put the electrical connection or plug inside the bottle slit and pass the cord terminals through the round holes in the bottle.

Note: For better ventilation, do not use the bottle cap.

3.   Cling Wrap Method

For all those users who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, they can make use of the homemade extension cord protector to ensure optimum safety.

To make an extension cord protector at home, a cling wrap is the best item. A cling wrap is an easily available kitchen item that most houses have and you can also shop from any grocery or convenience store.

It is a very simple and quick method and you can simply protect your extension cord using the following steps:

  • Make an electrical connection using the extension cord.
  • Plug all of your required devices into the extension cord.
  • Now wrap the cling wrap tightly to protect the connection from rain.
  • You can also wrap some length of the cord to make a better and more secure wrap/ protector.

Some Additional Ways Of Protecting Outdoor Extension Cord From Rain?

If you are looking for some other innovative ways to protect your extension cord from rain, You can by employing the following methods:

How To Protect Outdoor Extension Cord From Rain?

You can protect the outdoor extension cord cover from rain by employing the following methods:

1. Cover The Extension Cord With A Heavy-Duty Plastic Tarp:

Using the plastic tarp to cover your extension cord is another quick and easy option for weatherproofing your extension cord. This is probably the simplest and most effective way to keep your extension cord dry.

All you need is a tarp that’s big enough to cover the cord and some rocks or other heavy objects to hold the tarp down.

2. Use A Weatherproof Extension Cord Cover:

This is another quick and easy option for weatherproofing your extension cord. These covers are designed specifically for extension cords and work to keep them dry.

You have to select the perfect size of cover that will fit your cord perfectly.

3. Run The Extension Cord Through A PVC Pipe: This is an excellent option if you must keep the cord in place and protect it completely from the elements.

You have just to run the cord through a PVC pipe length and seal the ends with caps or tape.

4. Wrap The Extension Cord In Electrical Tape: This is a quick and easy way to weatherproof your extension cord.

Just wrap the entire length of the cord in electrical tape, making sure to cover all the exposed wires.

5. Use A Silicone Sealant: This is another quick and easy option for weatherproofing your extension cord.

You must apply a generous amount of silicone sealant to the cord and let it dry.

6. Use heat shrink tubing: This is an excellent way if you want to ensure the cord is completely sealed and protected.

In this method, you can utilize a heat gun to shrink it.

7. Use The Bucket Method: In this method, you must keep your extension cord dry if you’re using it in an area prone to flooding.

You have to fill the bucket with sand or gravel after placing an extension cord in it. It will weigh the bucket down and keep it from floating away.

 8. Use Power Cord Protector: This effectively saves the extension cord from the elements.

Just slip the power cord protector over the cord, keeping it dry and protected.

Quick Solution:

The quick solution to protecting an outdoor extension cord from rain is to use a cover or tarp, which will assist in keeping the cord dry and protected from the elements.

Another quick solution to a DIY waterproof outdoor extension cord cover is to buy a weatherproof extension cord.

These cords are manufactured with good quality materials resistant to water and weather damage.

Moreover, they are also designed to be used in outdoor settings to withstand the elements better than a standard extension cord.

In addition, if you are looking for a more permanent solution to protecting your extension cord from the rain, you can consider installing a conduit.

It will provide a waterproof barrier around the cord and help to extend its lifespan.

You can install conduits by yourself or with the help of a professional.

No matter which solution you choose, it is crucial to ensure that your extension cord is always dry and protected from the elements.

By watering your cord, you can rest assured that it will be safe to use in any weather.

Detailed Solution:

The detailed Solution to protect the outdoor extension cord from rain is to use a waterproofing spray or sealant on the exposed areas of the cord.

For making a waterproofing solution, take one part of vinegar and two parts of water, and mix them in a spray bottle.

Spray the Solution onto the extension cord and allow it to dry completely.

This inexpensive Solution will repel water and keep your extension cord in good condition.

For added protection, you can also wrap the extension cord in a waterproof material such as vinyl or rubber.

Be sure to secure the wrap with tape s it does not lose.

It will create a barrier between the cord and the elements and help keep your extension cord in good working condition.

Step-By-Step Guide:

The following steps are helpful in this regard:

  1. Gather your materials such as an outdoor extension cord rain, a plastic sheet, and duct tape.
  2. Cut the plastic sheet to the size covering the extension cord: from plug to outlet.
  3. Wrap the extension cord in the plastic sheet, ensuring that the entire cord is covered.
  4. Use duct tape to secure the plastic sheet around the cord.
  5. Plug in the extension cord, and you’re all set! Your outdoor extension cord is now protected from rain.

This Solution is easy to protect your extension cord from the rain.

· Protective MeasuresTo Safely Use The Extension Cords

  1. Keep your extension cords hidden and away from the pathways.
  2. Do not put the running extension cords in a hot place or directly under the sunlight.
  3. Ensures that your extension cord is not overloaded.
  4. Do not use extension cords for a long time.
  5. Ensure proper storage of the extension cord and keep it away from hot, humid, and wet places.


Outdoor extension cords from the rain are damaged easily, so it is necessary to take the required precautions to protect them. If you use any of the methods mentioned above, you will be assured that your outdoor extension cord will be protected from rain and increase its lifespan. So, no matter which method you choose to protect your outdoor extension cord from rain and weather deterioration, it is essential that you choose one that will work for your specific situation.

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