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Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy Review- Helpful Guide

You might be considering how to deal with power outages.

It’s easy!

To keep your devices running and finish your job and critical duties, you need a high-quality Pulsar 12000-watt generator as a backup power supply for your home, outdoor camping sites, RV, and worksite.

A Dual Fuel Portable Generator, the Pulsar G12KBN heavy gives you the adaptability and accessibility of bigger, more powerful generators. You have the option to use gasoline or LPG as your fuel source with this appliance.

Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy Review

Most generator models use gasoline, however, dual-fuel generators are becoming more and more common today.

Additionally, it has a longer life span and is a much safer and more environmentally friendly choice.

Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy Review- Helpful Guide


  • Brand: Pulsar
  • Wattage: 12000 watts
  • Dimension: LxWxH 28.5 x 26 x 25.5 inches
  • Weight: 209 Pounds
  • Colour: Space Grey
  • Voltage: 120240 Volts
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
  • Engine Displacement: 457 Cubic Centimetres
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Tank Volume: 8 Gallons

Design And Build Quality:

This beast has a twist-lock outlet and a 50A receptacle, making it RV-ready and built for maximum power.

The 12,000W device has an electric start and a convenient built-in 3-in-1 meter that displays information on voltage, frequency, and hour on an LED screen. 

Along with AC and DC circuit breakers, an oil warning light, automatic shutoff, and a generator overload indicator, it also offers automated voltage control.

Although lifting this behemoth, which weighs 214 lbs, will most surely require two people, its 10″ never-flat wheels and heavy-duty handles help make it more of a pulsar dual-fuel generator. 

Outlets And Essentials:

With its numerous outlets and high output wattage, the high-performance generator allows you to easily connect devices as needed.

On the main site of the device, there are twin circuit breakers, an ignition switch, a battery switch, and built-in outlets for 120Volts 20Ampere AC, 120 Volts/240Volts, a separate 30 Amp twist-lock, 120 Volts/240 Volts 50 Ampere, and 12 Volts DC.

The Pulsar generator 12000w is the most powerful unit available thanks to the addition of special features.

They not only assist you in power outages but also function smoothly in any weather thanks to their cold start technology.

Because the built-in technology would start the generator quickly without exhausting you like other generators, there is no need to be concerned if you use your generator all night in the cold.

Fuel Tank, Fuel Options, Runtime:

The 8-gallon gasoline fuel tank that comes with the Pulsar power generator can keep your unit operating continuously for over 12 hours while keeping your electronics and devices functional.

Any electrical equipment you want to utilize at the job site can be charged, used, or chosen without any problems. 

Its most amazing feature is its dual fuel capacity, which gives you the option of using LPG or gasoline as fuel.

Due to the fact that LPG is often more easily available and simple to store, it has been shown to be excellent for emergency situations like natural disasters.

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A sturdy powder-coated frame guards the 457cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV engine with an electric start.

Load Capacity For Different Appliances:

The high power wattage of this unit, which keeps your appliances and electronics running, is what gives it its efficiency.

Choose the Champion Power Generator with 12,000 starting watts and a running watt capacity of 10,800 if you want to run your RV equipment or home appliances in case of a power outage.

Keep in mind that you can only use appliances whose wattage matches that of the generator.

These Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy generators cannot power devices that require more power than other generators including other appliances can all be used without difficulty.


The portable units from Pulsar G12KBN are lightweight and convenient to carry wherever you need to charge your gadgets.

You can move it around effortlessly to power your RV and campgrounds because it has a single functional handle and two back tires. 

A portable generator is the best choice for the majority of homes for power outages, whole home backup generators are always a smart idea for individuals in unstable areas. Because they can be used for purposes more than just when households lose electricity, portable generators are more versatile than their permanent counterparts. 

Major storms that knock out power may only occur once or twice a year, so long-term preventive measures like buying generators may never be necessary. If you only have a stationary unit, it isn’t very useful.

Maintenance & Warranty:

In addition to being a company, Pulsar is a nationwide network of professionals who provide customers with lifelong support and work to keep them happy with their products and services.

A one-year warranty and first-rate customer service are provided to demonstrate the products’ durability. They can also assist you with your problem whenever you need them.

Impact On Environment:

There are certain businesses out there that don’t give a damn about the environmental impact of their generators.

In contrast to the others, it not only helps its clients feel smarter but also takes the environment into account while creating new models.

The Pulsar G12KBN complies with CARB requirements and has received certification from the CARB organization.

Certification is only given to producers whose goods generate the fewest harmful and hazardous emissions. When the device’s hazardous emissions are reduced, it becomes more ecologically friendly.

Check Latest Price

Reason To Buy
  • Dual-fuel capability
  • 8-gallon tank
  • Electric push start
  • Easy to operate
  • Long run time
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Not the quietest
  • Don’t have remote control startup


A power outage can be quite frustrating, whether you’re at home, at work, or camping for the weekend. For a variety of reasons, you can find yourself in this scenario right now and have no alternative but to wait. You may easily prevent having spoiled food in your refrigerator or unpowered devices by selecting a Pulsar G12KBN heavy-power generator. Pulsar 12000-watt generator reviews are good.

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