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Solar Pergola Shade Structures – A Brief Guide

With the increasing inflation every day, and the resources used to generate electricity going extinct, eventually, the best alternative that we currently have at our disposal is that of a solar panel.

A solar panel is a genesis for producing solar energy by converting it into electrical energy, otherwise known as electricity, through the photovoltaic cells installed in it or through the mirrors that centralize solar energy.

solar pergola shade structures

Undoubtedly, a long-term investment that you must invest in that is worth it as it would not only power your household but would also be able to generate electricity that can then be bought by the electrical energy grid and utilized to power other households.

So before it is too late, and the prices further elevate for your investment project, get a solar pergola shade structure!

Solar Pergola Shade Structures:

In the modern day, a pergola is the most common feature found around almost all houses, and to cover it with a solar shade structure is never a bad idea.

Yes, it’s true that now you can put a solar panel shade over your pergola and enjoy your summer evenings or your winter afternoon resting in the shadow.

However, for this mere possibility to be transformed into a reality, you must first ensure that the structure of your pergola is strong and made out of a material that can support the weight of multiple solar panels.

Benefits Of A Solar Pergola Shade:

A solar pergola shade can generate various benefits that range from personal perks to significant environmental advantages.

Firstly, with a solar pergola shade structure, you can power as many lights as you want in your pergola, along with additional electrical appliances in your house.

With this extra advantage you avail yourself of through a solar pergola shade, you can customize your patio to any extent you desire.

This is because it will only add to your one-time fixed costs of the exterior.

The solar panel shade structure will be your savior in keeping your other variable costs (electricity) within a reasonable and affordable limit.

Secondly, it will also save on your costs of enhancing the pergola roof.

You would not have to get any tiles or wood surfacing installed on the top; instead, within the actual expenses, maybe slightly less or slightly more, you can replace it with a solar shade structure.

But, it is essential for your pergola roof to be built of a solid structure and evenly flattened out for the solar panels to be situated on it.

Lastly, who does not like contributing to social and environmental welfare?

It is proven that solar panels are healthier for the environment than the entire process of generating electricity.

Even the reduced size of a solar pergola will prevent over 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, as solar energy is just a synonym for producing clean energy!

How Much Would A Solar Pergola Cost?

Just like everything, even solar pergolas have a standard cost that they are bought at.

However, the price for installing a solar pergola shade structure will increase with the size of your pergola, the design of your pergola, and the materials used in the composition of the pergola.

You can purchase an ordinary solar pergola shade structure of a 10x 10 feet design that starts at $1500.

You can then add up costs alongside the type of outcome you desire.

Solar Panels And Their Compatibility With A Pergola:

It is not always crucial for you to build a pergola that will be compatible with a solar panel shade.

As you can install solar panels over your existing pergolas to provide a comfortable shade structure for your area.

However, it would be wise to consider the weight that you are already built a pergola can bear before laying out your solar panel shade structure over it.

An averagely built pergola can withstand a weight of approximately three hundred pounds, whereas a solar panel of 100W is expected to weigh somewhere between 14-20 pounds.

So, if these are the exact or nearly exact quantifying measures for your pergola and solar panel, then you have nothing to worry about.

But, if your pergola is still under construction, then to be on the safe side, ensure to build it in a manner that would not be suitable but practical to execute your solar panel mission.

Preferable Solar Panel For Your Pergola:

There are four distinct types of solar panels that you can choose from to mount on your pergola, and they are as follows: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and flexible.

All the mentioned types of solar panels differ in their make-up, thickness, efficiency, price range, and the amount of time they work for.

A flexible solar panel is the best type of solar panel that you can easily mount against your pergola. We recommend this specific type to you because of its exclusive characteristics.

For example, flexible solar panels are less rigid and can be conveniently adjusted on your pergola.

Additionally, they are much thinner, and their thickness does not exceed a few millimeters, making them highly suitable for the purpose they are designed for.

Other than this, all the features of a flexible solar panel, such as its efficiency and the area it occupies, are similar to all the different types.


In this article on solar pergola shade structures, we have tried to cover most of the required information that you may find helpful before delving into investing hundreds of dollars in a solar panel pergola. Now that you are well aware of solar panels on a pergola, we hope that you may make a reasoned decision on whether to get them installed or not. With flexible solar panels, you can adjust many solar panels on your pergola and generate as much electricity as you want.

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