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Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse is a name that is engineered for reliability, manufactured with utmost precision, and dedicated to serving its customers in the best way possible in the power industry.

In the line of portable inverter generators, Westinghouse iGen4500 has super quiet technology, sophisticated design, and salient features that are simply undeniable. 

The Westinghouse iGen4500 is an excellent choice for tailgating, camping, and outdoor festivities and as a backup for your home power supply.


This portable generator had advanced start-up with the click of a remote that can be ignited from two hundred feet away, giving you the utmost comfort.

The technical amenities it offers its customers are lucrative enough to make it a part of your daily life needs. 

Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator

Let’s quickly look at the myriad features it offers to satisfy your power needs. 

 Quick Specs:

  • 3700 Running Watts
  • 4500 Starting Watts
  • Amps 31
  • Super-Quiet
  • Portable
  • Long runtime
  • Electric Remote start
  • Wheel and Handle Kit
  • RV- Ready
  • Gas-Powered
  • Parallel Capable
  • Rotating Digital display

Detail Features:

This ultra-smart and portable Westinghouse iGen4500 is a super quiet generator with the mobility you always desired. The generator has an inspiring design and curves, but what’s more, awe-striking is the unmatchable features it offers.

Design And Build Quality:

The iGen4500 Super Quiet portable generator comes in eye-catching and sophisticated blue and black colors. The whole body is covered with high-quality plastic; this enclosed unit ensures full sound reduction. 

The generator has a telescopic pull-out handle to drag it around easily and comfortably on the wheels. The unit’s lightweight, about 104.7 pounds, makes its mobility easy, and you can even carry it.

This amazing portable generator has a powerful wattage to offer. The iGen offers running watts of 3700 watts, and its starting watt is 4500 watts.

It runs on a frequency of 60Hz and provides a constant power supply with a minimum THD of 3%.

iGen4500 has a 224 cc OHV engine that has a special capability to intake the mixtures smoothly and produce much better and complete exhaust for full combustion.

This engine in the portable generator offers more power and an efficient harmonic disorder-free power supply. 

Outlets And Essentials:

The control panel is way sophisticated against its black background with all the outlets under plastic weather protection. Towards the left, the 120V outlet is present at 30A amperage that’s fit for your travel trailer plug. 

Two 5V DC USB ports provide you with output essentials. There are two 120V outlets with 20A and a battery charging port at the panel’s top. The circuit breakers are also offered in case of emergency.

There are two parallel ports for this iGen4500, which makes you double this generator’s operational power. The efficiency mode is also just a button push away to save you your money and fuel and extend the running hours.

The LED screen covers a lot of essential options to keep you updated about the status of fuel, running-time left, power load, and voltage output. It also shows the lifetime hours of the iGen4500.

This feature takes the ambiguity out of the head as it is in the case of other generators, and you know everything about your portable generator. 

Fuel Tank, Fuel options, Runtime:

The fuel tank filling inlet is at the top of this generator, which lets you fill up to the capacity of 3.4 Gallons. The indications of the level of fuel are provided on the panel.

The iGen4500 super has easy access to its oil tank, and the cherry on top is that it comes with an oil supply. The oil is an assurance of good engine performance. The filling procedure is simple, with a draining bolt at the side of the tank. 

The iGen4500 provides a wide period of 18 hours at a load of 25% to work efficiently to run you through the night and day with full comfort. The engine utilizes 3.4 gallons of fuel to stay active for 18 long hours on end. 

Load Capacity For Different Appliances:

The iGen4500 had a tremendous load capacity in terms of its small unit. It can run an RV air conditioner along with other appliances like a microwave, computer, etc., with its 3700 running Watts.

As a backup generator for your house, it supplies clean power for running your sensitive electrical devices like LEDs, computers, microwaves, etc., with less than 3% THD, providing ultimate satisfaction of mind. 


The iGen4500 is a very good option when it comes to the portability of your generator. It weighs up to 100 pounds only and can be easily carried around your campsite or work site.

The telescopic handle and another handle on the top of the body make it easy to maneuver around your power requirements. iGen4500 gives you the autonomy to double your power production by just plugging in another parallel with a 30A or 50A Westinghouse similar cord.

The iGen4500 can be paralleled with any Westinghouse inverter generator that is compatible with this model.

Maintenance And Warranty:

EPA certified and provided maintenance and services to the customers. Care is only offered to reliable customers and has a warranty. Having a warranty card is a must thing for service.

Also, 3-year limited-time services and Maintainance are available with just a phone call. A helper on-call service is there for you for a quick solution.

Impact On Environment:

This generator is particularly famous for its quietness, which is only 52dBA. It is approximately 4 to 4 1/5 dBA quieter than its competitors in the market.

This low noise level lets you enjoy outdoor gossip by muffling the generator sound in the back. The efficiency mode triggers less oil consumption and reduces the sound produced, so the generator goes easy on both environment and your pockets.

Another important factor that makes it environment-friendly is its CARB Compliance. IGen4500 is a CARB-compliant portable generator, and you can use it anywhere with a fully satisfied conscience that you are not harming the environment.

It’s a certificate generated for those devices whose engines are low at emitting greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

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Reason To Buy
  • Electric Remote start
  • 3.4 Gallon Capacity
  • Oil and Oil-funnel
  • CARB Compliant
  • EPA Certified
  • 3-Year Limited Service
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Noise increases at 100% load
  • The oil draining bolt is narrow to handle


Westinghouse iGen4500 Super quiet feature, with the fortune of being lightweight and portable. It’s designed to supply high power demands and stand up to the test. This unbiased review lets you know the strengths and weaknesses of the Westinghouse iGen4500. Good luck! Always choose the best that serves you best.

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