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What Are Bifacial Solar Panels: Features And Perks

Bifacial solar panels are far different from nonofficial solar panels as they are advanced, leading, and more tech-oriented; somehow expensive too.

The manufacturing and installation processes of these two panels are also different.

what are bifacial solar panels

What Are Bifacial Solar Panels?

Unlike traditional solar panels, bifacial solar panels have cells on both ends and absorb the ultimate sunshine to get charged.

Conversely, nonofficial solar panels have cells on one side, so the extra light is reflected away.

So the bifacial cells at the front and back absorb the light reflected on any surface and quickly get charged to serve the consumer in the long end.

Corporate and commercial markets are the application of these bifacial solar panels.

You can walk through this article to explore details about bifocal solar panels!

What Are Bifacial Solar Panels:

Mono facial solar panels absorb light on one side and generate electricity accordingly.

Do you have any idea about what are bifacial solar panels?

The story is not the same in the case of bifacial panels, as they are manufactured with cells on both sides.

The unique structure allows them to absorb direct sunlight from both sides, front and back.

Experts said they could absorb the light reflected from the object or anything else placed on the ground.

Are They Suitable For Residential Places:

People also installed them as the roof of the open spaces of the homes and commercial buildings, such as pergolas.

Keep in mind that it is not always feasible in the homes, as most homeowners prefer to use the mono facial panels and install them on the rooftops.

They suit best to utility-scale projects or commercial places where they can elevate at a certain angle to capture sunlight from both sides.

Facial panels are mounted at an angle, so the light will reflect on the panel after making contact with other objects.

At home, the best place to install them is pergolas as they give partial shade or places where there is behind the solar panels.

If you are planning for a ground-mounted system, bifacial panels are the best, and better to select a location that receives direct sunlight most of the day.

How Are Bifacial Solar Panels Different From Mono Facial?

As described earlier, mono-facial panels absorb the sunlight from one side; contrary to this, bifacial panels have solar cells on both sides, and they capture more sunlight than mono-facial panels.

Bifacial works like any other panel work; the cells absorb the light and change it to electricity.

Plus, the sunlight portion that is present inside the glass revolves around it until it is absorbed by the cells.

These two types are different in that there is no light loss in bifacial panels, as the lost light has a high chance of being reabsorbed by the cells.

When the sunlight passes through the cells, the reflective surface bounces back the light to the panels and changes into solar energy.

As they have cells on both sides, they can capture more sunlight and generate more electricity.

Perks Of Having A Bifacial Solar Panel:

If there is no sun, this world cannot survive, so people have started adopting different ways to use this sunlight.

One of the uses of sunlight is electricity generation; solar panels are the best way to absorb this sunlight. Both mono-facial and bifacial type of solar panels have their advantages.

Let’s check some of the perks of having a Bifacial solar panel.

Highly Efficient:

As they have solar cells on both sides, they capture more sunlight and generate 30% more electricity than traditional solar panels.

Due to this high efficiency, they take up less space for producing per watt of electricity.

Hence, home users need just a few solar panels to fulfill their energy requirements.

More Warranty:

Bifacial solar panels offer a warranty of 30 years at least, making them more durable and cost-effective.

Long Lasting:

Bifacial solar panels have a frameless design, and manufacturers cover both sides with tempered glass.

This makes them more durable, as this glass is UV and weather-resistant.

Its performance remains top-class in severe weather conditions and when the temperature is at its extreme.

Works Well Even In Scattered Light:

As they have a frameless design, the extra surface makes them the best to work even in diffuse light.

They are ultimately making these bifacial panels more efficient than other panels.

Looks Cool To Eyes:

Bifacial panels are available in many beautiful designs, and the most common design is frameless panels.

The entire glass finish made them look cool to the eyes and liked by people across the globe.

How To Mount The Bifacial Solar Panels?

Bifacial solar panels have solar cells on other sides. Hence, they are not suitable to mount on rooftops.

They are installed just like other panels, but make sure to tilt them at the best angle so that they will absorb more sunlight and generate more electricity.

Cost Of Bifacial Panels:

Because they are unique in design and capture more sunlight, they cost at least 10% more than other solar panels.

The price also depends on the brand because some world-renowned brands are more expensive than others.

Are They More Efficient Than Mono facial?

Experts said they generate 10 to 30% more electricity than mono facials.

Hence, we can say they are a highly efficient and secure investment.


What are bifacial solar panels? Though bifacial solar panels are not new in the market, they are popular and worthier; in commercial markets like installing them. These solar panels come in more varieties, are durable in quality, more energy-efficient in performance, work well in diffused light, and are aesthetically pleasing. If you have a handsome budget and are looking forward to a reliable solar panel unit, investing in a bifacial solar panel will pay off your price. You can read this article thoroughly and develop more insight into bifocal solar panels.

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