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What Is A Standby Generator- Query To Be Solved

 Are you searching for an automatic and permanent solution to a power outage? If yes, then you are at the right place. The best solution to power outages is a stand-by generator or backup generator. But wait, what is a standby generator? 

What if the power outage at your place lasts for many days, or you have a medical emergency condition? What can be the best solution to it?

To solve your query, our professionals have gathered some informative yet interesting facts and knowledge about standby power generators that will help in abiding the power outage consequence with an active power supply for many days till the fuel lasts. 

What Is a Standby Generator

It will help understand standby generators’ use, features, efficiency, working, pros, and cons. So you don’t have to worry when this amazing guide is here.

We have a solution to each of your queries. To get more info, follow the handy guide till the end!  

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Standby Generators :


A standby generator is a permanently installed power backup supply that operates within seconds in case of a power outage. Its running may last for days depending upon the fuel supply.

These generators are well suited for residential areas, industrial units, commercial areas, schools, colleges, universities, shopping malls, hospitals, and areas where you require a sudden power-up solution. 

The standby generators are not portable; once installed, they are fixed to that place and automatically start and shut off because of their built-in features that allow their functionality.

The power supply of standby generators is higher than standard ones, which is why they can opt for areas with high power demand.

The Lifespan Of Standby Generators:

After successfully installing the standby generator, it can last up to 30 years if properly maintained. The life span also depends upon the usage hours, the generator quality, timely maintenance, and fuel quality and amount.

It might be costly, but a one-time installation might help you handle the power outages from hours to days in future runs. 

How Much Does A Standby Generator Cost? Budget On Focus

Keep in mind that powering a large site may cost you high. The average cost of a standby generator runs in thousands of dollars, e.g., starting price may be $1000 up to $5700 and may reach $10,000 depending upon the type, brand, and size of the standby generator you are installing. 

It is a beneficial investment if you own a mall, a big house, or any other huge site. If you don’t have a budget issue, the standby generator is the best permanent option to fulfill your need.

Fuel Requirement:

Your generator won’t operate until there is sufficient fuel for operation and power supply in outages.

Standby generators utilize a variety of fuels depending on the type, size, and brand. The most common of them include natural gas, propane, and diesel.

How Does A Standby Generator Work-Briefly Explain

Types Of Settings:

A standby generator comes with two types of settings;

  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Manual Transfer Switch

Parts Of Standby Generator:

  • Main generator
  • Battery 
  • Standby emergency control
  • Fuel tank 
  • Exhaust system 
  • Cooling fans for ventilation.
  • Air intake ducts 
  • Exhaust ducts

How To Automatically Operate A Standby Generator? 

If your standby generator has a pre-installed ATS (Automatic Transfer switch), it will automatically help the device start and off the engine without any human intervention. 


Facility Disconnection:

The ATS disconnects the facility from your home’s main utility grid when a power outage occurs.

Generator Starting:

When the ATS safely disconnects the facility, it enables the generator to operate quickly.

Electricity Generation:

Standby generators do not create electricity; rather, they utilize fuel and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

After a successful start, the generator utilizes the fuel to produce a voltage supplied to the facility’s electrical panel and from there to your outlets and appliances for running efficiently. 

That electrical energy then flows and supplies power to the devices through outlets. The generator captures the power of motion and turns it into electrical energy by electrons forced from the external sources through a circuit.

Power Restored:

When your power gets restored to the main grid, the ATS comes into operation and prompts the generator to shut off quickly, stopping the fuel supply. 

Facility Re-Connection:

Once the generator stops, the ATS connects the facility back to the main grid, due to which the original power resumes back.

Safety Feature:

The standby generator prevents electricity from back-feeding to the grid. If the current back-feeding occurs, the generator allows electricity to flow to the main grid, resulting in a sudden fire leading to serious damage or even death of individuals trying to restore the power.

How To Operate Manually?

If your standby generator lacks ATS or hasn’t been installed, you can go for an MTS (Manual Transfer Switch) that manually functions, and you have to control the switching on and off of the generator physically.

It can be difficult to call on for turning on and off the generator; secondly, there might be a risk of back feeding.

Selecting The Right-Sized Standby Generator:

To accurately select the right size generator for your home or any other site, consider calculating the required wattage. We have made a simple calculation that will help you out!

First, sum up all the wattage of appliances and devices you want to run on your generator. Now take the sum and divide it by 1000 to get the rating in kilowatts.

Now take the resultant value and multiply it by 1.25 to add a safety margin. The resultant rating will determine what size generator you require. 

Highs Of Standby Generator:

Automatic System:

The prime advantage of a standby generator is the built-in ATS automatic transfer switch that automatically switches on and off the generator without human consent.

It reduces human errors and easily operates when a power outage occurs. So you don’t need to go and manually start it and turn it off unless the ATS is present.

Manual operation is when the user doesn’t opt for ATS. Remember, with a manual setting, there is a risk of current back-feeding resulting in huge losses.

So be careful when selecting the generator system; always install ATS to be on the safe side.

High Power Supply:

Due to its large size and high power generation, it can power up your whole house with ease and efficiency. The standby generator will keep running your appliances till the fuel supply is efficient.

You don’t need to worry about the stored food in the fridge that usually gets spoiled when the power outage lasts for many days. 


The ATS makes the device safe to operate, and you don’t need to turn them on and off the switch every time, avoiding any physical harm.

Keep reading your favorite story; the standby generator will better manage the outage without disturbing you!

Best Backup Source:

In case of an emergency power outage, the standby generator will quickly start and provide the desired power with convenience. 

Make You Tension Free:

Whether you are sleeping, working, cooking, or doing any task, the standby generator will always hold you back and don’t bother you in a power outage situation.

Soon after a power outage, it will automatically start without any interference in your work. You won’t need to call someone on to start it or stop it. Enjoy your sleep till the power is back!


Once installed, it can run half of your life with high durability and efficiency depending on usage hours, maintenance, etc.

Lows Of Standby Generators:


Due to its fixed nature, you can take it with you if you opt for campsites, road trips, or picnics due to its static nature.

It will only provide power to the place connected to the standby generator; that is why the name stands for its static nature.

Fuel Refilling:

It requires fuel refilling from time to time for efficient operation. 

High Cost:

The generator is a high-cost device that may cost you thousands of dollars. But once installed, it can run long, fulfilling the power demand.

Get Noisier Upon Load:

The standby generators get noisier when they are overloaded. The fans keep them in good condition, but they are noisier than portable and solar ones due to their high power generation and combustion.


Are you satisfied with this guide? We hope our informative guide has solved most of your queries, which may have taken time if you had to search by yourselves. If you know what is a standby generator, you can easily opt for it. By saving you time and energy, we have provided you with lots of information that might help you in the long run—comment to us about your experience. We will be happy to listen to your queries, ideas, and thoughts.

Have a great day!

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