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What Size Generator Do I Need For 200 AMP Service: Let’s Reveal The Fact

Sometimes, you might face a severe power outage that runs even for weeks. What to do then? How to run 200 amp service. The feasible alternative is a good and enough power generator.

What size generator do I need for a 200 amp service? It is the main query that needs a solution.

For 200 amp service, you have to go for at least 15 to 20-kilowatt generators. This powerful 200 amp generator is enough to power up your basic home appliances smoothly. Especially homes that have large air conditioning systems.

What Size Generator Do I Need For 200 AMP Service?

When you have a great electrical service such as 200 amp, picking the accurate size generator for backup power is necessary.

Because small generators can damage the appliances if you overload them, and in most cases, this is even worse for your 200-amp portable generator.

Finding the right size generator for 200 amp service is not a difficult task, so be very careful and save your hefty investment.

What Size Generator Do I Need For 200 AMP Service: Let’s Find Out

Every home has a lot of heavy-priced electronic items such as refrigerators, AC, heating systems, TV, microwave, fans, lights, and more.

Some of the appliances need a continuous power supply. For this purpose, every home has a connection with the main grid line.

You are pretty much familiar with the fact that a circuit panel is important for the electric system of any home.

It is because it helps the system to function fully without any hindrance. Some small homes function properly on a service panel of 100 amps.

However, nowadays, homes are constructed using modern technologies, and people also like big square feet of area for residence.

So, if you are an owner of a large home having heavy-duty heating and central air conditioning units, computers, music systems, and other powerful appliances, a 100 amp service is not a suitable option.

A 200 amp service panel is a recommended option to fulfill the needs of these huge houses. It will run the basic appliances easily and make you happy.

But this is a life, and it will never remain the same. Sometimes, a natural disaster occurs, such as a storm or hurricane or any fault in the main grid line, and the power goes off.

This is a worse situation that is not liked by any. So you have to buy a generator to provide backup electricity to appliances.

But what size generator Do I need for 200 amp service? That is the point of concern. No worries, we have the answer.

You have to spend your precious money on a 15000 to 20000 watts generator like DuroMax XP1500E.

These huge generators are known best for generating enough power for central air conditioning units and other essential appliances. It is a feasible option to supply backup power to the home.

Generator Recommendations

Given below are some of the finest generators for large power requirements in a home (as the home standby units supporting 200 amps transfer switch)

Home Size

Rated Watts

Recommended Generator

1.       Maximum 20 KW Generac 7043
2.       Medium 15 KW Generac 5734 GP15000E
3.       Minimum 12 KW Champion Power Equipment 100111


  1. Generac 7043

The 22 KW generators are massive whole-house generators that are widely seen in large houses with plenty of heavy-duty appliances to run. This 22 KW generator is capable of running all kitchen appliances including some of the largest refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, electric stoves, grills, electric kettles, microwaves, and all other heavy-duty appliances. It can also support very smoothly the central air system inside the house and can keep it running for hours together with other appliances being powered simultaneously.

The Generac 7043 generator has a peak wattage of 22 KW with a rated wattage of 19, 5 KW, and supports the full house 200-ampere transfer switch. This unit like all other Generac products has the true power technology to deliver clean and steady power with a THD of less than 5%. This generator is certified as NEMA 3 which means that it can be used in both indoor and outdoor facilities. This means that you can use it for industrial applications as well as for your residential needs as the home standby unit.


  • Massive wattage
  • Versatile for multipurpose jobs
  • All weather resistant
  • Easy assemblage
  • NEMA 3 license
  • Smart Intelligence


  • Skyrocketed price
  1. Generac 5734 GP15000E

If you are breaking the web to get your hands on a medium-sized residential generator that is suitable for running all of your heavy-duty appliances at home then Generac 5734 may be the best bang for your buck. Generac is a high-end lineup that features some of the finest quality generators and inverters. These generators coming from Generac are equipped with all the latest technologies and modern facilities that make them groundbreaking items in the industry.

This 5734 Generac model is a 15,000 watts generator that has a surge wattage of 22,500 watts and thus falls in the 15 KW range of the generator. This unit is operated by a massive 992 CC OHVI engine that is the finest generator engine you would see in any of the brands. There are multiple protections onboard such as low oil shutoff, surge protection, volt guard, idle current control, etc.

TheGeneracgenerators has started of the art noise reduction technologies to reduce the sound level of the generator operation. There is a long runtime of 16 hours at half load and all of these features add up to make this Generac unit one of the finest models on board.


  • Heavy-duty OHVI engine
  • Longer engine life
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • Multiple protection layers
  • Long runtime
  • Remote start


  • Expensive
  1. Champion Power Equipment 100111

For all those users looking forward to a residential generator with 12 KW power requirements, the Champion Power Equipment may be the best option. This 12KW Champion Power generator is a widely used home standby unit in small to medium-sized homes where there are plenty of heavy-duty appliances. This champion power equipment generator is a massive wattage unit that offers 15,000 watts of surge and the rated wattage is set at 15,000 watts.

Thus all the heavy-duty appliances including the central cooling and heating systems of a home can be powered by this massive generator.  It is a relatable budget-friendly pick that is way too affordable than other high-end alternatives of the same size such as those coming from the Generac and Westinghouse product lineups.


  • Electric remote start
  • Portable onboard wheel kit
  • Covered outlets
  • Lift hook design for easy transportation
  • Plenty of receptacles
  • Built-in surge protectors


  • Relatively small runtime

A 200 AMP Service Upgrade: What Are The Advantages?

We hope you got your answer about: what size generator is for a 200 amp service. It is time to know the benefits of upgrading the home electrical system to a 200 amp service. 

Let’s have a look!

●  Satisfy Greater Electric Needs:

If you upgrade the service panel to 200 amps, you will enjoy greater benefits. It provides more current than a 100 amp service panel.

A 200 amp comfortably powers big appliances such as heating and air conditioning systems at once. It will always continuously provide power to refrigerators, TV, microwaves, and other items.

●  Good For Safety:

Upgrading the home to 20 amp service allows the accommodation of more circuits. It provides more power to the home electrical system and makes it flexible.

A bigger panel always keeps the system safe from overloading, which is great news for the electrical system’s safety. Overloading is too dangerous, leading to short circuits and burn issues.

●  Fulfill Future Needs:

Whether you are living in an old home or a new one, it would be great to check the service panel from time to time to make sure that it functions fully.

A properly functioning panel will meet the requirements of your home. It will cater to the additional electrical requirements and never disappoint you.

If the amperage of your old home is not enough to cater to the electrical needs, it is the right time to upgrade it, and the best size is 200 amps.

What About A Transfer Switch For Your 20 AMP Generator?

A transfer switch is a great device that allows the safe connecting or disconnecting of different electrical sources with an electric load.

It plays an important role in getting ready for your home when a sudden power outbreak occurs. It is a great signal point to provide enough power to the home during an outage.

A transfer switch is necessary because you need to connect appliances to the generator with an extension cord if you don’t have it. After getting to know: What generator size for 200 amp service? You also have to choose the right size transfer switch.

Remember, a transfer switch should always be equal to or more than the generator wattages.

For example, if your generator has, 7000 watts of power, a 7KW or more switch is suitable. Unfortunately, if a power outbreak occurs, plug in the generator with the outlet connected to the transfer switch.

Before installing a transfer switch, it would be better to tell the electrician what circuits you need to power during the outage.

A professional electrician will connect the essential circuits to the home. Hence, you can quickly connect the generator to your power system.


1.   Are A 200 Amps 3-Phase Service Equal to A Total Of 600 Amps?

The straightforward answer to this question is no, this is because the 3 phase 200 amps are not supplying the 200 amps each but rather supply only 1/3 of power in each phase. Thus the three-phase 200 amps use an average of 60 amps in each phase to deliver power and the advantage of using this 3 phase supply is to have faster transmission and steady supply.

2.   Is It Enough To Use A 200 Amp Service?

The requirement of the amperage of a power supply depends on the number and wattage f electronic appliances at home. Some devices require only 30 amps of power just like in your RVs while the standard household supply requires 200 amps and is the minimum requirement for a full-size home with all the latest gadgets and modern electric devices. For even bigger houses with significantly larger power demands, the 400 amps supply will be needed.

Final Words:

You need an alternative power source to run basic appliances during a power outage. For 200 AMP service, all you need is a 15000 to 20,000 watts generator. Please don’t pick the small generator as it will ruin the generator and appliances.

Remember, homes of different sizes have different appliances, so you can also go for smaller generators if you need to power only basic appliances. Keeping our argument short, always pick the right option to stay safe.

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