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What Size Generator Do I Need For a 1500 Square Foot House

If you’re wondering what size generator I need for a 1500-square-foot house; then you’ve come to the right guide.

Several generators come in different sizes and features, so it will be important for you to select one per your needs and the size of your whole house.

This guide will help you get the right generator for a 1500-square-foot house, and as per our recommendation, a generator with 2200 to 4000 watts will be perfect for your house.

If you use your generator for daily household purposes and don’t play to run your air conditioner on the generator, one of 2250 watts will be fine.

What Size Generator Do I Need For a 1500 Square Foot House

The Types Of Generators

There are three types of generators:


When it comes to being prepared for a power outage, a standby generator is a great investment. Standby generators provide power to an entire home and are a reliable backup power source.


A prime generator provides backup power for a specific area, such as an office building or factory.


Portable generators can provide emergency electricity during power outages or without access to electrical service.

There are many reasons a construction site may lose its connection to the grid. Natural disasters like hurricanes and floods can cause damage to infrastructure, while neglectful management practices can lead to deterioration over time. Whatever the reason, it is important to have the plan to restore power as soon as possible.

What Size Generator Do I Need For a 1500 Square Foot House

Below, we will talk about the average size of all the generators to help you decide which one will work best for you. Hopefully, reading the entire guide will help make things easier for you.

Getting The Right Size:

The first thing we are going to discuss is the good size of the generator because many people think that generator size and power depend on its physical size.

You also have to see other important features, which make a big difference. These include the watts as well as the power supply of the generator.

It is important to know the proper size of the generator before you plan to buy one yourself.

Of course, you don’t want to be caught up in a situation where you buy a small-sized generator whereas your house requires a big one, right? Not being able to use all the items in your house with this kind of generator.

Steps To Get The Right Size:

Three steps will assist you to determine the size of the generator in a 1500-square-foot house.

Step – 1: The first step is to select the number of items you will be running with the generator. After you get done with it, make a list and then check it once more, or else you might end up missing something.

You will then have to mention in this list how many air conditioners and other appliances you will be using in your home.

It will also help if you do not forget how many mobile charging options you require. Once you end up making a list, it will be easy for you to pick a generator for your house.

Step – 2: Once you have completed making a list, you will research all the different types of generators that lie in your price range.

You will have to check the watt and the power sources of the generator, and people will prefer using a sizing calculator to select the machine that is going to be the right one for them.

Step – 3: The third step is to select a reliable brand that will give you the quality and durability that you require in terms of generators. You will need to research several brands to find the best brand for you.

When purchasing a generator, you will need to have a big budget to spend on the generator.

Classifying A Generator:

To classify a generator, you need to keep in mind that generators are based on their electrical outputs, and it does not depend on the physical dimensions of the generator.

A Small Generator:

If you’re buying a small generator, make sure it meets your needs. You will need to make sure that it provides the right energy, and if it isn’t able to, it might automatically end up turning off. Another thing you will have to keep in mind is overheating.

A Large Generator:

At times, people do not think a lot about when they buy generators. Most of the time, people buy a generator without the proper research, and they always buy a large size just because it indicates more power.

If you purchase a larger amp generator than what you need, it will be a waste of money. Apart from that, a larger machine tends to have more maintenance costs.

If you do not have even the slightest idea about generators, then you can opt to work with a sizing calculator.

How Much Electricity Do I Need?

A few different factors determine how much electricity you need, such as the size and number of electrical devices in your home.

Estimating the amount of power you need can be challenging. Use these tips to help you get started:

  • Determine the type of equipment you will need for your project.
  • Calculate the amount of time you will spend on each device per day.
  • Take a monthly or two-month look at your power use
  • Estimate how much power you use daily.
  • After putting all this together, you’ll know how much electricity your household and electronics use. Making the right home decisions will be easier if you do this.

What Generator Do You Need?

Here we are finally going to tell you the secret of which generator will suit your 1500-square-foot house best.

The Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator comes in at a rating of 4500 watts, and it is a generator that works like a charm.

It has an Auto Idle Control System, which helps you save fuel and reduce wear. The start system is super easy to control, having noise reduction, so it will be super silent while used.

You don’t need to worry about using it, even at night.


Now that we reach the end of this guide, we hope you get the right answer to the question: How Big of a Generator Should I Get For a 1500 Square Feet House? You got all the necessary details that you have to know to buy the generator, but you might be having issues installing it.

It would be better at this point to hire an electrician to do the job for you because you’ve already done the hard task of researching and purchasing the standby generator!

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