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What Size Generator Do I Need For A 3 Bedroom House?

Are you looking for the right generator? Wondering what size generator do I need for a three-bedroom house?

It depends on the total number of people residing in your house and how often you’ll be using your generator. You will also need to keep in mind how many times your house’s power goes away during the day.

What Size Generator Do I Need For A 3 Bedroom House?

What Size Generator Do I Need For A 3-Bedroom House?

Generally, the generator for a 3-bedroom house should be between 2,000 watts to 3,000 watts because there are appliances in bedrooms like air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, or irons that require more power supply. Therefore, a powerful generator will be required.

Calculating The Wattage Of Your Appliances:

To calculate the wattage of all the appliances you are using, measure the current usage of all the products in your house and then add them up and add 30% more for additional appliances that you may use.

How Many Amps Will The Appliances Use?

Now you have to figure out the amps that all the appliances in your house will be used to calculate the right size of the generator I need for my house. We will list some appliances along with the amps they will be utilizing.

Air conditioner: 10 to 15 amps

Dishwasher: 3-4 amps

Refrigerator: 1 amp

Generator Based On Number Of People:

If you search for a generator that will give you a backup power supply for 3-4 people in a family, then a generator of around 4000 watts will be the perfect fit for your house.

Your refrigerator, security system, and iron will work perfectly with this kind of generator. It will be super convenient for you to get electricity from this generator.

For 4-6 people, more power will be required by the family members. Some of them will need to use the same appliance on a different day, so electricity consumption will vary when different people use it.

When 4-6 people are present in a home, a 5000-6000 watt generator will be the right option.

For more than seven people, there will be a lot of appliances being used by family members around the house. The more people present in the house, the higher the increasing wattage per head.

Suppose you consider a scenario for a family living in an area where disasters are common. In that case, they will need at least 7000-10000 watts of power supply to operate the present electrical appliances at higher consumption.

Based On Appliances

Kitchen Appliances:

The appliances you have in your kitchen include an oven, dishwasher, and, most importantly, a refrigerator. All of these will need a backup of longer power in the time of a power cut.

You will also need to be sure which appliance will be used the most during times of an electricity crisis. A generator of 7000 watts will be more appropriate in this aspect.

TV, Computer & Light Bulbs:

For electrical items like a TV, computer, and light bulb, a generator having a wattage of 4000 watts will be the best option for you. Even in terms of other appliances, a generator of this reading will work well enough.

House Power Equipment:

Different systems in your house, such as water pumps or security systems, require higher power levels, and this equipment will work best with a generator with a 5000-watt rating.

So keeping in mind all the electrical appliances above, the generator that will work best for you will be a 7000 – 10000W generator.

It will meet all your power requirements, which won’t have you going around questioning what size generator to run a house.

Determining House Generator Size:

Keeping aside the facts that we have told you above, you need to consider a few more things when you buy a new generator for your household.

You will have to buy a generator that will provide a longer backup for all your important household appliances. This includes your TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, and even security systems.

Another thing you will need to keep in mind is the size of the house. That will also impact how big of a generator you plan to buy.

Which Generator Is Best? (For A 3-Bedroom House)

For a three-bedroom house, the Pulsar Portable gas generator with an electric start is one of the best generators for your home.

It can also be carried anywhere with ease. The best part is that you don’t even need extra power to start it.

This generator offers a 7,500 watts output and comes with a free battery with a built-in electric starter if you might need it sometime.

This generator gives six outlets, and out of these, 6, 4 are 120 volts, 1 is 120V twist-lock outlet, and the remaining is 120v/240 volts twist lock.

With its digital meter, you can easily monitor the power supply, and several appliances can operate and charge on this generator. We would recommend you get this generator for a three-bedroom house. We hope you make the right choice for yourself

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