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What Size Generator Do I Need For a Bounce House?

The minimum power requirement for a bounce house that is usually bigger is 2000 watts. Spending a few bucks extra can also get you a quiet generator.

If the generator isn’t that strong enough, then the blower isn’t going to keep the entire thing inflated.

In this post, we explained what size generator do I need for a bounce house.

What Size Generator Do I Need For a Bounce House?

When power outages are faced, it causes these bounce houses inflate completely. This doesn’t make things any fun for all the kids involved, so a backup generator is needed to keep the bounce in its right place.

Bounce House Type:

You’ll be surprised to know that there are different kinds of bounce houses available.

Regardless of the size of the bounce house, there are always different activities and courses inside the bounce house.

You will see a lot of advertising for different kinds of rental equipment, whether online or physical.

Services like these offer a better and more commercial bounce house that does well outdoors, especially when kids bounce on them.

To figure out the right generators for bounce houses, figure out the size of the house before, and you will be able to estimate the power needed.

If you are having problems finding one, you can carry out a regular google search, and you’ll be answered.

Generator Size For Bounce House

As mentioned earlier, to figure out the right type of generator, you need to figure out the size of your bounce house generator.

The market is flooded with a plethora of generators ranging from cheap to expensive and less powerful to highly powerful.

But if you have no idea what size generator would be perfect for a bounce house, then the ideal recommendation is to get a 2,000-watt generator like wen 56203i which is a perfect portable and lightweight generator that can be used for a bounce house.

With a 2000-watt generator you will be able to easily power up a medium-size bounce house, but if you have a reason bigger house, then try getting one that is more than 2000 watts.

Extension Cord:

Depending upon the distance of the bounce house from your house, you can use an extension cord in the generator. Keep in mind that doing this can also trip your breaker if the power requirement is higher than the generation.

For that, you can get a rental generator that will be bigger, and you will be able to easily power up the whole bounce house without any shortage of electricity.

You will need an extension cord for your generator because if both the bounce house and the generator are kept next to each other, that is going to cause a lot of noise in the surrounding area.

Putting both things apart will distribute the noise, so that is going to help lower the noise.

Type And Specs Of Generator:

There are generators that consume gasoline to run, and there are generators that you can charge up front and use that charged current later.

Both types of generators are commonly used, it just depends on the priorities of consumers to use the right type of generator for their needs.

A portable electrical generator might be the best option for you because it won’t require any fuel. This is suitable for many people because the blower doesn’t require gas this way to blow up the inflatables. 

Gasoline-powered generators are not eco-friendly and are the loudest compared with battery-powered generators. Most bounce houses require 10 to 20 amps per hour to work perfectly.

The higher the amp rating, the more power will be used. Several generators have only a single 20 amp breaker, so if you would like to power another bounce house, you will need another generator for the bounce house.

Using a battery-powered generator requires a powerful extension cord that can easily handle the load.

What Generator Do You Require?

The Generac IQ3500-3500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is a leading generator, and with this recently launched series, your bounce house will be taken care of all the time.

This generator is perfect for a bounce house because it is a brilliant generator.

It gives you a touchscreen interface that displays operating information that can be easily read. Its smoother and more reliable performance and quiet engine design will tick all the boxes for you.

Being a brilliant performer in overload protection, you can get more power in it than usual and top it off with its most important aspect.

The 3500-watt rating will be the cherry on top of your bounce house because you won’t need anything else to keep that bounce house running.

We hope you get the right generator for yourself, but even if you go with your recommended generator, we can guarantee you that your bounce house will work the entire day. This generator is going to do a great job.

What does It cost To Run A Bounce House?

The upfront cost and the running cost of a generator are different for specific models and are counted based on the wattage and power outlets of that generator. Let’s say that you are using a standard 2000 watts generator that offers you the fuel tank capacity of a single gallon. Now if we do some simple math, we know that a 2000 watts generator has a fuel consumption rate of 3/4th of a gallon and this means that it will take 80 minutes for the 1-gallon tank to be emptied.

The average gasoline cost of a gallon is around 4.70 USD and this ascertains that you would have to pay 4.70 USD for powering your bounce house with a 2000 watts generator for an hour and twenty minutes.

Note:    This is an estimated cost of an average generator running on a 1-gallon gasoline fuel tank but the exact amount will be different depending on the model and its fuel tank capacity.

Best Generators For Inflatables And Bouncy Houses

Bouncy houses don’t have much power requirements as other heavy-duty appliances in a standard home. So, you would only need a 2000 to 2500 watts generator which is more than enough to power a bouncy house. The 2000 watts generator lineup is a very vast and well-established product lineup that offers amazing models of every brand and you can have a diverse variety of 2000 watts generators.  For example, you can go with either of the following brands to have their 2000-4000 watts generator.

  • Generac
  • Honda
  • Champion Power Equipment
  • Westinghouse
  • WEN
  • Jackery Explorer

Let us now review the two most demanding portable generators for inflatable houses.

1.   Honda EU2200i

This is a 2200 watts generator that has a surge wattage of 2500 and is the best 2200-rated watts generator that is used for diverse needs. It is the most used camping generator due to its portability and the prestige of Honda engines.

This is because Honda engines are well-known for their low-noise operation which makes them a perfect fit for a campsite. Besides being low noise producing Honda OHV engines are extremely efficient and have low fuel consumption rates that make them suitable for various needs such as:

  • Tailgating
  • Camping
  • Power outages
  • For inflating bouncy houses
  • RVs

Honda generators are widely used due to their multiple safety layers that make the literally free of risks such as carbon monoxide posing and overheating. There is a low oil shutoff function together with overload, overcurrent, and low voltage protections. There is also an idle control feature to prevent power consumption when no appliance is using it.

2.   Champion Power Equipment 4000 Watts

If you want to run multiple bouncy houses and need a medium-sized portable generator then a 4000 watts generator s the go-to remedy. A typical bouncy house needs a 1 KW blower that can be used for hours with a 4 KW generator.

Champion power equipment 4000 watts generator is a jack of all trades that is seen among the top-rated generators in every category, be it for portable generators, residential units, camping generators, RV generators, or industrial (garage) generators. This hype is due to the fact that it has a powerful OHV engine that can support multiple tasks and the mid-range wattage makes it suitable for diverse needs.

Another reasonable factor for its widespread use is its long runtime of 17 hours which makes it the best generator for bouncy houses. The only downside is that this generator is slightly louder than its Honda or Generac counterparts but the difference in their price tags clears the doubts and makes it easier to choose this product over another high-end generator lineup.


1.   Can I Power More Than One Bounce House With One Generator?

It may or may not be possible to use a single generator for running two or more bounce houses. This is because the possibility depends upon the required wattage and your generator power. If you have ample generator wattage left after powering your bounce house then you can very smoothly connect the electronic appliances of a nearby bounce house in a way that the load doesn’t exceed the output wattage of the generator supplying power.

2.   How Long Will A Generator Power My Bounce House?

To find out the runtime of a generator for powering your bounce house, then you need to find out the required wattage of your house and the output wattage of the generator you are using. Other than these basic factors, you also have to take into account the runtime of the model which is different for each specific model and its version. Typically generators have sufficient fuel tanks for a bounce house and a single fuel tank will easily last you a few hours depending on the specific model of that generator.

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