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What Size Generator Do I Need For My RV: Query Solving Guide

Sitting alone in your RV with a book and cup of coffee, relaxing and reading your favorite story, the lights shut down. You might be thinking, what just happened! Simply! Your RV is out of power.

Being Stuck in the dark and can’t find the solution? Don’t worry! You need a generator to eliminate any power shortage issue in your RV, but what size generator for camper and RV do I need? The query remains in focus.

What Size Generator Do I Need For My RV?

Most of you know what an RV is, but those who need some basic info should know that RV is a recreational trailer or vehicle designed for living purposes. An RV is like a small home with all the available necessities required by an individual.

To ensure a continuous power supply, you will require a generator of the desired size and type for your RV to make the appliances run smoothly.

When opting for a generator, don’t rush. Generators are of various types, suited for a particular setting. So, you must consider the question: what size generator do I need for my RV?

For getting the best of all, we are here with this handy guide that summarizes the desired size and factors to select the right size device for your RV.

What Size Of Generator Do I Need For My RV?

The right generator opts based on the RV size, appliances, and electricity usage.

If you require running fewer appliances in your RV, a generator of 2500 to 3000 watts is enough for the task, but if more appliances are running, you might require a 5000+ watts generator.

According to the amount of electricity needed for your RV to operate effectively, generator size is related to power and watt ratings as well as wattage. All are therefore connected.

When you choose the needed wattage, the appropriate size generator for your RV is automatically chosen. Check the wattage table given below to choose the right size generator.

We suggest the Champion 3400 Watt dual RV generator, the overall best generator in terms of performance and efficiency.

Factors For Selecting The Right Size Generator For RV? Check It Out

It’s not only the size; a factor of concern, rather various factors are accompanied that might affect the generator wattage and must be in consideration before opting for the desired wattage generator for your RV

Types Of Generator:

RV with lavishing running appliances without a generator is a factor of concern sometimes. Either a portable or built-in generator is the prime requirement for an RV to make it run efficiently. Types may include;

  • Portable generator 
  • Built-in generator
Portable Generator:

Along with the RV, it is connected from outside to provide a power supply of 8,000+ Watts to your RV. It is less expensive and requires a separate fuel tank.

You might experience a reduced risk of Exhaust Leaks with manually handed features. So next time you are out of power, turn on your portable generator to light up your RV.


A built-in device suits you best if you require a pre-installed generator in your RV. It provides 12000-watt power but remembers it is expensive and may have exhaust leak issues. It does not require a separate tank but utilizes an RV fuel tank for power generation.

Note down each type, feature, and wattage for selecting the best generator that suits your RV.


Your RV runs by opting for DC 12 volts and AC 120 volts current for running electrical components, batteries, appliances, and outlets. The AC for appliances and outlets requires more power. 


To select the right-sized generator, calculate the required wattage, and choose the generator to provide your RV with the wattage.

Calculate the wattage of your running appliances and then add them up to get your required standard wattage.

Items  Starting wattage (watt) Running wattage
Fridge  600 180
Microwave 1000 1000
Small Television 200 200
Radio  100 150
Laptop 250 250
Portable fun 120 40
Coffee maker 600 600
Sum  2870 2420

Because of this, you might need a generator with 3000 watts or more to power your RV’s essential equipment. Depending on the amount and usage of appliances, the rating could rise.


Make the finest generator choice for your RV based on its wattage rating. Remember to increase the maximum power load the RV needs by 20% in watts to prevent problems.

To make your generator operate effectively, add 20% more watts if your necessary wattage is 2500.


When you’ve found the product in the size you want, check its durability against those of comparable high-quality products. As a long-lasting component, your RV needs a strong generator to maintain the connection.

When choosing a generator for your RV, go with the best-reviewed, highest-rated brand.

Fuel Type:

Built-in generators utilize the RV fuel tank, while you have various options to opt for portable.

For Built-In Generators:
For Towable Campers:
  • Liquid Propane 
For Portable Generators:
  • Gasoline
  • Propane 
  • Interchangeably dual-mode (gasoline and propane) 

Noise Pollution:

Generators that don’t make any noise? Never! However, you can cut it down significantly if you choose the least noisy ones.

Even if your RV is powered by a generator, consider spending a little extra to create noise-free settings.

Remember that portable speakers are a significant source of noise pollution. To operate your RV effectively and quietly, choose the quietest portable when buying one.

Durable Engine And Ease Of Operation:

What if you are on a winter vacation and suffer power loss? Your generator engine must operate easily in chilling weather.

Otherwise, you will be left alone in a dark cave with no one to help you. So, be wise and purchase the right-sized, durable, easy-to-use generator to enjoy your vacations and campsite holidays without any inconveniences.

Generator Run Time:

The run times of different types and sizes of generators vary depending on regular maintenance, usage, oil level, fuel type, and engine durability.

Choose the option with the longest runtime that best meets your RV’s power needs so that your RV can stay lit.

Electricity Usage Vs. Size Of RV- Need To Consider:

Based on your RV size, there might be multiple power demands; for a small RV, you won’t be requiring a high-power generator.

An average RV will require 20 kWh per day for operating basic appliances, so for a month, about 600 kWh, and for a year, about 7,300 kWh. 

What Are The Best Possible Alternatives To Power Sourced For Running Your RV? Catch A Glimpse


You can opt for various batteries for your RV as an alternative to generators.

  • 12-volt Battery
  • Lead-Acid Battery
  • 6-volt Battery
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Optima Battery
  • Absorbent Glass Mat Battery
  • Expert Power 

Portable Power Stations:

They utilize USB and DC ports for charging your RV items.

  • Ease of use
  • self-contained
  • powerful rechargeable batteries 
  • charge controlling feature

Solar Energy Through Installing Solar Panels:

  • Solar panels depending upon required power (100 watts)
  • A charge controller for managing the incoming voltage 
  • An inverter for converting amps to watts for charging items
  • Battery for power storage 

The solar panel will convert energy into the power necessary for running your RV. With an installed battery, you can store the energy for night usage to light up your RV.


The most common and best power source is a built-in or portable generator for efficiently running your RV items.

They opted to fulfill the energy demand of your high-usage RV at sites where you might be concerned about power issues.

With the best-sized generators, you will be tension-free in power requirements. But how big of a generator do I need for an RV?

It’s the point of focus because RVs are available in various shapes, designs, and sizes that will require different power demands based on appliance usage.

So, always check the required wattage with the wattage provided by your generator to choose the best of all.


Finally, we hope that we were able to answer your question about the size generator I need for my RV. We have made an effort to provide all the fundamental information that could have taken you hours to search for. With the aid of this helpful shopping guide, we have made it simple for you to choose the best generator for your RV from the best brands on the market.

You don’t have to waste your time, effort, and money looking through thousands of products and brands in a congested market.

Grab a generator for your RV to enjoy your campsite holiday with an enlightened, brighter, warmer, or cooler RV, depending upon the situation you are hanging around.

We appreciate your perseverance and are happy that you made it to the conclusion. We anticipate that you will enjoy the related themes. Have a good day!

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