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What Size Generator Do I Need For Pop Up Camper: Pick Up The Best Option

What size generator do I need for the pop-up camper? How many appliances can it run comfortably? Are suitable generators available in the market?

Are you a frequent traveler who loves to go to faraway places and spend some quality time alone or with friends or family? Then, a travel trailer, Coleman pop-up camper, or air stream would be the best option.

A tiny popup camper is a recreational vehicle with foldable walls and roofs. This is somewhat different from a travel trail whose walls and roofs are fixed.

The great news is that they can be folded easily and turned into a compact unit, so you can travel freely.

What Size Generator Do I Need For Pop Up Camper

So, we heard that it has some basic appliances, and this is a foldable mobile home. For running those appliances, you need electricity, which is pretty obvious.

But what if there is no electricity? Guess what? How to keep enjoying your vacations? Don’t worry; we have a solution, and that is the generator.

Well, the size of the generator depends on your needs. Generally, a 2000-watt generator is needed to satisfy your energy requirements.

A generator of this much wattage can easily run a TV, small air conditioner, microwave, and other small tools.

To know more, continue reading!

A 2000-Watt Or 5000-Watt: What Is A Better Option?

What size generator do I need for my pop-up camper? Either 2000 watts or 5000 watts? Well, it depends on your needs.

Normally, it is impossible to run all appliances present inside the camper at once on a generator because all appliances use different watts. When you try to run all on a 2000-watt generator, you are jumping into a blind well.

To avoid damage, you have to know the correct figure of wattage your appliances need and compare it to your generator power.

A 2000-watt generator can run basic appliances such as a microwave, coffee maker, mini-refrigerator, fans, and lights.

If your generator can turn on all at once, well and good; otherwise, try to turn on the appliances you need most.

What about a 5000-watt generator? Sounds good. But is it suitable for your 2023 pop-up camper? The answer is yes, this is an excellent choice for campers.

But to use the 5000-watt generator, you require a midsize inverter too. The inverter must change the DC into AC and run AC appliances, such as fans and lights.

Whether you need to go for a 5000-watt generator or not also depends on the size of the camper and the need for your appliances.

Campers are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Larger ones accommodate more appliances and need a bigger generator.

What Size Generator Do I Need For Pop Up Camper: Always Pick The Right Option

Let’s find out: what size generator do I need for a pop-up camper?

It depends on the size of the tent camper and the electricity requirements of your appliances. Most of the campgrounds have built-in 30 or 50-amp plug-ins.

Normally, a 2000-watt generator is perfect for running basic appliances comfortably. But what if the camper does not have plug-ins? Then the generator size plays a part.

Please don’t go for a smaller option because it does not have enough power for running all appliances.

It is good to go for a 3000 watts generator, but remember, larger generators produce more noise and may disturb your calm and cool environment. The choice is all yours.

Many expensive pop-up campers need at least 1500-3000 watts generators, but the numbers may vary.

To avoid any future loss, first, check the wattage needs of your appliances. By doing so, chances are higher that your investment remains safe.

Some pop-up campers carry air conditioners, microwaves, coffee makers, and other necessary appliances. So, the wattage requirements depend on various factors.

Generally speaking, an air conditioner uses more power than any other appliance. It alone needs around 1000 to 1500 watts.

Other major appliances include chargers for smartphones, laptops, tablets, microwaves, and small refrigerators that don’t need many watts.

Therefore, it will be good to choose a generator by calculating the wattage needs of your appliances. But, the recommended generator for such needs will be the Jackery Portable 1000-watt generator.

The pop-up small camper generator has the facility for electricity, furniture, and other essential appliances. All you can need is there for you, so have fun and feel like you are at home. Lovely and amazing!

Do You Need A Good Quality Generator For A Pop-Up Camper?

Some of the commonly asked questions are knocking the user’s mind. Do you need a quiet generator for pop-up campers or boondocking? What size generator do I need for a pop-up camper?

The simple answer is yes; you need a generator because the trip will become dull without electricity. After all, electricity is as important as food is.

If you don’t like generators, don’t worry. There are many alternatives. They include batteries or solar panels. A pop camper needs fewer watts than an RV, so you can consider different options.

The recommended options are Champion Power Equipment 100900, WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt, and Generac GP3500iO 3500-watt generator. All the best in their places, so choose the best option and enjoy traveling.

Final Words:

Summing up our discussion about what size generator I need for a pop-up camper? We have come to know that it all depends on the size of the camper and the wattage requirements of your appliances. This blog post covered a lot more information, too. Therefore, we hope no other query is left in your minds. Always check the noise level, fuel type, runtime, and many other factors before choosing one, and don’t waste money on the bad option. Hence, after thorough research, we have found that Champion Power Equipment 100900 and Generac GP3500iO are some of the best picks.

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