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What Will A 5000 Watt Generator Run? 

In underdeveloped areas, electricity is usually shut down at least five times a day.

Due to this, their desirable need is linked with the generators. You cannot bear the heat in hot areas without fans and other electrical appliances.

Most of you don’t bother buying a 5000w generator because it seems expensive.

There are various ways of utilizing the need by booking your seat on the waiting list for summer sales.

What Will A 5000-Watt Generator Run

Buying a 5000-watt generator can also be an expensive purchase, but buying the generator without research is not a wise choice.

Therefore, you should first learn how many devices and what type of devices a 5000-watt generator can run easily and efficiently.

That is why we have crafted this guide on what devices can a 5kw generator run to help you get the required details before you purchase.

Do you know what a 5000-watt generator run will be? Let’s find out…

What Can A 5000-Watt Generator Run?

Electric Water Geyser:

You may get shocked to hear that the electric water geyser can consume 4000 watts alone, which means you will be left with 1000 watts only, but still, you can use the electric water geyser with a 5000-watt generator.

The electrical water geyser has been tremendous in every season for your area. According to doctors, hot water improves blood circulation throughout the body.

If you face cramps in your legs, a hot water shower is a herbal way to treat it. Everyone has fitted an electrical water geyser inside washrooms for natural health benefits.

They are insulated with iron material and act as a shield cover. Therefore, you will stay tension-free if your child uses it.

Connect your generator with the water geyser through wiring. Electrical current will penetrate the geyser to give you water flow as per your variation scale.

Small Kitchen Appliances:

Most kitchen appliances won’t need more power than 5000 watts, and a 5000-watt generator is more than capable of powering all common kitchen accessories.

The dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, juicer, and other common kitchen appliances may all be operated with the 5000-watt generator.

You should be aware that you won’t be able to run every kitchen appliance simultaneously without overloading the generator, tripping the switch, and cutting off the power.

The best part is that a 5000-watt generator can also run bigger kitchen appliances like a freezer and even electric stoves.

But, as mentioned earlier, you can only run one or a few appliances simultaneously to prevent the circuit breaker of the generator from tripping due to overloading.

Electric Water Heater:

Many consumers mistakenly believe that electric water heaters use excessive amounts of electricity.

An electric water heater can easily consume 4500 watts to start and 3500 watts to run constantly, therefore in some cases, that is true.

The breaker will trip due to overloading if you use anything else at the same time as the electric water heater on the generator.

Power Tools:

Fortunately, power equipment like corded drills, impact wrenches, grinders, and saws are easily handled by a 5000-watt generator.

However, since you won’t be able to use several tools at once, overloading will occur.

Can I Run The Whole House On A 5000 Watts Generator?

One of the most significant queries that most readers have here would be if a 5000 watts generator is suitable for powering a whole house. The straightforward answer to this will depend upon your home size and the number of heavy-duty appliances you have at home.

Typically a 5000 watts generator is a suitable option for running a mid-sized home with three or four heavy-duty home appliances. To know the exact answer you would have to calculate the required wattage of the appliances at your home and then see if the estimated wattage exceeds the 5000 rated watts of the generator. If your required wattage lies within the generator output wattage then you can power your whole house with a 5000 watts generator.

To know if you can run your whole house with a 5000 watts generator or not, let’s overview the estimated wattages of some of the common home appliances.

Some Of The Most Power-Hungry Appliances Around Your Home

A 5000 watts generator is the most common home standby generator that is being used as the backup power source at home. But it will not run all of your home appliances and you should know how many power-hungry appliances you have at home. Let’s go through the list of some of the most power-hungry appliances at home and get some help estimating the required wattage.

Item Estimated Wattage
1.       Electric Stove 1500 watts
2.       Window Air Conditioner 1200 Running watts: 1800 Peak watts
3.       Space Heater 600 – 1500 watts
4.       Central AC system 3800 – 6000 Running watts: 8,000 – 12,000 Peak watts
5.       Central Heating System 5000 watts
6.       Well Pump 1000 Running watts: 2000 – 4000 Peak Watts
7.       Sump Pump 800 Running watts: 1500 – 3000 Peak watts

For those appliances with 8 to 12 K surge wattage. It is obviously not possible to run with a 5000 watts generator. This means that all those home appliances with 4500 to 5000 running watts such as electric stoves and window AC etc. are able to be powered with a 5000 watts generator but the power-hungry appliances such as central AC systems with up to 8K surge wattage are not operational with a 5KW generator.

Powering A Work Site With A 5,000w Generator

Although a 5000 watts generator is most commonly used as the power backup source at home, it is also widely used as the worksite’s primary power source. On a work site, this 5000 watts generator some mid-range power tools to keep the work in progress even if the grid power supply is not accessible at the work site.

Let us now see which power tools can be powered with a 5000 watts generator at the work site.

Item Estimated Wattage
1.       ½ HP Portable air compressor 1000 Running watts: 1600 Peak watts
2.       1 HP Portable air compressor 1600 Running watts: 4500 Peak watts
3.       Circular Saw 1400 Running watts: 2300 Peak watts
4.       Table Saw 1800 Running watts: 4500 Peak watts
5.       Electric Drill 600 watts
6.       Bench Grinder 1400 Running watts: 2500 Peak watts
7.       Chain Saw 1500 watts
8.       Electric Leaf Blower 1000 watts

According to the above table, it is evident that a 5000 watts generator is the best bet for a small worksite with the aforementioned power tools. This 5KW generator will run all of your small power tools but if the number of employees changes to a greater amount then a 5000 watts generator will not be able to keep up.

For instance, you can run 2 circular saws and a table saw at once but when the number of employees using the circular saw increases and you would have to use 5 or 6 circular images then you would have to either switch to a bigger generator or use two or more generators.

Some Additional Considerations While Choosing A 5,000w Generator

Power Outages:

The foremost thing you have to consider before choosing the generator is the frequency of power outages that happen in your area or locality. If you live in an area where power outages run rampant and happen very often for long periods then you would have to buy a larger generator than 5000 watts that can power your heavy-duty appliances.


Before buying the generator, you should be mindful of the necessity for which you are buying the generator. If you need a primary power source at your works site then a 5000 watts generator is the right fit for you. But if you are looking for a home standby generator to power your whole house, then you should opt for a 7.5KW or bigger generator.

Site Of Use:

To choose the right generator for your needs, you would have to consider the site where the generator will be running. If you need an outdoor generator for your camping or for powering your RV then a 5000 watts generator is way too bigger for your needs and a 2500 to 3500 watts generator will be the best option for that. But if you need an indoor home standby generator for a medium-sized home then a 5000 watts generator can be considered a worthy purchase.

Advantages Of A 5000-Watt Generator:

Every country focuses on overcoming the inflation rate to maintain the world’s environment.

In that account, the government is willing to use renewable resources to generate and transfer electrical power to certain areas.

That power supply is equivalent to more than a quiet generator, of 5000 watts transferring to an individual housing scheme.

Before we move on, we have covered all the niches that have access to a 5000-watt generator, and now you will be taught the useful advantages of what can I run with a 5000-watt generator.

1. Natural Fueling:

Our world is blessed with sunlight to be utilized in several ways. The sunlight provides solar energy to the solar panels to provide electricity.

Solar panels usually take six hours to get recharged and store some electrical energy for an emergency. Therefore, there will be no cost of solar fuel reaching from the sky.

When the sunlight reflects on the solar panels, it activates its machinery to move the wheeling in an anti-clockwise direction.

That direction helps to drive the electricity into your house. Surprisingly, it gives a controllable remote to volume down the noise of machinery.

2. Stability In Performance:

A 5000-watt generator runs inside your house wiring in such a smooth way. It is just because of the induction of the latest technology.

The latest technology has trained the generators that require the lowest maintenance.

If you live in a clean spot, you can stay over the low maintenance. Otherwise, you have to keep it clean daily. Because mud fuses inside, the generator will produce a weird and loud noise.

Therefore, working quietly will keep your surroundings peaceful.

Before you purchase it, you should check the reviews and ratings of the generator. If it is positive in reviews, you should buy it with no doubts.

Disadvantages Of 5000-Watt Generators:

1. Slow Charging Speed:

Along with the benefits, products also contain disadvantages. Because in the world, nothing is perfect that stays behind you. Therefore, accept the weakness of products, too, as humans.

Whenever you think about what I can run on a 5000-watt generator, you should know that it will have a decline too.

Before the decline phase, the speed of the electrical wiring slows down.

In addition to it, it ultimately slows down the charging process. That is why you might have seen that your generator does not work smoothly after the power cut in your street.

2. Expenses:

The first thing that keeps a barrier to your need is the amount of investment. If you are willing to buy a product, you should have the required resources.

Resources have a primary role in money-saving techniques.

First and foremost, save your money to buy the generator of your choice. Take three months gap to save some money.

After that interval, you will be able to purchase it through the online store. Here is a great deal for you! Wait for the end-of-year sale. Up to 50% will be present all over the products.

Hence, you can buy the generator at that interval.


Now, we have reached the final part of our article. We have shared our authenticated experience with you.

So that it can help you decide whether to buy a 5000-watt generator or not, a 5000-watt generator can easily run on electrical appliances connected to the home insulation wiring. For some areas, the generator is connected with the wiring ground wire.

Therefore, you can ask your area’s main office to have policy information on your area.

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