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What Will A 6500 Watt Generator Run?

6500-watt generator has been so useful to run electrical appliances for daily use. In the areas with load shedding issues, you should install it in your home.

Rather than installation, you can make a connection from the supplier for your ease.

Are you finding the right information about what will a 6500-watt generator run?

You are in the right place. You will notice this article will cover everything with authenticity in this article.

What Will A 6500 Watt Generator Run

So, what can a 6500-watt generator run at one time?

What Can A 6500-Watt Generator Run?

Let’s find out…

1. Kitchen Appliances:

People like you are habitual in using microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators in the modern world. Nothing can cook tasty without using any electrical appliances.

To make that possible, you must have a generator running under your home connection.

Luckily, the 6500-watt generator is more than enough to run these appliances.

Usually, it takes 1000 to 1200 watts on daily use. Therefore, the fuel of the generator will run for a long time.

The generator will have low fuel capability and can only run small appliances, gaining fewer watts than usual because the size of every electrical appliance is directly equal to the watt of the generator it uses.

There are a few kitchen appliances that may need more than 6500 watts of power supply, and a 6500 generator may effectively power up all different types of kitchen accessories.

The dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, juicer, and other common kitchen appliances may all be operated with the 6500-watt generator.

You should be aware that you won’t be able to run every kitchen appliance simultaneously without overloading the generator, tripping the switch, and cutting off the power.

The best thing is that a larger kitchen item like a freezer or even an electric stove can be operated by a 6500-watt generator.

However, as was already indicated, you can only operate one or a small number of appliances at once to avoid overloading the generator and tripping the circuit breaker.

    i) Refrigerator

A refrigerator generally needs a running wattage of 700 watts and the same goes for a mini freezer. The additional surge wattage required for a mini refrigerator and freezer is not more than 850 watts. This means that a 6.5 KW generator is way more efficient than running a single refrigerator or freezer. The 700 running watts are of a mini refrigerator and you can run the standard refrigerator and freezer with up to 1000 and 1200 watts. You can also power some of the largest refrigerators and freezers available in the market with a 6.5 KW generator.

    ii) Toaster

The toaster is one of the common household kitchen appliances and in the areas where power outages run rampant, you would have to run your toaster on a generator to get some tasty toasts.  The estimated surge and running wattage for a toaster are within 850 to 1000 watts and any portable generator with a 1000 running wattage is good to power them. Therefore, a 6.5KW generator can run multiple toasters with many other appliances being powered by it.

    iii) Juicers

You will be needing 1200 to 1400 running watts to run some of the entry-level juicers and grinders. No matter how heavy-duty your blender or grinder is, a 6500 watts generator is the solution for you. You can run the juicers, toasters, freezer, refrigerator, etc. simultaneously with a 6500 watts generator which makes it the best choice in medium-sized homes.

    iv) Dishwasher

One of the common home appliances being used in kitchens is the dishwasher which although rarer than the above-mentioned devices, is also often needed in houses. A dishwasher is relatively heavy-duty than other household electric appliances but it will be in the range of the wattage of a 6500 watts generator. This means that you can run your dishwasher smoothly with a 6.5KW generator but be mindful of other devices so that you don’t overload your generator.

2. Visual Appliances:

Such visual appliances cover televisions and projectors that provide entertainment during your life’s hard times.

If you think you can have an ass life without entertainment, you will become a robot working a 9 to 5 job.

You might have seen that LCD-providing visuals consume more power than normal television. That is why people are not into buying fewer power generators for their homes.

In addition to it, companies always pay attention to the high offering of power generators.

Because the company has to arrange something exciting and mind-refreshing for their employees, you can have a massive amount of information collected on what will a 6500-watt generator run.

    i) Television

A TV is a basic home appliance and no matter, if you are running an outdoor camping generator or an indoor home standby power backup source, running your TV, is a basic necessity. A TV is a small wattage unit and you don’t have to worry about it.  Various TVs including both LCDs and LEDs will not utilize more than 400 watts of power with the average consumption of a good-sized TV being 50 watts. It means that you can run multiple televisions with your 6500 watts generator and you wouldn’t have to mind other small appliances like lights, fans, lamps, etc. being run at the same time.

    ii) Projectors

Projectors are also one of the major items used more commonly at entertaining sites like campsites or tailgating parties. You can very easily run your projector with the sound system using a 6500 watts generator.

    iii) Power Tools:

Power equipment like saws, impact wrenches, grinders, and corded drills may all be operated with ease by a 6500-watt generator. However, since you won’t be able to use several tools at once, overloading will occur.

1. Circular Saw

A Circular saw is the most critical power tool that is needed at almost all worksites just like lights and fans. A circular saw needs 1400 running watts with a surge wattage of 2300 watts. It means that you can very easily power 3 or more circular saws at your job site provided that total wattage does not exceed 6500 running watts with a 6500 watts generator.

2. Table Saw

The running wattage required for a table saw is 1800 watts with a surge wattage of 4500 watts and thus lies in the range of a 6500 watts generator. You can run your circular saw, table saw, and other power tools simultaneously. Keep in mind that your total wattage of all the connected devices should not add up to 6500 or more running watts to prevent overloading.

3. Air Compressor

The common air compressor used at small to mid-sized work sites is ½ HP and 1 HP compressors that needs 1000 running watts and 1600 peak watts for a 12 HP model. While the 1HP unit will be using the 1800 running and 4500 peak watts that are both operational with a 6500 watts generator.

Heavy-duty Home Appliances Running With 6500 Watt Generator

A 6500 watts generator is not only suitable for powering your kitchen appliances or power tools but can easily be powered by a 3500 or 4000 watts generator. The basic purpose of buying a 6500 watts home standby generator is to run heavy-duty home appliances like your AC systems or heating systems. A 6500 watts generator is sufficient for powering your AC or heating systems but this doesn’t mean all of the cooling or air conditioning can be run on a 6500 watts generator.

1. AC Systems

Most recreational generators use the 5000 to 10,000 BTU window AC that needs 1200 running and 3600 starting watts and is both capable of being powered by a 6500 watts generator. If you want to use the central AC system of 24,000 BTU with 8000 surge wattage then it will not be powered by your 6500 watts generator.

2. Water Heating Systems

A general water heating system of medium duty is sufficient for your 6500 watts generator and it will run very smoothly. The only thing you have to be wary of is the total load so that your generator doesn’t lead towards overloading when multiple electric appliances are being powered.

Advantages Of A 6500-Watt Generator

People are searching their queries regarding what can I run on a 6500-watt generator.

Still, they find nullified information for their intelligence. Please don’t lose hope over it! Because this article is just for you to eradicate all ambiguity.

Electricity is often produced inside the power plant. Inside the plan, nuclear fission generates electricity directly connected to your ground wiring.

More often than not, there are other cheap ways to generate electricity.

It includes kinetic energy produced through water flow, solar energy produced by solar cells, and other useful renewable resources.

Usually, generators use nuclear fission to produce electricity in your desired place.

1. Stay For A Lifetime:

The qualitative electricity given to your generator enhances its lifespan. That is why people, including you, trust the electrical services of a company associated with legal policies.

The government also provides electricity to keep your gadgets safe and sound in many areas. The choice of selecting private and public electrical supplies depends on your convenience.

2. Storage Capacity:

Due to the massive size of the generator, it can easily store electricity when there is no supply.

If you live in an area causing load shedding, you should install a massive generator because it can store the coming electricity.

Once the electrical supply from the organization is off, the generator will use the stored electricity.

3. Maintenance:

Like other ordinary generators, it is not dependent on high maintenance. If you keep it clean, it will only require maintenance at a low level.

Otherwise, the insulators are sufficient as a barrier to electric shocks. That is why it is considered that the generator is three times longer than others in terms of life.

Disadvantages Of 6500-Watt Generators

Nothing stays perfect in the world. Likewise, electrical appliances are also included in this category. They also grow, mature, and then decline like a human.

Therefore, you should accept this philosophy that nothing stays for long. There are numerous disadvantages to how much can a 6500-watt generator run, and we have highlighted the core parts that every other user face.

1. Diesel Pricing:

Because of the high inflation rate in the entire world, you can expect huge unexpected diesel pricing.

The prices of diesel are getting high over time. Upper-middle-class families are not expected to buy such experiences.

Because they don’t have the required resources to fulfill their desire, they stay away from their most desirable need. Yet, in the sale season, some of you manage to buy it.

2. Noise Processing System:

The huge generators produce an extreme level of noise that many of you cannot bear.

As a result, you cannot install it in your home because it will disturb the entire street and your family to a high level.

If you have children, they could barely study in such an environment.

Every parent is willing to give a peaceful environment to their children. Therefore, they avoid buying such generators. Yet, they still wish to have a 6500-watt generator to beat the heat.

3. Bulky Weight:

An individual cannot carry it all by himself. A container or a team of seven persons is required to bring it to your home.

The bulky weight of the generator will make you feel like an earthquake at every start.

Therefore, never be afraid of its producing elements because it gives you something unique in return.

Unfortunately, people are lazy to stay away from it because they don’t want to do an effort to deal with the issue.

4. Corrode:

The insulators are installed as a shield to the internal wiring connection, and they should keep dry. 

If you keep it wet, the wiring will corrode easily. As a result, it will damage the entire connection, and you might be in need to buy another one in the future.


Finally! We are done with the informational part with you. All the details about what will a 6500-watt generator run are mentioned with some suggestions. You can pick your type of raw information for your benefit. Therefore, please read it carefully before buying a 6500-watt generator. 

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