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Where Are Champion Generators Made? Let’s Find Out The Truth

Champion Power Equipment is a leading producer of generators and other tools.

This is a name that comes to people’s minds when you want a generator to satisfy the needs of houses and commercial buildings.

But the question is: Where are Champion generators made? Are they really affordable? Is champion a good generator? These are also important questions. In this blog, we explain that are Champion portable generators made in USA or China.

No more curiosity; continue reading because we have covered all queries. Champion generators produce inverter, backup, and standby generators for various needs.

Where Are Champion Generators Made

This company has headquarters in California but assembles the generators in Zhejiang, China. This company also has facilities in Jackson, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Toronto, Canada.

People love to have the generator from Champion because of the out-class performance and eye-catching design.

So if you need a bigger option, they have this; if you need a portable generator, go and opt for one because they also have this range.

Read below, and we are sure you will be a fan of them at the end too. 

Who Makes Champion Generators: Our Point Of Discussion

Champion Power Equipment started its operation in 2003 in California. They are in the business of making electric power equipment of different types. But where are Champion Generators made?

Well, with any other tools, they are famous for engineering Champion generators. Although they have this company in the USA, they made their generators in China. So we can say this is an American-made product assembled in Zhejiang, China.

Who makes champion generators? Don’t worry if the product is made in China. They have a pool of engineers who watch each manufacturing process and follow strict rules and policies.

Their generators are designed beautifully, are durable, and never disappoint you; this is a guarantee of Champion Power equipment.

The majority of the buyers are from the USA, but now they are gaining market share from the globe due to the affordability and positive response from customers.

Champion Power equipment’s research and development teamwork in the USA, Canada, and other locations to produce highly advanced, innovative, and unique products that will meet the demands of the rapidly changing world.

Their customer service is outstanding, and they are always there to help customers in their time of need.


The quality of the engine depends upon the quality of the engine being used in that unit. Champion generators are considered to be high-quality generators and one of the prime reasons for this notion is the good quality engine used in their manufacturing. The champion engines are built in china and are shipped overseas where they are assembled with Champion power equipment to give rise to the champion power generators.

Champion engines are innovative V twin engines that are the most common motors used in heavy-duty machinery. These V twin engines are quieter and more powerful than conventional single-cylinder engines.  These V twin engines are long-lasting and will be dependable for a long time which is the prime reason for their use in modern machinery.


The Champion product line is categorized into the following generator types:

1.    Portable Generators

The portable generators are most typically units that you will see in any setting. These are extensively used both indoors and outdoors and are the most commonly used for recreational purposes. The general portable generators of the Champion product line have surge wattage ranging from 1200 to 12000 watts and have an average runtime of 10 hours at half load.

2.    Inverter Generators

One of the newly released generators of any flagship is the inverter generator which is laced with the latest noise-reducing technology to give a quitter and more powerful operation with enhanced longevity and efficient performance. These generators have an average surge wattage ranging between 2000 to 9000 watts and the runtime is up to 11.5 hours at a quarter of load.

3.    Home Standby Generators

Home standby generators are large residential units that offer you 10 KW, 12 KW, 24KW, and 36KW surge wattages and you can choose the model depending upon your power requirement, your home size, and obviously your budget.

Champion Generator: Features, Technology, And Where To Use Them

Where is champion power equipment made? We hope you got your answer. Now let’s see some of the features and uses.

This company has its name in the generators industry, and since its beginning, it has continued giving tough competition to others such as Generac, Yamaha, DuroMax, and others.

They maintain this class and performance because of the never-ending features and superb technologies.

This company engineered generators for job sites, household use, camping, powering RVs, and fulfilling the demands of those facing frequent power outages in their areas due to electricity shortages.

Everyone can get the Champion generator as per their requirements. Their generator line includes inverters and portable and standby generators that produce 10,000 watts and are ready to cater to a big house’s needs.

Because of their remarkable customer care, they manage to sell about 4.5 million generators in North America. Hence, we can say that they are market leaders now.

Some Common Features:

We are sure after getting to know about: Where are champion generators made? Now you are curious about the features.

Like all other generators, Champion also designed their generators with eye-opening features, which makes them stand alone from others.

Let’s have a look at some of the noticeable ones.

●  They Run Using Dual Fuel:

Many generator brands manufacture this device to run only on gasoline, diesel, or propane. But champions always made fuel-efficient generators that save cost and energy.

Their generators are made with dual-fuel technology. If your generator runs short of gasoline, switch it to pronate and continue powering your home appliances without any break.

●  Built With Large Fuel Tanks:

Because of their best fuel efficiency, champion generators always provide a long runtime. They run for hours without running short of fuel.

A gasoline generator can run for eight hours if built with a six-gallon tank. If the generator is engineered with a 20-pound tank of propane and runs on half load, you can enjoy five and half hours of running time.

Most nosier models can provide 9 hours of runtime at half load.

●  Have Wheels and Handle:

Surprisingly, they can easily move around because of their wheels and carrying handles. So it is not hard to take them from place to place or ask people for help. 

●  Designed With Electric Start Button:

Even beginners can comfortably start the champion generators because they have a battery and run using the electric start button.

The specialty of backup generators is that they start automatically when any power outage occurs. You don’t have to rush towards them and turn them on.

Champion Generators: Where They Suit Best?

Because of their durability, portability, and other useful features, Champion generators are best to use in their small offices and home premises.

The large standby generator belonging to Champion’s power equipment can also be installed permanently on the backside or outside the house to satisfy energy requirements for weeks.

The champion generators produce different running and peak wattage. Hence, they produce enough power to run home appliances in air streams.

A generator shaving 4000 watts of power is best for job sites as it will cater to much electric equipment’s energy requirements.

Champion 3500-Watt, Champion 3800-watt, and Champion 340-watt portable inverter generators are some of the best options for different places.

This is not the end. Champion has a ton of other models, so choose as per your electricity requirements and always power up your necessary appliances.

Opinion: Unique Features Of Champion Generators

Given below are the common features that are unique to Champion generators and will help you in making a decision about the worth of Champion Generators.

· CO Shield

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is the biggest risk factor associated with applications of generators, particularly in residential units being used indoors. To prevent this life-threatening exhaust to harm human life, Champion generators have built-in CO shields that detect the levels of Carbon Monoxide in the air and if the harmful level is reached, the engine will be automatically shut off to prevent further release of harmful waste into the air.

· Cold Start Technology

Starting the Engine early morning in winter is a real hassle and to prevent it from annoying the consumers, Champion Generators have added cold start technology which will make starting the engine in cold weather a breeze. These engines will be very quick to start despite the cold weather and you can instantly make use of your machinery or generator for your job.

· Volt Guard

Volt Guard is a common feature in all Champion generators and it is a necessary addition that will prevent your sensitive electronic and household appliances from the harms of voltage spikes and power surges. It is recommended to have a surge protector and voltage guard to ensure the safe use of generator power.

· Wireless Electric Start

Wireless remote start is another important feature that consumers will see in almost all Champion generators.  This feature helps in the remote start of the generator and prevents the users from manually operating the generator each time in outages.

Things To Check Before Buying A suitable Model:

Don’t rush to hand over money by seeing the first look at generators. Always check the below-mentioned features.

  • Some of the generators are noisier, and we know no one likes loud and sharp voices. Therefore, Champion power produces generators with a baffle system that keeps the decibel rating between 59 to 63 dBa. So, you have to check this factor before buying any Champion.
  • Suppose you own a small house or want a generator for a campsite, always go for a portable option. A portable generator will be easy to move around and handy to use.
  • Champion manufactured the best dual-fuel portable models. So, if you are a fan of dual-fuel technology, pick one and never run short of power. Don’t forget to check the fuel type of your chosen generator.
  • It is also necessary to check the generator’s life as most run for at least 20 to 40 years. But it is also dependent on usage, Properly maintained generators can run for even more than 30 years. This is a heavy investment, so it would be better to check the lifespan.

We do deep research to resolve your query: where are Champion generators made? Where to use them and their vital features. So always pick the suitable option and save your heavy investment.


1.   What Engine Is In A Champion Generator?

The Champion Engine are manufactured by the Champion flagship and are used as rugged replacement engines in Champion generators that give the required versatility and longevity to the generator unit and make them fit for various applications in both residential and commercial fields.

2.   Are Champion Generators Good Quality?

Champion Generators are built as high-quality budget-friendly picks that are alternatives to skyrocketed high-end generators. Champion generators have some of the best dual fuel technology on board and are also very reliable and innovative in their inverter technology.  All in all, the Champion generators are good quality generators worthy of purchase.

3.   What Type Of Oil Do Champion Generators Use?

Like all other generators on board, the Champion generators are driven by synthetic engine oils that work best for maintaining the longevity and versatility of the generators.

4.   Does Rain And Snow Affect The Life Of A Champion Generator?

Champion generators are weather sensitive and therefore, will be greatly affected by rain and snow. The harsh weather will negatively impact the generator and to keep your power backup source in good condition you need to prevent it from the calamities of weather.  If you have added waterproofing to your generator unit then you don’t have to mind the rain and snow.

5.   What Type Of Oil Is Used In The Generators?

The engine oils used for generator engines are exactly similar to those used in cars or any other engines. The most common engine oils used in machinery are 5W30 and 10W30. Both of these generators are also good quality engine oils for Champion generators.

Final Words:

To sum up this article, we have done deep research to resolve your queries about the champion generators. In particular, we have answered: where are Champion generators made? In addition, you will also find out about the use and the vital features of Champion generators.

So what you need to do is pick the suitable option and save your heavy investment. One more thing, during research, we have Champion Power Equipment!

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