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Where Are Dek Generators Made?

Many DEK generators have been manufactured to supply power to different plants and platforms, and many other models of DEK generators are used almost all over the world.

Here we will discuss the various offerings that DEK generators have and where the DEK generators are made, and who makes dek engines?

The DEK generators have two product offerings: the one is diesel generators, and the other one is gasoline-powered portable generators.

Both varieties are made in several models with different advancing features. 

Where Are Dek Generators Made

The mainland for the manufacturing of DEK generators in China, which sells the products as well as exports them.

The company makes quality products under CE and ISO9002 certification and ships the products to over 60 different locations worldwide.

How And Where Dek Generators Made?

DEK generator manufacturers are considered the first company in China to create air-cooled diesel engines with CE, ISO9002 certified material tested for almost 1500 hours without any problem. 

The crankshafts that DEK uses are 35CrMoAl, while the bearings used are NSK and NTN.

DEK Generators also use Crank bin bearings from Volkswagen, and any compromise is not executed for the quality of the bearing. 

All the spare parts made up of rubber are exported from Japanese factories, and the oil seal of the in-take and outlet valve is achieved by using the European technique.

When the question about where DEK generators are made is answered, it gives a self-explanatory answer to the quality of the product.

Dek Generators By Chinese Company:

Chinese products have a quality standard that recognizes them worldwide, as certified companies make every product under defined manufacturing standards.

DEK is a Chinese company that creates high-quality products; let’s take the example of DEK silent diesel generators. 

These generators are designed in such a way as to reduce the noise as well as the patent structure of the generator is designed to overcome problems, like too high lube oil temperature or damage to the cooling fan.

The company claims that the generators designed in DEK are easy to maintain and repair and the lube oil will not extrude into the cylinder.

The features added to the X series of portable gasoline generators are also designed to make the product of high quality. We explain here that Dek is China or USA-made generator.

The half-open structure of the generator has reduced the noise by 8dBa.and since 2000, their engine series has been manufactured in China.

Since its origin, the company has been improving its products by adding favorable and advanced features and minimizing the existing problems, evolving great and economic end products.

The company’s main focus is to provide solutions for power generation.

Some unique and salient features of the bestselling DEK generators are discussed in the article as follows;

Features That The Company Offers:

Brand Specifications: The DEK & DJ brands manufacture and install air-cooled diesel engine (Yanmar type) /OHV gasoline engines (Honda type), portable electric power generators, centrifugal water pumps, portable high-pressure fire fighting pumps, power sprayers, mini filers, mobile diesel welding & generator sets.

Price Control: DEK company focuses on producing quality products at economical rates, using high-standard techniques and equipment at a reasonable price.

All the equipment the company uses is ISO certified, so there is no risk of sub-standard and low-quality production.

The company is concerned about the quality at a low rate.

That’s why the purchase is made from all over the world to make a model that is affordable for the customer and meets the needs of the customer.

Dek Series Silent Type Diesel Generators:

These generators have the unique feature of no noise; the market demand for these generators is relatively high—these air-cooled diesel generators with direct injection and a four-stroke diesel engine.

The engines used for the diesel generators are made in China and have specifications like F400 with 10 HP, F210 with HP 4.2, F300 with HP 6.7, and many more. 

DEK Series Gasoline Generators:

The gasoline DEK generators are available in numerous models and are highly in demand.

The gasoline generators are accompanied by one 240 Volts twist lock receptacle, one 12 Volt DC auto/marine battery charger, four 12 Volt duplex outlets, one cell phone charger adapter, and one 12 Volts jumper cable plug and cables.

These are generally four-stroke commercial-grade generators with starting and continuous watts generation, specific for every model, making the selection easy for the customer according to the needs.

The company models have high durability if they are treated well, despite that every model has a warranty of on average three years and any problem within three years of purchase is attended by the company and the experts of the company resolve it.

Gasoline VS Diesel Generators:

Gasoline is the cheapest source of energy, so it is preferred for power generation and produces electricity at the lowest expense, but this is also a fact that natural gas is highly flammable and creates a safety issue.

Whereas diesel is an expensive energy source but is less flammable than natural gas or petrol, diesel generators are preferred over petrol or natural gas generators to attain high safety measures.


Our focus in this blog was how and where DEK generators are made. DEK is a well-known Certified company, famous for its generators and accessories that the company made itself or exported from reliable resources to make a perfect end product. The DEK Company makes the products for China as well as export to other places in the world, and their leading distributors include the counties like German, Italy, South Africa, Greece, Israel, and Singapore. The DEK Company is creating both portable gasoline and diesel generators. By now, different models of generators by DEK are available in the market, making life easy for its customers.

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