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Where Are Duromax Generators Made? All-Inclusive Information

Just like food, no one lives without electricity. To overcome power shortages, Duromax generators are good to go. But the question is:

Where are Duromax generators made? Are Duromax generators any good? Are they good enough to power up basic appliances? Where can you get them?

These are literally somehow a few big curiosities!

Who makes Duromax generators? The answer is for your information, Duromax generators are made by the world’s renowned company DuroPower, based in California, USA. This company has been in the business of manufacturing power tools and engines since 1989.

The company started making Duromax generators in 2015. They have years of experience; hence, there is no need to doubt their functionality, durability, and reliability.

Where Are Duromax Generators Made?

DuroMax generators are powerful enough to run basic home appliances at a time of need with ease.

Another unbelievable fact is that they are best suited to work in various situations. DuroMax offers many different models to run appliances in campsites, homes, and offices.

Who Makes Duramax Generators? Let’s Find Out

A question pinch to your mind: Where are Duromax generators made? Because in this global world, people are very much concerned about their country of origin.

This is not odd because the manufacturing country of various goods and appliances affects the price, durability, and quality. That is why we covered enough information for you about DuroMax generators.

DuroMax portable generators are proudly manufactured by an American-based company named DuroPower which has its headquarters in Ontario, California, USA.

Not only top-quality generators, but this company is also recognized worldwide for its water pumps, engines, washers, and other range of products.

Duropower stands alone from competitors. Do you know why? Because they make the engines and assemble their generators themselves. Unlike other brands which have their assembling units in other parts of the world.

They have been manufacturing engines and tools business since 1989 and started engineering duromax portable generators in 2015 as they made the whole generator in their factory. They are responsible for the whole manufacturing process.

DuroMax gained popularity in a few years because its generators are affordable and the best to fulfill home and commercial needs.

They made almost 20 different models of generators that successfully fulfilled the electricity requirements of home and commercial users.

Their generator range includes propane-powered, gas-powered, and dual-fuel models ready to cater to people’s various power requirements. People having tight budgets can also buy them easily. 

Another unique technology added by DuroPwoer in their DuroMax generators is dual-fuel operation. This is one of the amazing technologies which enables generators to run on gasoline and propane.

You know propane is cheap fuel and runs longer than gasoline. So, if you are concerned about the budget, you can switch from gasoline to propane. Something amazing indeed!

So why not try a dual-fuel generator which runs for almost 20 hours on propane rather than eight hours of runtime while running on gasoline?

As all parts are manufactured and assembled in California, it is a breeze to get replacement parts whenever you need them.

We think now there is no need to ask: where are DuroMax generators made?

This information is enough to make buying a DuroMax generator decision easier. So take a ride and grab the best model.

· Applications Of DuroMax

DuroMax generators like all other power backup sources are designed to fulfill the recreational and practical needs of power without the grid supply. These units function as critical backups during emergencies and power outages. For recreational needs, you may have encountered a traveler’s van with a portable generator to power the electric appliances inside the van. These generators are also in use at campsites and inside RVs to fulfill power requirements when the AC power from the grid is not in access.  The common applications of DuroMax generators fall into the following categories:


  • Campsites
  • RVs
  • Camping vans
  • Pop-up campers
  • Food trucks


  • Nursing homes
  • Hospices
  • Clinics
  • Officials
  • Commercial buildings


  • Home standby units
  • Portable emergency generators
  • Open-frame outdoor units

·   R & D And Design

DuroMax trade ship is the hallmark of innovation and the latest technologies. The DuroMax generators are sturdily built with all the latest technologies to give the consumers the very best performance that is good value for the hard-earned money that they have spent on the generators. These DuroMax generators are equipped with powerful tools including the powerful V Twin OHV engines produced by DuroMax itself.

The solid reputation of the DuroMax in power backup industry is built over decade-long experience and provides efficient and effective generators that have a wide range of diversity and innovation. You can find portable DuroMax generators in every product line and the same goes for inverter generators that are also available at all wattages and in every category.

The DuroMax manufacturers have done a good job in maintaining a versatile unit that has the best of every feature to produce a holistic unit that doesn’t boost a single high-end trait with many under shadowed specs.

You will see very low noise in DuroMax generators with an average sound level between 67 to 70 dBA for some of the powerful open-frame units. The highest noise level you will see in some of the most powerful generators will be up to 74 dBA in DuroMax generators. There are multiple safety and protection features including the Volt Guard, low oil protection, CO shield, and many other safety layers to make your generator usage a safer one.

Durostar And Duromax: Are They Belong To The Same Brand?

As both have Duro as their starting name, this will give you an idea of where they belong.

Yes, you are on the right track; DuroMax and DuroStar are great backup options for electricity because of their strength, durability, and affordability, and are engineered by DuroMax.

Both options are different in design and name. The biggest difference is price; DuroMax is not so costly, so people love to have one. Otherwise, the quality, portability, and features are almost alike.

As you know, America is a country with high rules and regulations concerning the environment’s safety. DuroPower is a responsible company, and all its generators are made by keeping in mind all the safety guidelines.

Most of the models are CARB and EPA-certified. EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency, and CARB is an abbreviation for California Air Resources Board.

What Makes DuroMax Stand Alone? Let’s Reveal The Fact

After getting to know where are DuroMax generators made? Let’s discuss some of the unique features which make them stand alone from competitors.

Have a look!

●  DuroMax Meet Safety Standards:

All DuroMax generators, including DuroPower and DuroStar, are made by keeping the safety standard. Almost all the models are CARB and EPA-certified. This will keep you safe and the generators and your hefty investment.

●  Warns When Oil Level Goes Low:

Keeping an eye on the generator’s oil level is not as easy. Sometimes, when the oil is running low, the engine may burn, damaging you and the generator.

DuroMax added a warning mechanism in their generators that tell when the oil is running short and displays it visually to keep you safe from this damaging scenario.

When the oil reaches the minimum point, it automatically turns off, and you get to know that this is time to refill the oil. After filling the oil, the generator will start and be ready to fulfill the energy requirements.

●     Quietest Option Due To Muffler:

You are already frustrated because of the no-power issue.  When you turn on the generator takes away your peace of mind because of the loud noise.

We think the situation has become even worse. Not only you but neighbors also get disturbed.

To overcome all these problems, DuroMax engineered a unique quiet muffler that will vanish the noise. It would help if you were shocked to hear that a decibel rating is no more than a conversation between two people. What else do you want?

●  Dual Fuel Option:

The greatest feature that makes this Duromax a favorite of many is its dual-fuel technology, allowing you to switch between propane and gasoline.

If one fuel is running short, turn the switch on and change the fuel to run the generator for long hours.

Where To Use DuroMax Generators?

Because of their super cool features and advanced technologies, experts said they are best for home backup power needs.

People also used them for ponging their homes after a hurricane turned everything dark in their area.

People also used them for running basic appliances in campsites and airstreams.

The lightweight and portable options are best for these sites. The handle and small size further make it easy to carry them around from one place to another.

The recommended option for running the air conditioner, refrigerator, and other precious appliances at home are DuroMax XP13000EH and DuroMax XP11500EH.

They both produce enough peak and running wattages. For campsites, the suggested model is DuroMax XP2200EH has 1800 running watts.

· What Are DuroMaxGenerator Problems    

The frequent problem that users have to seem with DuroMax generators is the malfunctioning of the low oil level alarm. It is typically the initial sign of a more severe underlying problem and you should never ignore it. In the beginning, some users reported disturbances with the low oil-level LED flash which will either keep on blinking or not blink at all. To alter this situation the engine will automatically shut down and you would have to frequently power on your engine which could be really annoying at times.

· What Are DuroMaxGenerator Prices

DuroMax generators are typically built as the inexpensive product lineup and do not tend to reach the skyrocketed price tags. But most precisely you will see their prices aimed at a mid-range that will generally fall between 300 USD to 1500 USD. Some of the cheapest generator units with entry-level specs can be found at 300 USD price tags while the higher-end models tend to go beyond the 1000 USD tag.


1.   Is DuroStar And DuroMax The Same Company?

DuroStar and DuroMax are not exactly the same company but can be considered sister companies as both are subsidiaries of the parent company entitled DuroPower TM. Both of these companies are headquartered in Ontario, CA, and have many similar products and same manufacturing firms. But hybrid and inverter generators are only manufactured by the DuroMax and not the DuroStar.

2.   Where Can I Get Parts For My DuroMax Or DuroStar Generator?

The replacement parts of both DuroMax and DuroStar products are very easily available at all retail outlets in the United States and you can easily get them in California. All of these replacement parts are factory-made in the same manufacturing firm as the company producing the generator itself.

3.   What Engine Is Used In DuroMax Generators?

The OHV engines are the legacy of DuroMax generators and have a varying range of CC depending on the required Horsepower for the motor operation. These engines are made in Ontario, California by the DuroMax manufacturers and are carefully curated to fulfill all standards of longevity, durability versatility, and efficiency.

4.   Are DuroMax Engines Any Good?

DuroMax engines are built to last long and are very versatile which will help the DuroMax generators handle plenty of odd jobs at the operating site.  These generators are manufactured for heavy-duty jobs and are good for powering heavy-duty electrical appliances including the heating and cooling units but there are also lower wattage variants designed for recreational needs such as for powering your campsite or RV.

The Bottom Line:

DuroMax is a highly demanding generator due to its remarkable features. This article has covered a detailed note on DuroMax generators and the place Where Are Duromax Generators Made? You can give a hit to this article and grab your pick according to your needs!

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