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Where Are Durostar Generators Made? Everything You Need To Know 

Durostar generators are one of the most popular generators on the market, and they offer a wide range of features that make them ideal for various applications.

If you don’t know where Durostar generators are made, this article provides all the related details.

Where Are Durostar Generators Made

A USA-based company is known to manufacture Durostar generators with a good reputation.

These generators are also available in a variety of different sizes so that they can be used in a variety of different situations.

So, let’s discuss where Durostar Generators are made, their attributes, and the pros, and cons of these generators.

Who Makes Durostar Generators?

Durostar generators are made by a company known as Duropower, and its headquarter is located in California, USA, which has been in business since 2003.

It makes several different types of engines, including gas and fuel engines.

The company offers a wide variety of generators with different features.

Durostar generator models include:

  • DS4000S
  • DS4400
  • DS7000Q
  • DS9000Q
  • DS11000Q

Structure Of Durostar Generators:

There are different DuroStar generators, but they all have a standard structure.

The mainframe of the generator is typically a steel cage that houses the engine, fuel tank, and other relevant parts.

The engine is usually a four-stroke OHV design that is air-cooled.

The fuel tank is typically located underneath the engine and produces durable plastic.

Durostar generators are designed for durability and performance.

The steel cage protects the engine and other parts from damage, while the four-stroke OHV design ensures that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to this, Durostar generators use a variety of engines, depending on the model.

Some of the most popular engines used are air-cooled OHV engines.

This engine is reliable, has a long life span, and is also quite powerful, making it ideal for use in a generator.

Another engine used in some models of Durostar generators is the 7 HP Subaru OHV engine which is also very powerful and reliable.

Its fuel tank (3 gallons) will last 8 – 14 hours, depending on how often they are used.


The DuroStar engines are manufactured by the company at the same facility where DuroStar generators are made and assembled. It means that the company manufactures all of the equipment to be used in assembling a generator. The DuroStar manufacturers have extensive expertise in making both single-cylinder and twin-cylinder engines. These engines are used in generators depending on the need of equipment and model type.

The DuroStar Company produces both OHV and OHC engines. The OHV engines are cooler and easier to maintain than the OHC engines. In making engines, the DuroStar uses cast iron sleeves that are sturdy and adds to the durability of generators. These cast iron sleeves protect against wear and tear that is caused by the piston while running the engine. The cast iron sleeves are way better in protecting against wear and tear compared to aluminum kits or no-sleeve designs.

DuroStar engines are not only used for making generators but they are also extensively used in Golf Carts, ATVs, tractors, log splitters, boats, go-karts, and many other vehicles to drive them across paved and unpaved roads.

· How Are DuroStar Generators?

DuroStar generators are mid-range affordable and practical generators that are well-received and overwhelmingly praised by consumers. Unlike the high-end generators with skyrocketed price tags, the DuroStar generators are inclined towards a bit more affordable category but this doesn’t restrict the manufacturers from doing their absolute best. DuroStar engines and the generators altogether are the foremost choice any generator seeker should have while on a tight budget. From electric start to OHV engines, covered outlets, long runtime, high surge, low noise levels, sturdy frames, and portable kits, the DuroStar has everything that you will see in high-end units.

These generators are so good that sometimes they even outperform the high-end units as well. The best thing about these units is their protective layers that ensure safety in all environments no matter if you are using them on outdoor patios or inside your backyard. The only downside of these DuroStar generators is their low oil level protective alarm that is prone to malfunctioning. Since the alarm is going on and off repeatedly, the engine will shut off as the protective mechanism to prevent any damage. This might be a bit annoying as you would have to frequently start your engine if the alarm goes on buzzing.

· Applications of DuroStar

Just like any other generator, the DuroStar generators have recreational and practical needs for power supply. The DuroStar generators being practical and affordable are the first choice of most homeowners who are looking for a power backup source during outages. These generators are also extensively used for recreational purposes where a traveler wants to have a generator simply to have an AC supply while being away from the grid power.

So, the DuroStar generators are being widely used in:

  • RVs
  • Camping vans
  • Travel Trailer
  • Pop-up campers
  • Campsites,
  • Residential units
  • Small-scale commercial buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Officials

Advantages Of Durostar Generators:

Durostar generators are some of the most famous and reliable generators on the market.

Following are some of the advantages that make Durostar generators stand out from the competition:

Durable And Long-Lasting:

Durostar generators are built to last. They are fabricated with high-quality components that can resist all adverse situations. 

Powerful And Efficient:

Durostar generators are designed to be powerful and efficient, and their power options are available.


Durostar generators are very reasonable and will last for many years. They are considered an excellent investment for any home or business.


Durostar generators are manufactured to be very reliable and built with high-quality materials.

 Easy To Use:

Durostar generators are very easy to use. They come with easy-to-follow instructions, and they are very user-friendly.

 Dual Fuel Options:

Durostar generators offer fuel and gas options and allow you to choose the best fuel for your needs.

 Super-Quiet Muffler:

This muffler significantly reduces the generator’s noise, making it ideal for use in camping, tailgating, and other situations where you need to be considerate of your noise level.


Durostar generators are very portable, and they are designed to be easily transported so that you can take them with you 

Electrical Overload Breaker:

This breaker will shut the generator off if it is overloaded and prevents damage to the generator’s electrical components.

 Fuel Gauge:

It is a very useful feature, as it prevents you from running out of fuel in the middle of a power outage.

Disadvantages of DuroStar Generators

Now we discuss here 3 main cons.

No 240V Or DC Output Power:

This is the big one. If you want to use your generator for sensitive electronics like laptops or phones, ensure it can output 240 or 12 volts DC (direct current).

It is the only way to ensure a steady, clean flow of power that won’t damage your devices. 

Quiet Operation:

If you are using your generator in an urban area or anywhere else where noise might be an issue, look for a model specifically designed for quiet operation.

However, DuroStar generators are not as quiet as some other brands.

Fuel Efficiency:

If you will be using your generator for extended periods, fuel efficiency is an important consideration.

Look for a generator that has a good reputation for being fuel-efficient.

However, DuroStar generators are not very fuel-efficient likewise other brands.

Uses Of Durostar Generators:

Durostar generators are used in a variety of applications, including:

  1. Residential backup power
  2. Commercial backup power
  3. Industrial backup power
  4. Portable power for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor activities
  5. Emergency power during blackouts and other power outages.



The exact lifespan of any generator depends upon the maintenance and care with which you operate it. If you take good care of your device and do not overwork it a typical generator will last you good enough of 20 productive years. The DuroStar manufacturers have reliable claims about the 30 years lifespan of their products.


The DuroStar generators have a centralized warranty policy and for all residential units, the flagship is offering a 3-year limited warranty while for commercial units, the warranty is reduced to 1 year limited. As far as DuroStar X and DX series products are concerned, these generators have a five-year limited warranty for residential units.

3.   What are DuroStar Generator Problems

The common problem that most DuroStar generators face is their low oil-level protection. There is a built-in LED flash for indicating low oil levels but this unit repeatedly malfunctions leading to no clue about engine oil levels.  If the flashing problem persists the generator will automatically shut off to prevent any further damage.


Hence, Durostar generators are made in the USA and are affordable. They are designed considering the advanced features and requirements of the contemporary world. They are reliable, affordable, and powerful and have a great warranty. However, there are also some disadvantages, but it is a very popularly used generator because of its cutting-edge features.

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