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Where Are Northstar Generators Made?

Wondering which north star generator to buy next and thinking about where are those big high-powered machines made, then do worry no more than your search ends here today.

As of right now, we will tell you all about the inner workings and where those powerful generators are made. This is a USA-made generator company.

The competitive nature and efficient working make Northstar portable generators known in the market.

With the rise of many brands and companies launching new generators and equipment, very few can compete with the durability of a Northstar generator.

Where Are Northstar generators made?

Its high-powered engine runs longer than your average generator due to the brushless copper heads attached to it, making it very easy to use and the best on the market.

But now, you might be wondering where these are made, are eco-friendly to use, and will the cost be worth the hype it has.

Do not fret, as this article contains all about where are Northstar Generators made.

Typically, Northstar equipment is a USA-based company with its main factories scattered around the country.

Mainly these generators are tested and assembled by the father company, Northern tool+equipment Inc. in Minnesota, which ultimately deals in power products of all kinds.

Specializing in those brushless copper generators, Northstar generators have redefined the industry in their way.

These are tested and tried several times to ensure the best quality product is delivered to the buyer; they are EPA and CARB-compliant and can be used in all American states without fail, meaning they are compatible with various types of power outputs.

Therefore, without further delay, let us get into the manufacturing of this generator below.

Where Are Northstar Generators Made?

NorthStar generators are durable and remarkable machines made by Northern tool + equipment Inc., which has been a family-owned business and industry for decades.

This company has been tirelessly working to ensure that the quality does not change even after 30+ years.

The company started in 1981 in Burnsville, Minnesota, where now Northstar generators are made.

The first ever Northstar manufacturing firm was established in Minnesota by Don Kotula. Now the manufacturing outlets have also ventured into Asian countries to expand the sales of the trade ship.

Now some of the companies manufacturing outlets have ventured into Asian countries so that they could cut some in assembling those generators.

So after pondering s lot on this, we have gathered information in this article that will give a clearer picture, so read the detailed guide with concentration to find out where north star generators are made.

Where Are North Star Generators Made? – Detailed Explanation

Point # 1: Core Of The Company:

Northstar generators are manufactured and assembled in Minnesota, USA under the supervision of Northern Tool + Equipment. The first ever store developed by Northstar was in 1981 in Minnesota but has soon expanded all across the United States. Don Kotula founded the company in 1981; his extraordinary mental capability and vision helped him gather this much success in this company he started.

His legacy is now run by his coming generations, who are doing great innovations to enhance an already great power product.

Point # 2: Best Generators:

Truly, these generators are the best the power industry has to offer. They are great at working and very lightweight compared to other generators.

Their inverter generators are a feat of their own as they consume less fuel and work at double capacity.

Moreover, Northstar takes pride in making them safe and reliable, so these could be your next best friend when you go fishing or camping.

Point # 3: Origin:

The origin of this company is old and strong, with a very strong fan base and loyal customers, they have strengthened this company fully.

They have over 90 stores nationwide where you can see and pick your favorite generator easily.

Point # 4: Environment Friendly:

Due to the precautions taken by the manufacturers, these generators are quite eco-friendly and safe for human use.

Due to its noise control feature, it produces far less noise pollution than the average generator.

The inverter technology helps the generator to consume a lot less fuel, too.

Point # 5: Assembling/Manual:

Although they use Honda engines primarily, all the generators are assembled in America, while some are also assembled in Asian countries.

The Northstar generator is very easy to use with a digital CDI display and ignition to jump-start the machine; with various outlets and too of AC, you can rest assured that none of your appliances will risk a short circuit.

Point # 6: A Clearer Picture:

I think now you might have a very clear idea and picture about where these big mighty machines are made which make your and our life easier.

Top 2 Northstar Generator Models

1.   Northstar Generator GX690

Northstar generators are high-end American power backup tools that are versatile and multifunctional units designed for the best in class performance in exchange for a skyrocketed price tag. This Northstar generator is a massive heavy-wattage unit that is suitable for both residential and industrial applications and has a massive wattage of 15 KW wattage which is perfect for a home standby unit. Besides being an ideal home standby unit.

This Northstar GX690 generator is also the best bet for medium-sized worksites where the owners have to power a large number of power tools including some basic low-wattage items and some heavy-duty machinery with up to 15,000 surge watts. The running wattage of this generator is 13,500 which is a great wattage for running multiple heavy-duty electronic appliances at home.

This heavy-duty generator can run all of your kitchen appliances, power items at home, and even some of the highest-wattage appliances like your central heating and cooling systems. You can very easily run a central air system with this generator. This generator drives its nomenclature from the fact that it utilizes a Honda GX690 engine that supplies the cleanest power with a very minimal sound level. There is a CDI ignition system that is backed by an industry-leading warranty of two years with limited parts and labor coverage.


  • Low oil shutdown
  • Smart control panel
  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Massive fuel tank
  • Electric remote start


  • Costly

2.   Northstar Generator GX390

If you are looking forward to a mid-range generator but don’t want to set for anything less than the absolute best then Northstar has an amazing product lineup of medium-sized household generators that can also be used for industrial applications in a small garage or some other worksite. This Northstar GX390 is a 6.6 KW generator that is sufficient for a medium-sized home with not so many heavy-duty electronic appliances.

This generator has a surge wattage of 8000 watts that can power your almost all of the basic household electronic appliances including kitchen gadgets and utility items. But this generator is not sufficient for running your central air system although you can power a window AC or a 15,000 BTU AC.

This is a portable unit thanks to its easy-to-carry wheeled cart that requires minimal effort to transport it to places. It features an electric start and has a runtime of 8 continuous hours on maximum load which is ample time to cherish particularly when you have power outages for a few hours.  The best thing about this generator is that it requires a very low amount of fuel to run the engine which means that you can have a very low running cost using this generator that requires gasoline fuel.


  • Long runtime
  • Massive-duty OHV engine
  • Excellent noise reduction techs
  • Low fuel consumption capacity
  • Covered receptacles


  • Relatively uneconomical


1.   Do Northstar Generators Come With Honda Engines?

Yes, Northstar generators use Honda engines as their manufacturing units which are integrated to ensure the efficiency and performance of the generators. The Honda generators are recognized in the industry for excellent noise cancellation technologies which makes them Honda engines some of the finest and quietest engines on board.

2.   Are Northstar Generators Environment-Friendly?

As we stated earlier that Northstar generators are using Honda engines that are environment friendly as the noise level of the generators using these engines is significantly lesser than their relative counterparts with non-Honda engines. Besides noise reduction, these generators also rely on pure sine wave AC technology and inverter technologies to produce clean and stable power that is eco-friendly to a great extent.

3.   Are Northstar Generators Fuel Compatible?

Northstar generators have flexible fuel compatibility and users can find a Northstar generator of any fuel type they intend to use. There are also dual-fuel Northstar generators and you can also switch these dual-fuels to a tri-fuel with Natural gas as the third fuel type. Another plus side of these Northstar generators is that their fuel consumption levels are very minimal and thus you can use a minimal amount of fuel to get power from your generator.


Northstar generators are best, the best for your money. The northern tool and +equipment have delivered world-class items for over three decades. Their legacy is being continued in the way that there are many happy and loyal customers that do not wish to go somewhere else for their power needs and solutions.

These generators are both very suitable for your home needs and the big and complicated ones for working industries for power backups. The brushless copper heads give the generator a better and longer lifespan; hence it is a very good pick for your home. These generators are made in America, so the high-quality materials that are found there ensure that the manufacturing of this piece of equipment is smooth and hindrance-free.

So you can have fun worry-free on your next RV trip because the efficiency of the Northstar generator will provide you with a smooth power supply at all times.

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