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Where Are Predator Generators Made? Find Out The Country Of Origin

You are sitting in your lounge, watching thrilling and exciting action movies, but certainly, everything turns dark. You will feel frustrated. Right? Yes!

To resolve these issues, we recommend Predator generators as a solution! What do you think: are they really good? Are they affordable? Where are Predator generators made – their manufacturing country?

Well, predator-quiet generators are well known for their durability, reliability, and unbeatable functionality. These generators are engineered with features that make them unique from others.

Although, the power and features are almost the same as other brands’ generators. Then, Why choose Predator?

Who makes predator generators? The Predator generators are made by Harbor Freight, which is an American organization. Although this is an American company, they assemble their generators in China for various reasons.

Where Are Predator Generators Made?

After assembling, Harbor Freight shipped them across the globe from the America-based setup. Customers can go to their website and order online, or personally visit them to buy one.

Who Makes Predator Generators? Point To Focus On

Now let’s go straight into our main question: where is the predator generator made?

These are supplied by Harbor Freight, an American company that started its operation in 1977. At that time, it only focused on the supply of different tools.

But today, this company is recognized across the globe for manufacturing electrical equipment.

They are less costly; hence, users who have concerns regarding limited budget love to go for Predator generators.

The company business was going well in the starting years and eventually expanded business, and now they have headquarters in California.

Their engine has been manufactured in China, and other parts are assembled in China. After this, the fully assembled generator is shipped to the USA for sale to end users.

So we can say that Harbor Freight is the owner of Predator generators, and China is their assembling station.

The Predator generators are not so expensive, and many models are available for fulfilling users’ different needs. 

People love to have them because of their reliable engine, price, features, and portability. So if you need one, rush towards it and grab your favorite model.

Predator Generators: Where To Use Them?

As you know, generators are used for various purposes. People spend their precious money on generators to fulfill the electricity needs in homes, small business premises, sports, and wedding events—theaters, cinemas, picnics, and powering air streams.

Let’s have a look into some of the uses of Predator Generators.

●  Great Backup Option For Homes and Offices:

Predator generators are lightweight and portable; they are suitable for providing alternative power sources to homes and small offices.

Homes with many appliances such as refrigerators, TV, and other sensitive gadgets can install a predator generator to get power when needed.

An American company sources this, and they fully check their products before handing them over to customers, so there is no need to worry about performance and class.

●  Best Generator For Hurricanes:

People who live in areas where power goes off for weeks after hard hurricanes can buy predator generators. They are good for powering many basic small appliances.

Due to their lightweight design and durable features, people can easily spend money on one of the best suitable generators belonging to Predator.

●  Suitable Option For Powering Airstreams:

Travelers and fun-loving people who go on frequent trips and picnics on their air streams need continuous power to run their appliances and charge sensitive gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

And from our point of view, the best alternative is the Predator generator.

This is a versatile option that is best for running appliances. They are also used by people for running offices when power outages occur.

A full air stream carrying a laptop, refrigerator, light, TV, and coffee maker can be run using a durable Predator generator.

The recommended Predator generator is Predator 2000 Inverter Generator. This is best suited to tailgating and camping.

This excellent option has 1800 running watts and 2000 starting watts to deliver power to charge laptops and smartphones.

It is also good to provide backup energy to TVs and other appliances. The best feature is that it offers a parallel connection option.

The Top 3 Best Predator Generator

Some of the top quality predator generators are as given below:

  1. Predator 3500 Inverter
  2. Predator 8750 Generator
  3. Predator 9000 Watts Generator

Let us now discuss the significant features and specifications of these generators to see are they worth the hype?

1.   Predator 3500 Inverter

This predator generator is a mid-range unit that is designed as a versatile device suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a super quiet inverter generator that is seemingly a definition of luxury and comfort.   The 3500 watts surge wattage is good enough for medium-duty electric appliances and is the best option for tailgaters, campers and travelers who want to access the power when away from the home or more precisely being away from the grid power.


  • Predator 3500 super quiet generator has a long runtime of 11 hours at 25% load that ensures that you can keep using it for a while to fulfill your power needs.
  • It comes equipped with parallel capacity that means that you can hook it up with other units to have heavy-duty wattage for your larger power requirements.
  • It is a very lightweight device with only 99.2 pounds weight that adds to its portability and you can very easily transport it to places with its built in wheel kit.
  • This generator doesn’t have any rattler which means you can enjoy the grid-less power without any annoying or buzzing sound that not only disturb your enjoyment but also disturb the comfortable sleep of your neighbors.

2.   Predator Portable 8750 Generator

If you are not a fan of multifunctional units but rather are looking forward to a medium-duty generator that can be used as a home standby power backup source in a medium sized home then this predator 8750 watts may be the better option for you. It is an amazing generator that is member of the super quiet predator series but have all the features and specs of a modern inverter that comes at a skyrocketed price.


This generator has the starting wattage of 8750 watts and the running wattage is 7000 watts that is good enough for running almost all of your mid-sized household electrical appliances including your heating and cooling units.

This generator has split phase facility to allow you to choose any of the voltage from 120V to 240V according to your needs.

The running time of this predator 7000 watts generator is 14.5 hours at half load which means you can enjoy the full night camping with this amazing and super quiet generator.

The driving unit of this generator is the 420 CC OHV engine with the horsepower of 13HP that is sufficient enough to power these 7000 peak watts and give you uninterrupted and stable power supply.

3.   Predator 9000 Watts Generator

For all those users looking for a higher wattage generator than the aforementioned predator super quiet generator, this predator 9000 watts may be the best bet. This is another open frame conventional predator generator that is coming with a sleek and chic outlook to satiate the aesthetic users of the power backup sources.


  • This predator generator features the surge wattage of 9000 watts and the running wattage is maintained at 7250 watts that is good enough for a 7.5 KW units.
  • This super quiet generator is driven by a 420 CC OHV air cooled gas engine with 13 HP power.
  • It supports the parallel capabilities to increase the wattage and power output.
  • It is an inverter generator and will be super quiet at your worksites.
  • This generator has sine wave AC technology to give you the cleaner, greener and stable power output.
  • There are a number of receptacles with covered outlets to allow your flexible connectivity.

How Good Are Harbor Freight Predator Generators?

Harbor freight generators are the top of the class generators designed by the predator flagship and are coming with all the high-end built in technologies and specifications to give you the absolute best.  Harbor freight predator generators are very common among heavy-duty machinery that are extensively used in construction industries and commercial building to fulfill large power needs in case of power outages or emergency blackouts.

Harbor freight predator generators are available as open frame generators and this speaks about their sturdy built and durability that is the key for deciding the worth of any heavy-duty product especially one designed for industrial applications.

Some of the common features and specs that adds to the strengths of any harbor freight predator generator are given below:

Harbor freight generator’s parts can be easily replaced and you can easily find the spare parts for replacing.

The assembling and replacement of harbor freight generators is very simple and instant.

You can very convenient use the harbor freight generators without much technical maneuverability.

The noise level of harbor freight generator is way too lower than other open frame generators and are thus falling in noise reducing categories that are very famous among the modern users.

The best thing about harbor freight generators is that they are very wallet friendly and will not ask the buyer to break its banks.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Predator Generator:

After you know, where are Predator generators made? We’re sure you want to buy them. Don’t hand over money to the dealer or shopkeeper. You have to consider some important factors.

Let’s have a look into them in detail!

●  Always Check The Wattage Of The Generator:

This is the first thing you must check when buying the best predator generator. There is no need to waste money on a heavy unit straight.

Firstly, check the manufacturer’s guide and read about the running watt and peak power.

Sometimes the generators are too small that they are not suitable to provide enough power. Peak watt is also known as the starting watts.

Whenever you go to buy a predator generator, it is always suggested to check both numbers. A generator with 2000 starting and 1800 running watts can not power the appliances needed more than 2000.

So to stay in the safe zone, it would be better to consider a generator having more watts than your need. Additional watts are always beneficial and not harmful for appliances. 

●  What Is The Noise Level?

This is a fact that generators produce a lot of sounds when running. Therefore, this is another important factor to consider.

Most importantly, if you spend some bucks on generators for powering campsites or air streams, always try to pick the quietest option.

Generally, inverters generators are less noisy than portable ones. Another great thing about inverter generators is the clean power necessary to power sensitive electronics.

●  Don’t Forget To Check The Engine.

This is also important to check the engine because it is the feature to produce wattage for running different appliances at home or in air streams.

The best generator is one whose engine starts easily even when the temperature is chilly.

●  What Should The Runtime Be?

Every model of generator is engineered differently. Most of them are fuel-efficient, so if you need a generator for continuous power supply for hours, you have to look at the runtime.

The good thing about Predator generators is that they mention the run time of 50% load on every model.

But keep in mind, actual runtime may vary due to many factors such as how efficiently you maintain the generator, how much load you put on, oil level, and others.

We hope you have got the answer to your main query, where are predator generators made? Be careful and go for the right generator. If you need a reliable option, we covered some important factors.


1.   Is The Predator Generator Made By Honda?

Predator generators are made by the Harbor Freight Tools Company that is also the manufacturing firm of harbor freight generators. They reason why many people confuse harbor freight predator generators with Honda generators is because, the former one uses the Honda Clone engines for their units.

2.   Who Are Predator Engines Made By?

Predator engines are built by a Chinese company known as Lifan Group that is the manufacturing firm for predator engines and supply its parts to harbor freight tools company that assemble these engines with other equipment to make predator generators.

Final Words:

We hope you got the answer to your main query, where are predator generators made for which you are here? Our suggestion is to be careful while picking the generator; give it an ultimate try to pick the right generator. If you need a reliable option, you can place the order and enjoy your favorite and best Predator Generator

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