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Where Are Pulsar Generators Made? A Detailed Guide

With expanding demand for generators worldwide, the generator sector is booming, increasing competitors.

Overall, the market was boosted by the hundreds of available generator models, which varied in price, technology, efficiency, and other attractive qualities.

Manufacturers of diverse brands deliver various appealing and innovative features to attract and keep clients.

Pulsar Products provide a broad selection of models with varying power outputs. Their market positioning is significantly more cost-effective than Honda or Yamaha generators while providing comparable performance.

where are pulsar generators made

But you may be wondering where Pulsar Generators are made, and the answer to that lies in the next section.

What Is A Pulsar Generator?

This is the most popular and rapidly rising generator brand. It is a generator that you can take with you.

As a result, you may maneuver around this generator. This brand’s generators come in a variety of styles. 

It offers consumers to utilize the best dual-fuel generators. Depending on your power requirements, you may utilize pulsar generators at home, on the job place, or when camping.

Who Makes Pulsar Generators?

Many companies aim to give the greatest portable generators to users, and Pulsar is one of them. Pulsar generators are manufactured in California.

Pulsar produces all of its models in Ontario, California. Generators should be your first choice if you enjoy boondocking and camping.

The Pulsar generators make no compromises in terms of product quality. Clean electricity is the main component designed to have the lowest overall harmonic distortion achievable. 

The lower the THD, the more stable the power will be and hence safe to use, resulting in safe and lasting services for a longer time than anticipated.


Pulsar Products Inc. is a trusted name in portable generators, air compressors, power tools, lawnmowers, and pressure washers.

  • Company name: Pulsar Products Inc.
  • Address: 5721 E Santa Ana St, Suite A, Ontario, CA 91761
  • Email: support@pulsar-products.com
  • Phone: +1 (866) 591-8921
  • Website: https://pulsar-products.com/

Pulsar Products is committed to quality, innovation, and enhanced performance in all of its products. With the customer experience always in mind, Pulsar Products designs each generator to be reliable, long-lasting, and easy to use.

Pulsar Generator Engine & Features:

The Pulsar generator engines are manufactured by a Chinese business called Ducar. Ducar is the maker of the pulsar’s generating engine. Pulsar manufactures both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines.

Other notable characteristics include the generators’ mobility, which is made simple by including never-flatten wheels and folding handles in the majority of variants.

The small and secure size of the generators enables for simple storage, modification, and maintenance of the generators whether they are necessary for camping, indoors, stand-by for the entire house, job sites, or other probable electricity-related situations. 

The safe usage of generators allows the user to be stress-free because there is no risk of accidents or other electrical risks. Pulsar generators produce the highest quality power and give safe, instantaneous, and clean electricity.

Pulsar Generators And Why They Are Good:

Pulsar generators are a good investment for individuals on a tight budget or who do not want to spend a lot of money on a generator. These power items are often well-made and well-designed for mobility. 

The majority of the heavier versions have a dependable wheelbase, never-flat tires, and a folding handle.

Some of these generators do not have these mobility attachments, so make sure you verify if they are important to you ahead of time. 

Pulsar generators are classified into the classic open-frame, inverter, and dual-fuel generators. Importantly, some single-fuel generators allow for the addition of a dual-fuel kit later on.

Inverter Technology And Its Benefit:

The new inverter technology and improved methods of producing saved energy allow for steadier THD with a percentage of less than 3, indicating that they are more suited to qualifying for clean power.

The Pulsar open-frame generators may also reduce THD to 5%, resulting in safe and clean electric power output.

Stable Power:

The key distinction is that inverter generators produce a clean or steady sine wave.

This implies that they are safe for sensitive devices such as cellphones and laptops and that when you operate a TV, you will not see a line across the screen, and audio equipment will not make noise.

Greater Fuel Efficiency:

Most pulsar inverter generators include an “eco” or “economy” mode, which will automatically adjust engine speed to power demand, preventing them from operating more than required and wasting gas. 

On the other hand, traditional generators are typically around one-third the price of equivalent-power inverter generators.

Traditional open-frame generators are a wonderful budget purchase alternative for folks who are not seeking power-sensitive electronics such as construction equipment or huge appliances.


The safety of your generator is critical. You should take your safety seriously when going close to a generator.

Automatic voltage regulation can keep your generator from exploding. It provides overload protection, circuit protection, and automated voltage adjustment. 

The overload protection system shuts off the engines when your generator is overloaded. And the low levels of oil will automatically shut down the generator preventing it from damaging.

Can You Run Pulsar Generators For 24 Hours?

Pulsar is now offering models capable of running for longer time intervals, so most of them can be run for about 24 hours.

The previous models were undoubtedly able to generate power for 8-12 hours a day. Still, these newer models are efficient enough to provide extra power for a full day without wasting fuel.


Pulsar generators are entry-level units that are designed as affordable variants of mid-range generators. Pulsar has the prestige of being the most inexpensive power backup generator available on the market.  There is a significantly high variation among the price tags of pulsar generators but you will see in a comparison of pulsar generators with other brand names that these pulsar units are way too cheaper than their relative counterparts.

The average price of pulsar generators lies around 850 USD but you will see an uprise with increasing power, wattage, and improving the specs of the product you opt to buy. You can see pulse generators as low as 150 USD to as high-end as 3000 USD and the price difference is all about the features and specifications you look out for in any generator.

Are Pulsar Generators Any Good? And Why They Are Good:

We think the Pulsar is a perfect option if you are looking for a low-cost, no-frills generator. Our Pulsar generator reviews show that the brand’s devices are not feature-rich, but they are a fraction of the price of other top-of-the-line generators. Surprisingly, they provide identical performance.

These generators are ideal as low-cost generators with high efficiency and output. To acquire the greatest and most efficient generators, you should buy from one of them. 

If you are someone following a tight budget but want to proceed with a reliable and durable power backup source in the shape of a portable budget-friendly generator then pulsar is your go-to option. Pulsar generators are the favorite stop for all budget-restricted buyers who don’t want to set for anything less than the best.  These generators are recommended and great investment options and have a lot of strengths to offer the potential buyers.

Pulsar flagship is known for its inexpensive series and the reason why these generators are made inexpensive is that the manufacturers are trying to aim at masses with average or below average fortune and achieve their market goals. Besides the entry-level parts and specs, you will everything about pulsar generators top-notch that have the courage and expertise to challenge their more pricey rivals.

You can buy pulsar generators from among the three widespread categories that are:

  • Conventional Open Frame Generators
  • Inverter Generators
  • Dual Fuel Generators

You can very easily find replacement parts for pulsar generators all across the united states and the nationwide customer care centers make it very easy to have their consumer care services including warranty and repair services.

·        What we like about pulsar generators

  • Inexpensive price tags
  • Easy to find replacement parts
  • Easy-to-use operation
  • Simplistic control panel
  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Equipped with inverter technologies
  • Most pulsar generators have dual-fuel support
  • Portable and lightweight

·        What we don’t like about pulsar generators:

  • Heavy-duty pulsar generators tend to be relatively loud
  • Only basic control features are added to keep it simple
  • Lousy brand stickers that quickly peel off


1.   What Warranty Does Pulsar Offer For Its Generators?

Pulsar generators follow the centralized policy for all of their products which means that you will see the same warranty policy on all of the pulsar purchases. Typically you will have a 1 to 3 years warranty with limited parts replacement and repair warranty. Specific generator series will have different warranties but they will not extend from 3 years or any lesser than 1 year.

2.   Which Is The Best Oil For Pulsar Generators?

Pulsar generators have cold start technologies ad therefore, there is no need to use thicker or more viscous oil. You can very comfortably use synthetic engine oils like 5W30 for pulsar generators. The 5W30 engine oil makes the optimum choice for pulsar or any other generator.


We hope this article answers the question of Where are Pulsar Generators made?” that many buyers and consumers have had in their minds for some time now. All-in-all, Pulsar Generators are one of a kind, and we are sure you will not regret buying one if youre someone who loves outdoor camping or other outdoor activities.

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