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Where Are Westerbeke Generators Made?

Generators are one of the most useful machines existing in the modern world today, but many people know little about which brand of generators is the best.

Westerbeke generator troubleshooting is simple for beginners. Westerbeke generators are a renowned and famous name in the world of generators.

But where are Westerbeke generators made?

Where are Westerbeke Generators Made?

Worry not, because we have come up with this article to answer many people’s questions about where Westerbeke generators are made.

Continue reading the article to learn more about these powerful generators and their amazing features and benefits.

Where Are Westerbeke Generators Made?

Westerbeke generators are manufactured and designed by Westerbeke Corporation, based in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA.

The company develops and advertises diesel, and gasoline marine engines and generators, industrial diesel-powered generators, and marine air conditioners. 

Westerbeke Corporation was pioneered and founded by John Henry Westerbeke in 1937. The company was established to develop Westerbeke diesel engines and generators for various applications.

The company began customizing Perkins engine blocks in 1959 for marine applications.

This created a market for small marine Westerbeke diesel engines and generators. 

The diesel generator market for marine applications was revolutionized in 1980 when a line of lightweight and compact generators were made available.

Westerbeke Corporation introduced the first carbon-monoxide reduces EFI gasoline generators for the marine market.

The company currently takes engines from other manufacturers to create marine diesel and gasoline engines and generators with a range of 3.5-29 kW.

The company has a total of 65 global distributors, and it offers low 1500rpm diesel-powered generator units, which is also its unique product.

Westerbeke Generators Features And Benefits:

Westerbeke generators and engines are made on-site in Taunton, Massachusetts, the USA, by Westerbeke Corporation.

The company is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products and unmatchable sales support.

Additionally, as the company is present in 65 countries worldwide, the engine parts of generators are easily and widely available. 

Features Of Westerbeke Generators: 

Westerbeke Corporation produces high-quality marine generator sets for the leisure and professional boating industry.

These generators vary from 5.5kW to 33kW at 60 Hertz and 5kW to 26 kW at 50 Hertz. 

The Westerbeke 5 is the smallest machine in Westerbeke’s range of slow-running generators.

This is the generator for you if you are looking for a smaller power package of the highest quality.

Other diesel generators have a wide variety of benefits that are sure to deliver the best value and quality.  

1. Sound Reduction:

Being reliable and high-quality generators, the Westerbeke generators are known as quiet-running generators.

The SST Sound Guard can further reduce the noise of the generator. 

2. High-Quality Generator Engine:

The Westerbeke marine generators are mainly designed for maritime uses.

This is why they are compact, quiet, and reliable and have become the top choice for most yacht and boat builders and manufacturers.  

3. Long Life And Easy Maintenance:

Westerbeke generators’ engines operate at a reduced rate of 1500rpm and have a heat exchanger motor for freshwater cooling.

The top and side panels of the sound compartment, which are removable, make it easy to maintain and clean.

4. Ease Of Operation:

The generators have digital and analog models with a switch panel mounted on top of them.

For easy operation, the main board comes with a top harness that can be mounted in an easy location for quick maintenance and operation.

5. Digital And Advanced Display: 

The diesel marine generators in the D-NET range are automatic and use Westerlink or communication technology related to NMEA 2000 can bus.

The panel has lights that display battery life, operation mode, frequency, and generator, as well as coolant and exhaust temperatures.

6. Wide Usage And Applications:

Due to their high reliability and quality, Westerbeke marine and diesel generators are preferred by military, government, commercial, and luxury applications.

7. High Service Quality And Availability:

Westerbeke Corporation has over 65 distributors globally who assist in the service of its quality products.

Along with extending the product line, these distributors ensure every customer is taken care of in the most reliable way.

8. Installation Ease:

The Installation guide available with the generator makes it easy to assemble and install for maximum performance.

9. Warranty:

Since Westerbeke generators are exclusively designed for marine and industrial use, they come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Moreover, the units produced by Westerbeke Corporation can fully meet US, EU, and Australian EPA emissions regulations.

10. Testing And Quality Checks:

To ensure the generators deliver the highest service and quality, they are tested and supervised by the company before being transported.

The corporation’s product improvement and development program enhances the reliability, longevity, and performance of the generators for high-quality delivery. 


Westerbeke generators are made in Taunton, Massachusetts, and are one of the most reliable, sturdy, powerful, and compact generators. Used mainly in marine and diesel generators, the engines of these generators provide high quality and usage capability for customers worldwide. Due to its history of diesel engines and marine generators, Westerbeke Corporation has always been ahead of the competition. It is likely to continue that way in the future as well.

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