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Where Are Westinghouse Portable Generators Made?

Electricity failure can be a disaster, especially when one is in the middle of a presentation at the office or hosting an event at your house.

Whether it be a minor power issue, a fused wire, or a complete blackout, Westinghouse portable generators are there to save the day!

This brand is there to act as your backup device in a power shortage, ranging from portable generators to various other appliances.

By reading these articles you are able to know who makes Westinghouse generators.

Where are Westinghouse Portable Generators Made

Choosing the best and most reliable generator for use can be tricky, time-consuming, and tough.

Think about the hours of surfing you do online and the endless options appearing before you.

The constant thinking, thinking, thinking!

Maybe not anymore, because the Westinghouse brand has one of the best quality products with top reviews and service, perfect for any backup power supply, let it be for home use or any office need.

So, what’s Westinghouse?

Westinghouse is one of the oldest manufacturing companies located in the United States of America, known for its electronic components, engines, and appliances for suitable, desired consumers.

Their portable generators are best for home or office appliances, providing power supply for various, uninterruptible hours, and many other generators have wattage offerings from 2200 to 20000 watts.

They were developed by George Westinghouse, who was the one who put forth the introduction of the development of alternating current for light and power. Therefore, he founded Westinghouse Electric and 59 other companies.

Where Are Westinghouse Portable Generators Made?

So, the big question mark is, where are Westinghouse Generators Made? And are Westinghouse Generators good? Are they produced where the idea originated from?

Yes and no. Planned and put the thought on paper at Westpro Power Systems in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and specially developed in cities such as China, Taiwan, or Vietnam.

Even though they are manufactured outside the United States of America, the company keeps check on the production and instructs them with the guidelines.

They’re best for when power is needed as a backup power source.

According to a head on a website, the generation of the generators is carried out in China by the MTD. 

The Westinghouse Electric Corporation makes them; their sizes can depend on different models.

Those models not made in the US, such as in Australia, are produced by engineers from the local area to make sure the customers are satisfied in their homes through the portable generator, so it fulfills its purpose efficiently. 

So, what is it that makes it an amazing generator? Westinghouse makes their portable generators built-in with an engine designed to suit each model.

They are specially outfitted with engines customary to their brand and contain petrol engines suitable for Australian levels alongside the US EPA.

Their generators use technology, a special kind, that makes them run slower, thus saving fuel and money.

Westinghouse generators are manufactured in China and Taiwan and have a manufacturing license under the flagship and trademark of Westinghouse Corporation. The distribution and design of the Westinghouse generators fall under the supervision of Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment, LLC. The headquarter of the Westinghouse corporation is in Columbus, Ohio. Westinghouse is a licensed subsidiary of Viacom CBS.

Is It Pricey?

Something that we all want to know. . . How costly is it?

The price ranges from 300 to 3000 USD, depending on the model and wattage it holds.

Suitable for various occasions, needs, and emergencies, the price seems fair as it provides long backups to houses and office use.

It comes almost to the middle compared with other company brands such as Honda, Champion, Wen, etc. Not too pricey, not too cheap. It’s almost like a 50/50 balance.

They are also one of the best-rated generators in the market, and it comes with a manual that is easy to understand by non-expert users who might have little knowledge about a generator.

Some people might be skeptical about how much generator noise emanates from home usage.

We wouldn’t want to disturb the neighbors or ruin their peacetime garden tea!

Especially when we are too busy to go and check out the product at the outlet or make too many phone calls.

So, don’t worry at all, because their inverter generators are designed to fall under the category of being the quietest in their range of products.

They even have a guide on their website that narrows your search to the best generator suitable for your need so that you can choose the right generator with just a few clicks! Isn’t that oh-so-easy?


Another major aspect of buying any electronic or house gadgets is the warranty it holds.

Products like these are at high risk of breaking down, sometimes even without a major cause; thus, Westinghouse provides a 2-year warranty for domestic use for all of their generators.

Even their slogan says ‘INNOVATION YOU CAN BE SURE OF,’ so don’t overthink too much! Your generator is just a click away!

Some more facts about the company:

Westinghouse, the company that produced an alternating current (AC) generator at the Ames Hydro-electric Generating Plant in Colorado, USA in 1891, was the world’s first industrial AC generator.

Since 2011, they have stepped up their game and released their range of portable consumer generators.

You can check out their products and read the guides to ensure you get the perfect one for your needs.

So, should you buy the Westinghouse portable generator with various other cheaper options??

This highly depends from individual to individual. Like every other appliance out there, these generators also hold certain pros and cons.

They run smoothly and are easy to start, so that’s a major pro; however, some don’t have a 12-volt outlet, and they are certainly not the cheapest in the market.

But their overall rating, according to a website, does say 4.9 stars! That’s pretty amazing!

To be surer about the reviews, check out the comments on the specific product you plan to buy.



Westinghouse WGEN generators are a prominent product lineup in the flagship and this 9500DF model is featuring 9500 rated watts with 12,500 peak watts. This is an open-frame generator that is designed for large residential units and can also be used for industrial applications. It is a heavy-duty unit but has only a 74 dBA noise level which is way better than many conventional generators with limited wattage.

The weight of this heavy-duty unit is 211 pounds and you can use it for 17.5 hours on ¼ of the load. The starting type of this generator is recoil like the conventional generators and there is no inverter technology built into this unit. Furthermore, the WGEN9500DF supports dual fuel and you can run it on either gasoline or propane.

  • Long runtime
  • Dual-fuel support
  • Sufficient wattage
  • Low noise level
  • Electric remote/ recoil start
  • Lack CO sensor
  • Not RV ready


For all those users looking forward to a high-wattage residential unit that can fulfill their large power needs, a 12 KW generator is the best option. To cope with the needs of such large power supply generators, Westinghouse has a massive 12 KW inventor of which WGEN12000DF is a prominent one. This is another portable yet heavy-duty unit that is offering 12000 running watts with a surge wattage of 15,000 watts.

Thus it is a great high-wattage generator that can power your whole medium-sized house including the central AC system and heating systems. It is a dual-fuel generator running on gasoline or propane. The runtime of this generator is 16 Hr with ¼ load and this ensures that you can have a great power backup source in your home running all of your heavy-duty electronic appliances, be it in your kitchen, living rooms, or some power tools in the industrial worksite.

  • Massive wattage
  • Electric remote start
  • Excellent noise cancellation technology
  • Lack Inverter Technology
  • Fragile wheeler cart


1.   What Engine Is In Westinghouse Generators?

Westinghouse generators use their own manufactured engines that are factory-made under the Westinghouse trade ship. These engines are 4-stroke all-purpose engines that are used in driving machinery, vehicles, carts, pumps, and many other motors besides generators. These engines are typically manufactured as OHV 4-stroke units but there are also OHC lineups also produced for certain models.

Westinghouse OHV engines are petrol engines and therefore, need certification for EPA emissions and CARB compliance. Furthermore, these generator engines are also compatible with Australian petrol engine standards.

2.   Are Westinghouse And Onan Generators The Same?

Westinghouse and Onan generators are not entirely the same but have most similar specifications and built that they can be considered sister products. The Westinghouse generators use the Westinghouse engines that are produced by Westinghouse Electric Company while the Cummins Power Generation is the flagship responsible for manufacturing the Onan engines.

3.   Who Makes the Westinghouse iGen4500 Generator?

Westinghouse iGen inverter series is one of the well-known generator series that are received by millions of consumers across the globe. These generators are built with the latest inverter technologies, push-button electric start, and have a Total Harmonic Distortion level of less than 3% which ensures that you get the purest sine wave AC supply. These iGen Generators are very convenient to start and are versatile for various industrial and residential applications.

4.   Are Westinghouse Generators Good?

Westinghouse engines are top-of-the-class units that are heavily used in motor and machinery industries. The Westinghouse generators make up the largest share of Westinghouse engines and their performance can be symbolic of the efficiency and prestige of Westinghouse engines.

These engines are so good that they make their parent product falls in the high-end category and give the optimum performance that is unrivaled in the industry.


For further information, prices, models, and appliances, you can visit their website Westinghouse.com or call customer care for a direct conversation with a specialist. Make sure to be fully satisfied with all the necessary details before settling down on which generator best suits you. And with your new portable generator then easily installed, enjoy worry-free day-to-day activities at home and in the office!

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