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Where Are Wind Generators Made?

Wind generators produce electricity with the help of wind energy that circulates the rotor, positioned at the top of the tower and mainly connected to the shaft, which moves the generator to produce electricity. 

Wind generators are mostly attached to electricity grids to source electricity. Worldwide, the use of wind generators is increasing, leading to many manufacturers getting involved in production.

Where are wind generator made

Large and small manufacturers of wind generators will be mainly under discussion in this article.

Mostly, large manufacturers carry out vital and substantial output. However, small manufacturers are responsible for parts.

In the presence of many suppliers in the market, the US department of energy (DOE) takes the opportunity to work with technology suppliers.

It comes out with the production of wind generators.

Where Are Wind Generators Made?

More than 500 US manufacturers specialize in producing wind generators, which gives tremendous rise to suppliers of wind generators in the US market.

Such a huge market leads to a more affordable supply, as competition keeps forcing them to develop new and more intact production methods.

Specializing In Cost-Effective Methods:

The US market has successfully specialized in blades, towers, and generators.

However, turbine assembly has increased a lot in recent years with many more cost-effective and modern methods.

Since 1999, the average generating capacity of newly installed turbines has doubled by 2.75 MW.

Achieving Milestones:

Meanwhile, in recent years, many advancements have taken place in the US market.

Assembling wind generators to the installation process is all carried out by the US market, and this leads to the achievement of more than 80% of nacelle assembly and tower manufacturing projects being done by the US market.

New Domestic Manufacturers:

Wind generators’ size and complexity are increasing daily, leading to higher transportation costs for large manufacturers.

In this situation, small domestic manufacturers come to the front and support them with technical and logistical challenges.

For stronger winds, new and more powerful wind generators are also made by large manufacturers collaborating with small ones.

Potential Opportunities:

Lands in the US can produce more wind energy towers, as shown by potential capacity maps.

The US can avail of this opportunity if they continue to work with the same enthusiasm and cooperation from their small domestic manufacturers. 

Other Manufacturers Of Wind Generators Around the Globe:

1. Vestas (Denmark):

Vestas is one of the largest turbine makers in this industry; the company was founded in 1898 and has successfully installed more than 60000 wind generators.

Vestas has production platforms worldwide, including the US, Europe, and Asia.

2. Siemens Gamesa (Operated In India And UK):

It’s an integration between Siemens and Gamesa. This company is a leader in the offshore market due to its feature of working in the offshore market of India.

While in the UK, it operates in the modern market and has commissioned almost two guga-watt projects in the UK market.

3. Goldwind (China):

Goldwind has contributed greatly to the Chinese wind generator market by installing more than 50MW tribunes in more than 20 major countries in late 2019.

It is continuously increasing production capacity in China by using more modern and upgraded techniques daily.

4. GE:

GE is one of the renowned manufacturers in the wind tribune market; it has contributed a lot by producing from 1.7 MW to 4.8 MW in the onshore market and from 6 MW to 12 MW in the offshore market.

Recently, GE’s position has dropped due to a loss in the installation of tribunes incurred because of the rising activities of Vestas as they both operate in the same country’s market.

5. Envision (China):

Envision is also a popular name in the Chinese wind turbine market; it has distinctively introduced energy management software and technologies that differentiate it from other manufacturers in the market.

Envision Energy has installed more than 2400 tribunes worldwide, and around 6000 turbines use its software in many big countries like America, Europe, and China.

6. MingYang (China):

Ming Yang is one of the largest manufacturing companies in China, and it also operates in other countries.

Ming Yang mainly deals with energy tribunes and solar energy systems.

MingYang has made it to the world’s 500 outstanding new entrepreneurs’ energy record and has achieved 37th rank in it.

MingYang also has offshore operations and plans to expand further by introducing a resistant floating 10MW turbine project.

7. Windy (China):

Windy is an old bee; it is one of the largest among Chinese markets and focuses more on research and development (R&D) regarding wind turbines.

Windy has installed more than 6200 wind turbines around the Globe.

It has employed more than 1200 employees in this department with around 500 very specialist and technical employees.

8. Nordex Group (Europe):

Nordax installs wind turbines, and in 1995, it was the first company to produce 1 MW.

Nordex was first operated in Denmark, but now it is a European country as its main headquarters are in Germany.

Nordex has employed more than 5400 employees and continues its operations in over 25 countries.

9. Shanghai Electric:

Shanghai Electric is a power generation company that provides services in nuclear power generators, thermal power generators, wind power equipment, and power and distribution equipment.

Shanghai Electric operates from China. It supplies parts to large turbine companies.

It also installed a major 8 MW project in China in early 2023.


Worldwide, Large and small, all manufacturers contribute to this industry, and everyone is giving their best in exploring new methods and opportunities. Wind generators are more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, especially in today’s world, where pollution is already at its peak. This article will help you know where wind generators are made around the Globe.

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